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Approved by the rest of staff, also using the Gen 8 banner by a good friend of mine for now
Back from the earliest parts of Gen 8, here's Roulettemons 2! In most Pet Mods, a Pokemon is added or changed because either it was voted in as a submission or the owner of the mod changed it as one of many personal changes. The whole goal of this meta is to allow RNG to create every legal Fakemon while still allowing user input. The users will be able to discuss and then vote on five possible Fakemon that could be added to the metagame.

If you would like to read the process for randomization, feel free to read about it here, though you don't have to:
  • For each Pokemon, six numbers will be randomly generated. The sum of those will be found, then 600 will be subtracted from that. Our new number will be divided by 6, rounded, then added or subtracted from each of our starting numbers. The sixth might be changed a bit if the result is off by 1 or 2 from 600, but those six numbers will be our stats.
  • For their abilities, I got a list of every non form-changing ability, randomized it 3 times, and then got the top 10 results from each since the generator currently makes ten Pokemon at once. Those three will be the primary, secondary, and hidden abilities, but I added a one in three chance that instead of giving out an ability, the secondary slot gives out “N/A.” It's entirely possible for a Pokemon to get the same ability in multiple slots, like Pressure / N/A | Pressure, and in cases like that we'll just drop one and say Pressure is its only ability as opposed to rerolling.
  • For their typings, I got two lists of every single type in the game, similar to the ability lists. They also have a one in three chance of having “N/A” instead of their secondary typing, and the same thing applies with duplicate typings as duplicate abilities.
  • The movesets take the same idea as the abilities, except I have a list of every move Smogon marks as "viable" and every move Smogon marks as "unviable." These might not be accurate, and they definitely won't reflect what a Pokemon may actually use, but all 10 randomized Pokemon get 20 of each. In Roulettemons, the first two or four moves will be replaced with STAB moves and each Pokemon will also automatically learn every move that a majority of Pokemon learn by TM, like Protect or Substitute.
  • All of this is done in Google Sheets.

Due to how lengthy the explanation is, I'll keep the rest short for those who read it all...

Each slate, I will post 5 new Fakemon given out by RNG using the methods above. During this phase, you mainly should discuss how each of them could impact the metagame, what sets would be best for them, and so on. You're free to discuss whatever you'd like about the meta, but the new Fakemon will always be by far the most important topic. For voting phase, we'll be doing something a bit different than Roulettemons 1. You get to vote "Yes" or "No" for as many Fakemon as you'd like. If any of them get over 50% yes votes, they will be added, and any below 50% will be rejected.

If a sub you like doesn't win, then don't worry! There will also be a Roulettemons Ubers that has every accepted AND rejected Pokemon. Terastal will also be fully banned from the main format, but provided it gets implemented in the Showdown server, it'll be fully legal in Roulettemons Ubers. If you want a much more chaotic meta than the base format, or if you just want a version of this with Terastal legal, then there you go.

For other important stuff...
Council: me
Spreadsheet with all legal Pokemon
Discord server for random Pokemon generation + other discussion
Roulettemons 2 is playable on this Showdown server!
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Setting the Power Level

