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@Destiny Warrior
your idea is well written i think. detailed and i'm pretty sure it sums up everything that needs to be questioned. Plus why not bring the Battle Arcade into ASB? had to be done sometime, and i think it'll be good!

i like the idea. Surviving a disaster or situation. it appeals to me at least in a way haha. i mean i'm pretty sure everyone at one point has wondered or day dreamed, "what if i was stranded on a island after a plane crash?" well with this idea you can find out. Plus its pokemon! i think this RP has promise. However, i'm not sure how the RP approval crew will react. i mean, they might think its similar to the Labyrinths. but i like the idea, i really do! I'm glad you proposed this, and i wish you the best of luck!
Ok so some of you may remember my POKEMON ARENA idea from a couple of months back.
I've spoken with Engineer, and I'm just about to initiate some tests and data.
This post, as well as reminding you all that this is a thing, is also a recruitment call:
Anyone who wants to get involved with working out the background data and fleshing out mechanics should contact me, through #capasb or PM. Also, anyone who might be interested in reffing; I intend to ref it, but it may be ideal to have a couple of refs to share duties, so I'm preparing for that.

The other thing is, soon I'll be running a test of some mechanics. It will be a 1v1v1v1 Melee, but also with Spectator Participation, so look out for that; the more involvement the better, so I can guage the impact of spectator participation.
My idea:

Ancient Underground City

This is an ancient city that has been buried for the past 10,000 years or so. Recently, however, archaeologists have started looking into this city. They have found fossilized Pokemon, meaning that people have been training Pokemon for way longer than we have expected. The archaeologists ask you to lead an expedition into a tunnel that leads to the ancient city. On the way, you find that the city is not as dead as it would seem...


The Pokemon down here would be Ground-type Pokemon. There should also be fossil Pokemon, in fossil form.



-Helix Fossil
-Dome Fossil
-Old Amber
-Claw Fossil
-Root Fossil
-Armor Fossil
-Skull Fossil
-Lid Fossil
-Plume Fossil


-Fire Stone
-Leaf Stone
-Water Stone
-Moon Stone


-Sun Stone
-Dusk Stone
-Dawn Stone
-Grass Gem
-Flying Gem
-Normal Gem
-Steel Gem
-Bug Gem
-Dark Gem
-Psychic Gem
-Ghost Gem
-Fighting Gem
-Poison Gem
-Rock Gem
-Ground Gem
-Fire Gem
-Water Gem
-Dragon Gem
-Ice Gem

Super Rare:

-Max Revive
-Rare Candy
-Lucky Egg
-EXP Share
-Ancient Gem


Upon reaching the Boss, you discover an Ancient Gem, which allows you to proceed to another part of this dungeon. There are several parts to this Dungeon, the first part is the tunnel to the city as covered above.

-Tunnel to city (start)
-City catacombs (get Ancient Gem)
-Colosseum (get Ancient Gem)
-Secret of the city (get Ancient Gem, get Mystical Pendant, get Warrior's Blade)

City Catacombs:


There are quite an array of Pokemon here, including the Koffing and Weezing that have made their homes here.



-Elemental Gems


-Evolutionary Stones
-Healing Items



Super Rare:

-Mystical Pendant


Upon encountering the boss, you find the Mystical Pendant.



A wide variety.



-Healing Items


-Elemental Gems


-Evolutionary Stones

Super Rare:

-Warrior's Blade

Common=30% chance of finding one while exploring
Uncommon=10% ""
Rare=5% ""
Super Rare=1% ""

If you find the boss's item while exploring, you get to skip the boss.

To allow the challenger to find an item:

RNG a number from 1-100.

1=Super Rare

Then you take that category, number all the items in it, and RNG a number. The result corresponds with your item. The challenger finds that item.

And finally...

Secret of the City:


Omanyte, Kabuto, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Anorith, Armaldo, Lileep, Cranidos, Rampardos, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Archen, Tirtouga, Carracosta



Just before the boss, you uncover a fossil revival machine. You can take any fossil you picked up and revive it here to use as a capture. This also explains the influx of fossil Pokemon in this area.


As you leave, you are attacked by a Omaster, a Cradily, and an Archeops.

I might add in more details if this gets approved.
There haven`t been many new roleplays lately sooo

The Poke-Hunger Games

24 tributes enter the arena, but only 1 will come out...

