Returning to Our Roots NOC Mafia - GAME OVER: The Mafia Wins

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Ok this is a really quick post because my computers down, I'm typing on my iPhone and I'm screwed for finals. Sorry.

The idea behind the gambit was to take a chance to try something I've seen done before. Firstly, as town we sucked dick at scumhunting. Koks lynch was lucky 100%, and ditto got offed by the wolf. More than that, we had people who were acting very suspicious and flipped town (nj anyone), a whole army of lurkers, and a whole bunch of subs that made the game impossible to play. I had my doubts that we would survive, especially seeing as our replacement lynch for quagsires was EP, and then we had Jalmont.

The timing behind the gambit was so to protect EP, who I was 100% sure was town, possibly the most solid read I've had all game. I was going to present my evidence later in that day, but then I didn't for reasons that I'll get into later. I was very confident in my EP town read, based on the posts he was making I thought that he was a noob town, since nobody else would soft claim like that. However, I didn't want him to claim either since that would increase mafias information.

So instead, the plan was to gambit and off quagsires, who I thought was scum for reasons stated, though not a certain read. I thought it was a win win--if quagsires flipped scum, we continue our streak of dumb luck scumhunting. If not, OD gets placed on the chopping block and I get to make some people look like idiots. In such a situation (at least in the one I've seen before), townies go after me while scum tries to ride the fence. Since I was planning on being active, I would be able to get a lot of read since I predicted an influx of posts following this mayhem. Yeah, so that didn't work out. Why?

Largely it was my fault. Finals and work caught up with me, and I wasn't able to get on at all for the large part of that day. Sorry guys. -.- But there was also a couple factors. Firstly, town was inactive like crazy. No, seriously, there was a page of comments. It was ridiculous. There's no way you could form an accurate judgement from that. Day was shoooort for a NOC to begin with, and then town started being inactive. I'm actually amazed nobody even mentioned the word 'gambit' that day.

But anyways, yeah I probably shouldn't have pulled that so close to a busy period, but there's my reasoning behind the play. Bash away.
If not, OD gets placed on the chopping block and I get to make some people look like idiots.
That's not a win, as you can clearly see :/

I don't think anyone is an idiot for thinking your move was too absurd to be a town gambit, especially since villagers never lie about their roles (almost never) on Smogon. (Obviously, NOC is a bit different.) Especially since you weren't around to explain it.

A huge downfall was that Quagsires was one of the few active townies left and so were you and when they lynched you both, it was really just up to the mafia to finish it off.

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Yeah I was still revisin that post when my cell ran out of battery.

What I meant to say was that if I get placed on the chopping block, there comes a wealth of information about the players. kHz for one should have been labeled as scum, but I wasn't confident enough in that read considering how he'd played throughout. Auramaster was my strongest correct scum read, since he too kept trying to slip under the radar. Had I been online at deadline, my scumlist would have gone something like
Which is half decent, but false lynching mithril would probably have ended game for town. -.-

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