Gen 4 RoA Mini-Tournaments 1 - Finals: Congratulations SilentVerse!

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Alright, Round 1 is on! You have 3 days to find your opponent and battle, so no johning, folks. If the deadline comes around and you still haven't faced off with each other, I'll call it on either activity or a coin flip. The first 20 got an auto-in, and the last 14 were randomized.

This will be a 32 man competition. Initial match-ups:

Pocket vs SilentVerse
Steven Snype vs Raseri
Oglemi vs Heist
kokoloko vs ENZ0
FLCL vs idiotfrommars
JackieChun vs SOMALIA
Ginku vs ~GreenCore
Eo Ut Mortus vs reyscarface
smashlloyd20 vs Omicron
shnen vs Folgorio
sandshrewz vs mostwanted
RT. vs M Dragon
Bad Ass vs AkHolic
Floppy vs Mafeking
Conflict vs dragonboy52
D4RR3N vs undisputed

Substitutes: Armyx and ShadowFC. I'll VM you guys if a substitute is needed ^.^
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