Here's the first slate! Because this is the first slate, we'll be looking at 10 Pokemon instead of 5 to really get a feel for the power level. If you don't want, you don't need to look at all 10 and won't need to vote on all 10, although some Pokemon in Roulettemons will inevitably end up feeling extremely broken or bad and it'll be obvious at a glance. You're free to discuss the following Pokemon before voting starts in 5 days... also there was a lot to go over here and if there's any difference between the spreadsheet and these descriptions please let me know
Prankster / --- | Natural Cure
Waterfall, Surf, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Scale Shot, Roost, Spectral Thief, Spirit Shackle, Hydro Pump, Iron Head, Focus Blast, Toxic, Fiery Wrath, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, Coil, Judgment, Moongeist Beam, Drill Peck, Chloroblast | Fly, Aromatic Mist, Helping Hand, Tail Whip, Laser Focus, Weather Ball, Spotlight, Sonic Boom, Brine, Ice Burn, Smog, Dizzy Punch, Misty Terrain, Rage, Ion Deluge, Snarl, Mirror Move, Grudge, Mirror Coat, Smokescreen | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Magma Armor / --- | Tablets of Ruin
Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Glaive Rush, Calm Mind, Ice Shard, Cotton Guard, Eerie Spell, Dragon Darts, Sludge Wave, Superpower, Bolt Beak, Mind Blown, Spikes, Counter, Blaze Kick, Trailblaze, Freezing Glare, Fusion Bolt | Tackle, Mystical Fire, Quick Guard, Sand Attack, Stored Power, Slash, Kinesis, Wrap, Magnetic Flux, Skull Bash, Camouflage, Steamroller, Belch, Block, Acid, Sweet Kiss, Heal Block, Ion Deluge, Conversion 2, String Shot | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Rivalry / Damp | Truant
Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Bone, Thunderous Kick, Bitter Blade, Earth Power, Seed Flare, Triple Arrows, Photon Geyser, Shadow Ball, Gunk Shot, Bitter Malice, Yawn, Take Heart, Whirlwind, Steam Eruption, Sandsear Storm, Seismic Toss, Magical Torque, Noxious Torque | Revenge, Work Up, Dive, Terrain Pulse, Pounce, Rolling Kick, Sharpen, Gravity, Coaching, Electrify, Future Sight, Charge, Acid, Water Pulse, Recycle, Lick, Lunar Blessing, Trump Card, Fury Swipes, Take Down | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Flare Boost / Bad Dreams | Innards Out
Earthquake, Earth Power, Dual Wingbeat, Plasma Fists, Glacial Lance, Astral Barrage, Stealth Rock, Salt Cure, Brave Bird, Hurricane, Body Slam, Raging Fury, Behemoth Bash, Rock Polish, Kowtow Cleave, Horn Leech, Encore, Shelter, High Jump Kick, Mortal Spin | Sing, Mean Look, Icy Wind, Twineedle, Purify, Comet Punch, Entrainment, Mirror Coat, Tail Whip, Magnitude, Happy Hour, Muddy Water, Flame Charge, Sharpen, Block, Jungle Healing, Tar Shot, Vice Grip, Wring Out, Signal Beam | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Overgrow / Parental Bond | Thermal Exchange
Zing Zap, Thunderbolt, Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, Strange Steam, Air Slash, Hex, Glacial Lance, Pyro Ball, Stone Axe, Taunt, Tidy Up, Shore Up, Water Shuriken, Dragon Pulse, Double-Edge, Make It Rain, Trick, Defog, Wildbolt Storm | Solar Beam, Defense Curl, Wake-Up Slap, Spike Cannon, Poison Gas, Lovely Kiss, Leer, Fake Tears, Mist Ball, Swagger, Poison Tail, Hold Hands, Horn Attack, Trop Kick, Razor Leaf, Harden, Flower Shield, Dragon Rush, Power Shift, Sand Tomb | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Inner Focus / Tangling Hair | Skill Link
Stone Edge, Power Gem, Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Shadow Claw, Shed Tail, Lunar Dance, Sucker Punch, Heal Bell, Order Up, V-Create, Acrobatics, Focus Punch, Will-o-Wisp, Fiery Dance, Freeze-Dry, Waterfall, Close Combat, Ice Spinner, Jet Punch | Water Sport, Clamp, Hyperspace Fury, Snap Trap, Fell Stinger, Tickle, Role Play, Charge Beam, Egg Bomb, Dive, Barrier, Mud Shot, Bind, Imprison, Flame Burst, Grassy Glide, Magical Leaf, Horn Attack, Spicy Extract, Mean Look | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Surge Surfer / --- | Shield Dust
Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Scorching Sands, Body Slam, Leech Life, Octolock, Wicked Blow, Lumina Crash, Electro Drift, Defog, Trick, Spikes, Make It Rain, Hyper Voice, Tail Slap, Detect, Earth Power, Reflect Type, Psycho Boost, Roost | Crush Claw, Aerial Ace, Assist, Cross Poison, Land's Wrath, Rollout, Thunder Shock, Icy Wind, Magical Leaf, Luster Purge, Water Gun, Tar Shot, Meditate, Sweet Kiss, Smog, Gravity, Venoshock, Spark, Wing Attack, Karate Chop | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Mummy / Air Lock | Flower Veil
Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, Stone Edge, Power Gem, Fillet Away, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Ceaseless Edge, Giga Drain, Headlong Rush, Gear Grind, Dazzling Gleam, Whirlwind, Armor Cannon, Moonlight, Collision Course, Head Smash, Spirit Shackle, Night Slash, V-Create | Kinesis, Parabolic Charge, Lucky Chant, Acupressure, Confuse Ray, Glaciate, Life Dew, Heal Block, Ice Ball, Trick-or-Treat, Chip Away, Spike Cannon, Growl, Aerial Ace, Hyper Beam, Cotton Spore, Snatch, Rolling Kick, Barrage, Tackle | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Dazzling / Tablets of Ruin | Parental Bond
Drill Peck, Air Slash, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Heal Order, Double Shock, Haze, Scald, Tail Slap, Horn Leech, Dire Claw, Headlong Rush, Leech Life, Zing Zap, Teleport, Defend Order, Calm Mind, Overheat, Bullet Punch, Poltergeist | Giga Impact, Transform, Stored Power, Feather Dance, Disable, Heal Pulse, Quash, Twister, Dragon Breath, Air Cutter, Aerial Ace, Crafty Shield, Growl, Bubble, Noble Roar, Rock Tomb, Last Resort, Ancient Power, Quick Guard, Land's Wrath | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Mimicry / Rocky Payload | Healer
X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Steam Eruption, Psyshield Bash, Reflect Type, Spore, Nature Power, Outrage, Memento, Dazzling Gleam, Thousand Arrows, Earth Power, Play Rough, Toxic, Bulk Up, Dragon Claw, Cotton Guard, Power-Up Punch | Misty Terrain, Feint Attack, Wrap, Howl, Mirror Coat, Mega Punch, Pound, Bite, Toxic Thread, Steamroller, Kinesis, Mega Kick, Barrage, Teeter Dance, Mat Block, Shock Wave, Confusion, Me First, Snap Trap, Punishment | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
In case your eyes have a blind spot for big bold letters, I'd like to mention that this slate is to set a power level. What Pokemon do you think are around "the average" here and could lead to a healthy meta? As of right now, I wouldn't be concerned too much if a Pokemon ends up getting voted in and has no counters going into Slate 2. This mod will have 50 Pokemon in total, we'll work out the kinks as we go and it'd be worth starting out with an unbalanced meta like how most Pet Mods start if it means our mod's power level is just that much more accommodating for whatever the generator gives us.

