Riding the Metronome! Round 1!

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Trying to organize a time with Equinox, he sent first PM, I replied with time available time I have overlapping with his, no reply back yet. Been a couple days.
I PM'd Mizuno a couple of days ago and have had no reply since. Sorry for the hold up, I'm sure we'll get it done this weekend though.
won in a fun game 1-0 gg

[EDIT] final turn since it was interesting

tito. switched in Blissey (lvl 100 Blissey ?).
Poliwrath used Metronome.
Poliwrath used Submission.
It's super effective!
Blissey lost 84% of its health.
Poliwrath was hit by recoil!
Poliwrath lost 41% of its health.
lightningfusion's Poliwrath fainted.
tito. wins!
tito.: gg
drcossack has left the room.
lightningfusion: gg
lightningfusion: was wondering how i died
lightningfusion: darn recoil
PM'ed OGBaLLiN a few days ago, and he has yet to reply. If anyone talks to him regularly, it would be appreciated if you could tell him to check his PMs.
Pirika beat me 1-0, it looked like I was getting all the luck at first but he managed to come back and got some good moves when it was my Golem vs his Golem to decide who would win. gg Pirika!
After I'd set up SR and Toxic Spikes, mailman was pretty much steamrolled. 3-0 victory for me in a battle of two very skilled trainers.


i've been crawling through the falling
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Beat dachickens 2-0 in a very good game (for me anyway haha)

Lost 2-0 to GEC in a lol match

Highlights of the match:

  • Two of my guys struggle to death due to Taunt and Imprison.
  • His Mew gets up to +5 Defense in like 4 turns due to Starf, Iron Defense, and Harden.
And two little log snippets:

Ludicolo used Metronome.
Ludicolo used Metronome.
Snorlax used Metronome.
Snorlax used Conversion.
Snorlax became the Normal type!
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