24 entrants will sign up for the Hunger Games. Two from each district (explained later) 1 female/genderless and 1 male/genderless

Each district has been given a type, based on their trade. To enter for a certain district one of your mon's types must be the same as the district they are entering for.
District 1: Luxury: Dragon
District 2: Masonry: Rock
District 3: Technology: Steel
District 4: Fishing: Water
District 5: Power: Electric
District 6: Transportation: Dark (idk?)
District 7: Lumber: Grass
District 8: Textiles: Psychic (idk?)
District 9: Grain: Bug
District 10: Livestock: Poison
District 11: Agriculture: Ground
District 12: Coal/Mining: Fire

The arena is a very large dome with a wheat field, a lake, a small mountain and two forests (one pine, one oak). In between all of this is a field where everyone will start and the cornucopia (explained later) is located.

The Cornucopia
At the beginning of the games you may either run to a specified location, or run to the cornucopia. The cornucopia is a large golden horn which holds items up for grabs for use in the games. When ordered to get an item faster mons will get the item first. Equal speed mons will start an encounter.

Encounters can start two different ways. Two or more equal speed mons going for the same item at the cornucopia, or two or more mons going to the same location in the arena at the same time.

An encounter is a battle between the encountered pokemon. The only difference from an regular battle to an encounter is the use of the "Run" action. It allows you to flee from opponents in a 1v1 battle if your speed is higher than the other mons. Running however, will cause your mon to be distracted that action and take double damage from the opponents attack that action. Running is prevented with the moves Block, Mean Look, and Spider Web. Also you may not run from an encounter of 3 or more pokemon.

People not entered in the Hunger Games may sponsor people in the games. A sponsor buys an item for the mon the think will win, or the one they want to. To buy an item for someone, you'll send me a PM saying what item, and who you want to send it to. Items (since they are temporary) cost 50% rounded down of their regular cost, all 3CC, 6CC, 10CC, 20CC and signature items may be purchased. Pokemon may have more than 1 item at a time if they are sponsored. Anyone who sponsored the winning pokemon will get a copy of the item they purchased + 1.5X the CC they spent rounded down.

Thread Stuff
If this gets approved there will start off being a "Hunger Games ref" thread, which will allow people to sign up to help me ref encounters.

After that there will be a "Sign-Up" thread. Where the 24 tributes will sign up saying what district and what mon (with data) they're signing up for/with.

When the games start, there will be a general thread where the Main flavor and role play stuff will be posted along with every mon`s current HP. Also it can be used by the participants for chatting (and possibly some trash talk).

There will be a different thread for each encounter (I will PM a Ref and the Participants that there is an encounter) and the battle will proceed as a regular battle.

Issuing Role-Plays and Actions
When Role-Playing your choices will be given to you either in the main thread or by PM. The participant will then respond their actions to me in the format of, _______ go to ______ and do _______. I.E. Snorlax go to the cornucopia and grab the life orb.

When issuing actions you may tell your mon to use a move for a specific purpose but not any recovery or chills (I.E. Use vine whip to get into the tree)

For encounters issue actions as if it were a regular battle.

Teaming Up
You do NOT have to team up with the other pokemon from your district, you don`t even need to team up at all. If you decide to team up with someone and go to the same area, in your PM to me say *don`t start encounter with _______. However that wont stop you from encountering other pokemon.

Additional Info
Pokemon do not regenerate HP between encounters, however their Energy will.

The Smoke Ball has an additional effect.
Smoke Ball: The run action can always be used regardless of speed. Also the double damage effect will not happen.

Any mon that goes over DQ for role-plays and general actions (like 2-4 days) will be considered inactive and not do anything (except possibly start an encounter with someone) If they go over DQ for encounters (same DQ) they will be attacked.

Any mon who is in an encounter will not need to do Role-Plays until their encounter is over.

Any mon who is in an encounter will never start another one as long as it is in the first one. (I.E. if Charizard and Dugtrio are in the forest and along comes Blastoise, there will not be another encounter. Blastoise will not do anything unless another mon went there as well.

All refs who help with encounters
: Regular UC for every battle

All participants: Regular prizes for every battle

ME: 1 UC for every 2 role play rounds + UC from any battles I ref

Battles that end in Running:
0-3 rounds: Runner-Nothing, Other mon-1KOC+1CC, Ref-2UC
4+ rounds: Runner-1KOC, Other Mon-2KOC+1CC, Ref-3UC

Winner: Any items they gained in the games (cornucopia and sponsors)+ their battle prizes + 1 victor`s token
Victors Token: consumable, a victor`s token allows one time use to completely fill the EC and DC of any mon and add 8MC.
Battles that end in Running:
0-3 rounds: Runner-Nothing, Other mon-1KOC+1CC, Ref-2UC
4+ rounds: Runner-1KOC, Other Mon-2KOC+1CC, Ref-3UC