Anything you have to say there? Do you think we should be taking a different approach, or is there anything else you want to add? You're free to bring it up!

EDIT: Fair warning, some of the viable/unviable moves might be out of date, like I'm pretty sure Stored Power should be listed as viable now. I'll let it slide for this slate but will be changing it by the next one.
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komodung - prankster setup woah???? coil+scale shot+waterfall+roost goes hard. could slot spectral thief somewhere idk. good.
irotile - pretty neat actually. super physical fat tank with spikes. did not see stored power first time around. bruh too broke.
drageon - pretty underwhelming. has some cool coverage in thunderous kick and gunk shot, but those stats make it way too passive with no other redeeming utility. too weak.
earthibou - mortal spin ground. would be really cool if it didnt have plasma fists+glacial lance with those statslol. too broke.
elemadillo - actually kind of cool? cool choice attacker with zing zap, shadow bone, glacial lance, and trick, all backed up by pbond. held back by middling attack. good.
goldoth - shed tail????? hell nah (maybe if it was slower)!!!!!! too broke.
flamester - cool epic octolock moment. spikes+defog for utility too which is pnice. good.
allinyte - amazing physical movepool with 30 attack, tragic. too weak.
charilla - really fat. unlike irotile, this has recovery and scald, so it might be too potent of a wall. too broke.
cateloon - thousand arrows makes it not look too bad as a physical attacker. still probably a little weak but ima say good.

komodung > flamester > elemadillo > not voting for anything else
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Hi, here's my thoughts on the added Pokemon:

