Returning to Our Roots NOC Mafia - GAME OVER: The Mafia Wins

Jalmont, you are just too suspicious to not get lynched here. lynch Jalmont. My reasoning was explained pretty thoroughly in my previous post.

And fyi, the game is not necessarily over yet. Even with a night kill, its 3 vs 3. If the mayor is still alive the game still goes on.

EDIT: Ninja'd by aura...


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After a rather quiet day of deliberating, Kaxtar deems that lynching Jalmont would be the best course of action. Being (mostly) villagers in an NOC game, you follow him like sheep.
Dear Aura Guardian Jalmont,
You are the Town Drunk.

Mafiatown has bars. You like bars. You also like drinking with friends. A lot.

At night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Drinking with USER”. USER will be too preoccupied with drinking to complete his night action.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.
As the village's numbers continue to dwinde, you wonder if maybe the village isn't quite as secure as you thought...

Night 6 will end in 24 hours. No more talking.


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The night is quiet. Too quiet. Mayor Kaxtar lays in bed, immersing himself in a novel. Suddenly, a group of 3 thugs, 2 men and a woman, all dressed in black, burst into his bedroom. They proceed to beat the ever-loving shit out of him and then shoot him once in the head. As he lays bleeding on the floor, a slip of paper drops out of his pocket.
Dear New World Order Kaxtar,
You are the Mayor of Mafiatown.

As the mayor, you are mortified that evil has penetrated your fair village. Although you are usually a bumbling buffoon, you will try your best to help.

You don’t have a night action. However, because you are such an influential person, your vote counts double in the daily lynch.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.
Across town at the Mafiatown Hospital, Engineer Pikachu hears the gunshot and sprints out the door. On the way, however, he is accosted by a woman in black, who manages to distract him by having sex with him. By the time he finishes and arrives at the mayors house, it is already too late. As EP stares in shocked silence at Kaxtar's body, a piece of paper falls from his pocket.
Dear Engineer Pikachu,
You are the Doctor.

A master of saving lives, you are the #1 man to come to in Mafiatown for anything from HIV to hand cramps. In particular, you specialize in gunshot wounds.

At night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Operating on USER”. If an attempt is made on USER’s life that night, it will fail. Keep in mind, however, that there are some kinds of wounds that even you have never seen before.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.
A few seconds later, Engineer's assistant pokemaniac 212 rushes into the room as well. His face is full of hope, but it quickly turns into sorrow as his gaze alights upon the dead Kaxtar. Disgusted with himself, he pulls out a slip of paper and rips it to shreds.
Dear pokemaniac 212,
You are the Nurse.

Fresh out of med school, you were just hired at the Mafiatown hospital to assist the town’s top doctor. He doesn’t let you do much, but you probably aren’t ready for it anyways.

You don’t have a night role yet, but you would likely be the one to take over the practice should your boss become indisposed.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.
The next morning, Mithril grabs his newspapers and sadly trudges to the town hall to announce this disastrous news. He is so preoccupied with his sadness that he doesn't notice the slip of paper that falls from his pocket.
Dear Mithril,
You are the Town Crier.

You’re the number one news source in Mafiatown. Everything that happens in the city is announced by you on a daily basis.

At night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Announcing the daily news”. In the body of the PM, put a message 5 lines or shorter to be included anonymously in the morning update.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.
Meanwhile, three "villagers" laugh hysterically. As they invite their cohorts into the village to wreak havoc, auramaster, khz, and ginganinja pull out their business cards and throw them in the air in celebration.
Dear friends,

Your boss has ordered you to infiltrate and eliminate the disgustingly peaceful village of Mafiatown. So you will.

Your team consists of:

Ditto - The Stalker - Inspector
khz - The Framer - Framer (no shit)
Maxim Hydrattler Pernicious ginganinja - The Janitor - One-Time No Reveal
kingofkongs - The Gossip - Announcer
auramaster - The Hooker - Take a guess.

Each night, you will choose one member to execute your team’s kill. The chosen member will send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Killing USER”. USER will die.

From your previous stakeout, you know that the town does not have a Barber, a Beggar, a Taxi Driver, a Fireman, or a Reporter. Use this information however you like.

