Riski's Pokemon Thread

Yup, the last one was Rash too. As to why, here:


"If the 80% accuracy of Hydro Pump is an issue for you, you can choose to run Surf. When running Surf, Empoleon needs a Rash nature and an EV spread of 52 Def / 104 Atk / 252 SpA / 100 Spe in order to still KO Azelf with Surf and Aqua Jet."

I'm credibly lucy with status/flinchs, but when it comes to accuracy... ugh.
Yes, I'll get that done now. I'll be a few minutes, but I'll go on Wifi right away after.

Edit: Hi, your HG FC in your SIG is coming up 'the friend code is wrong'. Could you check it please.
My connection is acting up: "Error Code: 52200 The Access Point you are attempting to connect from is not connected to the internet or a firewall is blocking traffic necessary for connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. "
I'd like your EVed at level fifty Ariados and Jumpluff. Would you like to trade now?

Edit: Actually, we will need to trade later. I have to go off the computer very soon.
CMT for this fella, please:

セレ ビィ Lv.50
Moves:Leaf Storm/Recover/Nasty Plot/Healing Wish
Hidden Power: Fire70
え いがかんえいがかん
Available as UT
the celebi for this beast? lol

My first RNG catch ever.
Shaymin - Natural Cure - Modest
Catch date June 1, 2010
OT Riski 62628 Platinum
Hidden Power type is Ice 70
Not redistributable.
Looking for a few things, Firstly looking for breeding dittos, like a bold one with good DEF IV at the least, a timid, jolly, and adamant one would be great too. also need some TMs, Icebeam, and thunderwave, thunderbolt. Also if you have or know anyone with a Wish/Seismic Toss (both would be preferred) Blissey, I'd be very interested. everything in my game is up for grabs hope we can work something out anyone interested just PM me.
Kitchen equals tons of dishes. :-(

Ok, going on wifi. :-) Where there are no dishes at all.

Edit: Thanks for the pokemon.

Second edit: I really like the name of your Mewtwo.