? Comments? Concerns?
Feedback Greatly Appreciated!!!
I think the idea is solid, if some of the details could do with being worked out, particularly the alliance information, which just seems vague. Though as a Hunger Games fan, I'm definitely intrigued at the very least!
@SubwayJ: Looking over this idea, it sounds actually pretty fun. It could use a little more polish like with locations and stuff, but definitely solid for a rough draft. One thing I don't like so much is the running mechanics which seem to boil down to: If I have the faster mon you can't kill me. Perhaps make it a speed based chance to escape?
This looks really fun and is definitely something I would be interested in participating in/reffing. I would say Flying for District 6 and Normal for District 8, but there isn't anything that works particularly well with either of them. I wish there were some way to incorporate all seventeen types into this without screwing up the concept too badly, but I can't think of one. Also, how would counters be repaid to those who sponsored the winner if they paid for their items in UC? Just a few things to think about and definitely a solid rough draft.

@Maxim: I think getting almost no counters from the battle should be punishment enough for running.
Son_of_Shadoo- I'll try to clarify more, pretty much you can team up with someone in the preliminary stages of the game, It'd actually be easiest if people PMed any teams that have arisen like "I'm on a team with Son_of_Shadoo so no encounters with just him and I" But both people would have to say this of course. I was also thinking that it could become like 2v1 with the team vs the single if three people showed up.

Maxim- I agree but any formula I came up with didn't work out well. The only sort of reasonable one I could come up with was

(Runner's speed-Other's speed)*1.5=percent chance to run

With a minimum chance of like 15 or as dummy said no counters is pretty bad

Dummy007-Flying is way better for transportation so I'll change that thanks! As for textiles Normal probably works better, also many normal types wouldn't get a chance in the games. The only reason I chose psychic was because reflect and light screen work well for textiles although I'll probably change it. Also the UC thing, I think that you have to first turn UC into CC before purchasing (although no one really cares) so even if you used UC you'd get CC back.
I like the idea of the Hunger Games for mons, but the one problem I see is that sponsors have to be able to watch the whole games, whereas none of the competitors are supposed to know what's going on except what is near them. Would the tributes just be allowed to know where the others are?
C$FP- I was completely thinking about that and the only way I could think of doing that would be if there were a way to block a thread from certain people. Itd be like a Spectator thread. But I don't know if that's possible
Honestly, I would completely scrap the idea that a district must be of a certain type, and just make it 24 entrants that can be whatever Pokemon the person wants it to be. For example, if I want to use a Snorlax, I can't even enter due to the nature of the districts, while there could potentially be 4 Cyclohms in a single RP if the current standard of the districts stays.

That, and scrap the Victor's Token. There is no way in hell the approvers will allow that. I think you should make it something along the lines of "If you win, you get 5/10/whatever of HGC, which function exactly like KOC."
The final battle is playing out. One side is clearly going to win. Time to buy some half-price items.

I think a mechanic where it costs more to sponsor later in the game would make sense. Beyond this, I have two major problems with this...

1) Reffing and publicity. Sponsors need to see the game. Its part of the fun. To keep it truer to the games, it would make sense if players couldn't see each other. This presents a problem. ASM and the Safari Zone trials rely/relied upon communication by PM, where all information is/was private. This wouldn't work from the standpoint of having an audience. Having everything public would make being a player much easier and stray very far from the nature of the contest, but would probably be necessary. While you could make a group that everyone but the players would be invited into... yeah. You're probably best off keeping everything public, which is a bit... different from the RP's inspiration.

2) A number of players enter into an arena where they are allowed, and encouraged, to form alliances and fight each other to the finish... I think I've sen this before... Oh, yeah. I spend ten+ hours a week running an RP like it (Spring Break/Eagle Scout/Homework hiatus aside). It's fairly close to ASM, which is fairly close to everything else... Which also means I can provide advice. PM me or talk to me on irc for a longer reply, but I'm really tired, and dealing with irl at the moment (and 3% charge.)
waterwarrior- The only reason I made the victor token was I couldnt think of anything else, but as you say approvers would never like it, so that'll be changed. The type thing however, I have decided to change District 6 to flying and 8 to normal which allows snorlax (but that probably wasn't your point). I'll maybe change it to " any mon may enter but never 2 of the same species"

Rediamond- The price thing should be based on how many Pokemon are left, like 24-18 = 50%, 17-12 = 75%, 11-6 = 100%, 5-1 = 150%

And the spectator/participant viewing thing I haven't figured out yet.
And that's pretty much how gambling works irl. If you bet on a team that everyone knows is going to win, you're not going to win as much as a correct bet on a relatively even match.
Okay there are some changes to...
The Poke-Hunger Games

Major Changes


District 6 is now Flying
District 8 is now Normal
District 10 is now Fighting
All pokemon who have no types in the districts have been assigned a district they can enter in.