Your team’s official IRC channel is #ronwashington. All relevent modes have been set. Please contact Walrein ASAP for access to the channel.

You win if the only living players are allied with the mafia, or if nothing can prevent the same.
Dear khz,
You are the Framer.

The mafia’s “inside man” in Mafiatown, you have a lot of influence in the town. Enough influence, in fact, to convince anyone of an innocent man’s guilt.

At night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Framing USER”. Any investigations targeting USER that night will believe him to be a mafia-aligned Goon.

You are allied with the Mafia.
You win if the Mafia wins.
Dear Maxim Hydrattler Pernicious ginganinja,
You are the Janitor.

You aren’t a real janitor - that’s just what everyone calls you. You are a specialist at cleaning up dead bodies, which will prove handy for keeping Mafiatown in the dark.

Once in the game, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Cleaning up after USER”. If USER dies that night, you will clean up his body, and only you will learn his role. If this fails, you may try again.

You are allied with the Mafia.
You win if the Mafia wins.
Dear auramaster,
You are the Hooker.

The only female member of the Mafia, you have been roaming Mafiatown for a while, offering... “services” to the villagers.

At night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Fucking USER”. USER will be too preoccupied to complete their night action.

You are allied with the Mafia.
You win if the Mafia wins.
Ginga also throws up Empoof's missing slip of paper as they run off into Mafiatown, determined to loot and wreck the place.
Dear Empoof,
You are the Bounty Hunter.

A former member of the Mafiatown police force, you quit after being sued for police brutality. Now you go after criminals on your terms.

At night, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Taking out USER”. USER will be killed.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.

Postgame soon.
My winning streak is broken. :(
What kills me is that the mafia was so inactive. (Although khz did very well, nice job!)
OD really fucked with the village. Also, Jalmont was suspicious as hell during the last day; if it weren't for him side-tracking us (a couple of people had already voted for AM anyways), we might have won. Either way, well played Mafia, and gg overall.
OD really fucked with the village. Also, Jalmont was suspicious as hell during the last day; if it weren't for him side-tracking us (a couple of people had already voted for AM anyways), we might have won. Either way, well played Mafia, and gg overall.

yeah what the fuck jalmont why did you have to be so suspicious

just wanted to point out that i called out ginga, auramaster, and khz so...

good game anyways!
It's sad that their inactivity made many of them obvious. It diminished from their otherwise good play. Nonetheless, congratulations to the mafia -- you deserved to win.
Just here to rub it into your face that I was right about Mithril and Emproof, hazzzah!!!

Anyway, just saying that in my fakeclaim I did know that EP was the doctor because of my N0 inspect, I was PLed for the rest of the game though :(
First off, sorry to my team for playing so badly. I wasn't inactive, I really couldn't think of anything to contribute to the discussion for much of the game :( Would have been the same whether I was village or Mafia. Sorry guys.

Playing NOC was an interesting experience, very serious, seemed like the smallest joke would make you look suspicious somehow. My plan going in was to just act like a villager during the day, only worry about being a Mafia member at night, and not shoot myself in the foot like nearly half the village did. But then I started noticing little things that I could do to mess up the village, such as hiding an opinion that would make a villager look cleaner, that I never imagined from just watching NOC. It was also interesting how since each Mafia member was crucial, they were more careful with their posts (Until about Day 5 I was extremely paranoid that every post I made was making me more and more obviously scummy) while since each individual villager was more expendable, they were more willing to do scummy things if they thought it would help the village. e.g. I stopped doing vote tallies because everyone thought they were a sign of Mafia (btw I included something in each post besides just the vote tally <_< one of them I specifically said I only did the vote tally because I had another reason to post) but I probably would have kept doing them if I was village.

