Riding the Metronome! Round 1!

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Even after getting outpredicted
(Celebiiii used Metronome.
Celebiiii used Knock Off.
Ludicolo lost 3% of its health.
Celebiiii knocked off foe Ludicolo's Starf Berry!
Ludicolo used Metronome.
Ludicolo used Covet.
Ludicolo stole Celebiiii's Starf Berry!
Celebiiii lost 7% of its health)

I won with High Jump Kick, maybe the best move in the game, in a really close match. GG Light
Activity post, been pretty busy lately, but I should be able to send out a PM and wait for a battle soon.
Yeah, do you want me and -Mind_ to re-battle? Shoddy glitched when Ice Ball couldn't hit his Digging Machamp (without No Guard), causing me to lock into struggle when I had Metranome PP left, yet struggle kept increasing in power. I have the log if you want to see it over Jabba. Just tell me if you want me to send it.

Regardless, it was fun. gg


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lost to sprinkles , quite a bad match for me

his 10% machamp explodes and kills my 90% machamp
so... on our first battle we couldn't attack or switch and the game was 3-3 so we decided to start over.

Then I won 1-0. gg Great Sage.
Another activity post to assure I am not subbed out. School work piled up lately so time is hard to find, but the next few days should brighten up.


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Activity post.

Jackal and I PM'ed one another with a match time - he didn't make the first, selected another time, I didn't make the second. Going to try again.
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