Alakazam Family = District 1 (Luxury)
Hypno Family = District 3 (Power)
Mr. Mime Family = District 1 (Luxury)
Jynx Family = District 8 (Textiles)
Espeon = District 1 (Luxury)
Unown = District 12 (Mining)
Wobbuffet Family = District 5 (Power)
Gardevoir Family = District 1 (Luxury)
Grumpig Family = District 10 (Livestock)
Chimecho Family = District 1 (Luxury)
Musharna Family = District 10 (Livestock)
Gothitelle Family = District 8 (Textiles)
Reuniclus Family = District 5 (Power)
Beheeyem Family = District 2 (Masonry)

Umbreon = District 1 (Luxury)
Weavile Family = District 2 (Masonry)
Mightyena Family = District 10 (Livestock)
Sableye = District 3 (Technology)
Absol = District 6 (Transportation)
Skuntank Family = District 10 (Livestock)
Spiritomb = District 2 (Masonry)
Drapion = District 11 (Agriculture)
Liepard Family = District 4 (Fishing)
Zoroark Family = District 6 (Transportation)

Gengar Family = District 5 (Power)
Mismagius Family = Distrtict 8 (Textiles)
Banette Family = District 12 (Mining)
Dusknoir Family = District 5 (Power)
Froslass = District 8 (Textiles)
Cofagrigus Family = District 12 (Mining)
Glalie Family = District 2 (Masonry)
Regice = District 2 (Masonry)
Glaceon = District 1 (Luxury)
Vanilluxe Family = District 1 (Luxury)
Beartic Family = District 10 (Livestock)
Cryogonal = District 2 (Masonry)

Arbok Family = District 11 (Agriculture)
Nidoran Families = District 10 (Livestock)
Muk Family = District 5 (Power)
Weezing Family = District 5 (Power)
Swalot Family = District 5 (Power)
Seviper = District 11 (Agriculture)
Garbodor Family = District 5 (Power)

Also no 2 mons of the same species may enter!

Victors Token-

Is now replaced with 10 HGC which function as KOC

Cost of sponsor items is now related to # of mons left
24-18 = 50%, 17-12 = 75%, 11-6 = 100%, 5-1 = 150%
And you only get 50% (rounded up) of the CC of the regular item cost back.

Teaming Up-
When you team up with someone, all people on the team will send me a PM saying who is all on their team, from then on when people on the same team would encounter each other, it won't happen

All teams are terminated once only members of one team are left.

(New) Gamemakers -
Gamemakers will replace refs in this roleplay.

In addition to reffing matches, the gamemakers (including me) shall have an effect on the game when we feel action is needed. (I.E. The gamemakers feel that the game isn't interesting enough right now and want some action! We have decided to set loose an Earthquake on the mountain so mons right there will fall to the grain field and suffer 10 Dmg!) Gamemakers will sign up in the Ref Sign up thread ( Now called gamemaker thread)

Thread Changes-
The Sign-Up thread will be released before the Gamemaker thread as I believe no one would sign up for gamemaker instead of participating

I am still trying to find a way to keep the viewing away from the participants and just be seen by spectators, sponsors and gamemakers. If anyone knows or has a way to do this, please post or PM me!

Suggestions I didn't take-

Maxim - Run Formula- As Dummy007 said getting no counters will make people not want to run.

Yarnus of Bethany - Random Events - In the games the events aren't really random so the gamemakers shall decide on events instead.

waterwarrior - Scrap District Types - I decided not to do this because it discourages use of different types! However I did prevent your Cyclohm example with the "no more than 1 mon of each species" rule.

Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have Any Suggestions or feel you can help in any way?

Just Post in the thread or PM me! (This would be greatly appreciated!)
I would advise in some way codifying events, as opposed to allowing ref bias to interfere with the game. For example, "If more than five players are on the mountain at the end of an action cycle, an earthquake will occur, causing all Pokemon on the mountain to fall to the grain field and suffer ten damage" as opposed to "I'm bored, let's make an earthquake." Just some food for thought.
Dummy007- The only issue I have with them being codified is that they'd have to be redone for each games as the arena will change each games. The gamemakers will not be able to be biased however because all the game makers must agree on the effect and I shall have final say

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