I could be wrong, but it seemed to me like neither alliance played well. khz, Ditto and ginga did great, but I was terrible, and kongs/Maxim/Hydrattler/Pernicious didn't really do anything. The village on the other hand was continuously shooting itself in the foot. N. Jiggly, TalkingLion, Empoof, Orcinus Duo, Aura Guardian, and New World Order all made mistakes that made them suspicious, and combined they caused 4 mislynches, plus gave away the identity of the village Hooker and Mayor. The village never really killed a Mafia either, they IMO got lucky with kongs who was just inactive, and Ditto was killed by Metal Bagon, probably because he was a trusted villager. Yes I was nearly lynched the last Day, but if they really decided to lynch me I could always point out that I stopped the mislynch on TL Day 2, that combined with Mithril's bandwagon of kongs D1 could probably have got him lynched instead of me. Or I could just godkill myself, there was no rule that said votes for a dead player counted as No Lynch, could have had some fun with that :P

Our strategy through the game with our actions was to take out the best player that was considered clean by everyone. Anyone controversial (OD, Aura/Jalmont, EP) were left alive to distract the village and cause mislynches. We had no idea they had power roles, killing Inspector N1 was pure luck, sorry village :( Eventually we figured out by process of elimination that one of Mithril, pokemaniac and Empoof was the Vigilante. We Hooked pokemaniac and killed Empoof to stop his kill (Which I assume was Pernicious) in time for ginga to sub in and prevent us from losing another Mafia. After that we used the Hook to see what boring power role EP had, and when the Announcement still worked, it was pretty obvious he was BG. We never bothered to kill Jalmont/EP since they weren't a big threat to us; we weren't killing the most obvious player usually, and Jalmont never had a reason to Hook me/khz/Ditto.

Not sure if I'll do NOC again, but it was fun to try, wish I'd done better :( Congrats again to my teammates who deserved the victory, and thanks Walrein for hosting :)


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Oh that reminds me.

I can't believe you people actually were suspicious of Mithril after I died.

How much more obvious did I have to be?


/me huggles
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I'd like to explain what led to my death. I had mafia hooker hook village hooker because I knew that AG would hook MB. Now I knew that MB would either kill me or kill OD, but I took the chance that MB thought that OD was more annoying (and that he led the lynch against MB).

And probably the most entertaining point of this game was seeing people analyze my playstyle.
Hey zorbees, just wondering, who was your N0 inspect?

And yeah, I feel kinda stupid for blindly going into both the Quagsires and the OD lynches. The Quagsires one I should have questioned OD more about it, asked him for flavour and such, but I just said "eh if Quagsires turns out clean then OD is scum and besides OD is 99% likely to be telling the truth", which probably wasn't the best idea. Then with the OD lynch, I had a bad feeling he was clean, but I couldn't get past the fact that he led a lynch like that against another villager, and the claim was just too outlandish to believe.

I've realized that I'm really not cut out for NOC; while a big reason why I didn't post much early game was because I was busy and usually only had enough time to post once a day, if even, a big part of it was also that I simply couldn't find anything to say; either someone already said it, it wasn't particularly helpful, or I thought it would look scummy. This is mainly because I suck at scumhunting :P. It wasn't until the OD lynch (where I had the events of the previous lynch to look at) that I could really make some solid posts and make an argument... which ended with me arguing for the lynch of a villager and my death the following night before I could rectify anything -_-

Oh well, it was a new experience, and a good game. Thanks Walrein for hosting!
GG guys, well done to my team. Also thanks to Walrein for hosting this game, I found it a ton of fun. Anyway a few thoughts:

-OD, what were you thinking? I think that day was when the balance swung in our favour because you were by far the best player up to that point. I will admit however I got a bit worried when you presented some quite reasonable ideas as to why you're town which could have made my persistent attack on you quite scummy.
-Lol I'm surprised Maxim/Hydrattler/Pernicious/ginganinja lasted until end game. I'm fairly certain at some point pretty much everyone put him (them?) as a very suspicious player, the town was willing to kill him off with the vig, but never was there a very serious bandwagon attempt on him. I found that really strange tbh.
-I found NOC lots of fun because everyone played a role, instead of town leader directing everyone. Since this was my first game I was trying to work out my play style and strategy as I went along, but I found this enjoyable never the less. Hopefully there are more NOC games on smogon since I really enjoyed the format.

Anyway well done to me team and thanks to Walrein for hosting!
I think the game was fairly close until the OD/Quagsires incident. After that, the mafia had a massive advantage.

Anyway, thanks to walrein for hosting a good game, it was a new experience playing NOC, and I'll happily admit I wasn't the best at it, although its a miracle I survived so long.

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