Komodung: Not sure how I feel about this. You've got the really powerful type combination and monstrous 164 Attack, but on the flip side it has pretty poor HP and SpD. Prankster Roost is pretty funny though, and it does have some interesting status moves (or utility.) You could go special if you wanted to, but for now my heart belongs to Coil sets with added Roost recovery. Natural Cure is also an option but IDK how it will perform.
Irotile: THE wall of all time. Tablets of Ruin with that Defense is pretty interesting and it gets Cotton Guard too, hell it even gets a hazard move in Spikes, so it can have a role as a hazard setter. Maybe even attacking sets with CM can perform well? No recovery sucks for it though but I do think that if it did get it, it would be REALLY strong, so for now it's a pretty nice mon in general.
Drageon: lol funny Eeveelution name Lmao. Jokes aside, I don't think this will perform as good as the other mons that were added - it's supposed to be a defensive mon, which I get, but it has no recovery, poor offensive stats so it can't use its pool of offensive moves, and its best utility feels like it's only Yawn. Probably underpowered but we'll see how it performs.
Earthibou: I genuinely love this mon so much, it's so silly. We've got 49 HP Innards Out, similar to Antestar from the previous Roulettemons, great offensive moves, hazard removal and even hazards of its own, and setup in Rock Polish. I do think it's a pretty straightforward offensive mon though, but it can run other sets. Probably really good, but some mons can beat it up hard, maybe even broken.
Elemadillo: I think this one is just okay. It doesn't have much going for it in its attacking stats, but it does have Tidy Up and Stone Axe which is cool, and it has Shore Up for recovery. As zxgzxg said, it could be a pretty cool Choice Item mon, but we'll just have to wait and see. Nothing else to say tbh.
Goldoth: No. Instantly has Shed Tail right off the bat with amazing speed, and it has WoW just to annoy any physical mon that could usually knock it out. This one's broke, sorry :(
Flamester: This mon was discussed in the Pet Mods Discord Server, but I'm going to simplify here in case if you missed it: It's got utility, Octolock and it can run CB pretty decently. I like it.
Allinyte: As zxgzxg said, it's got a huge Physical movepool but only has a measly 30 attack. Nothing else to say, and not really a fan.
Charilla: REALLY similar to Irotile, but Scald and recovery really do push it over the edge. Seriously, look at that 118/149 physical bulk combined with Tablets of Ruin. This one's broke and pretty much heavily competes with Irotile, I don't like it.
Cateloon: I kinda like this mon. Psyshield Bash and Thousand Arrows goes nutty and it has Bulk Up in case if it wants to set up. Also Spore is pretty funny in case if it wants to get a free turn of being able to quickly gain stats. Overall I think I'll vote for it, not much else to say though.

Will personally be voting for Cateloon > Irotile > Flamester > Earthibou > Elemadillo > Komodung > Everything Else
Komodung seems like a bit too much. 163 Attack with Scale Shot to buff its mediocre Speed, Prankster Coil, Calm Mind, and Roost, and very solid mixed coverage options make me feel that perhaps it might be just a little more than the meta can easily handle right at the start. But this is early, so perhaps it could receive suitable counters down the line?

Irotile is disgustingly fat. It may have no reliable recovery, but it's incredibly fat even before Tablets of Ruin is factored in, it gets Calm Mind, Freezing Glare, Mystical Fire, Cotton Guard and Spikes. You could honestly run Cotton Guard, Calm Mind, Flash Cannon, and Rest, and it would be decently viable. Spectral Thief is a pretty big necessity against this, so I'm not too sure about it.

Drageon is decently fat and gets Lunar Blessing for somewhat reliable recovery, it gets Seismic for consistent damage and Whirlwind for phasing. It seems like it wants to run stuff like Noxious Torque or Steam Eruption for the chance to inflict status ailments on the opponent, but it seems pretty passive. It also doesn't really have a good ability option. It would probably be safe, but maybe a bit on the weak side.

Earthibou is fast and strong, with what can only be described as very diverse coverage. Between EQ, Glance, Plasma Fists, Brave Bird, Horn Leech, Raging Fury, Kowtow Cleave and High Jump Kick, you're not really hurting for options. While probably less good than just going physical, you could run Flare Boost with Earth Power, Astral Barrage, Hurricane, and Muddy Water. The really nasty part, though, is Innards Out. Being fast and strong, anything you get a hit on will probably die with you if it manages to knock you out. Not feeling it.

Elemadillo is very fast with Parental Bond Zing Zap, Shadow Bone, and Trop Kick to neuter physical mons. That isn't to mention Shore Up, Glance, Pyro Ball, Stone Axe, Taunt, and Tidy Up. Anything that wants to counter it would want to run Covert Cloak, but this thing could just be Banded and run Trick. I'm certainly wary of it, but it doesn't seem to be the worst thing here.

Goldoth has nothing particularly special about it, save for maybe Shed Tail. It's not exceptionally bulky and has no recovery, and it's not incredibly fast or notably strong. While it does get solid coverage (including V-Create), it just doesn't have the power to use it all very well. And it has no great ability options, either. If Shed Tail is such an oppressive option that this thing is broken because of it, lets just hope it doesn't show up too much.

Hmm, Flamester actually seems to be somewhat of an answer to Elemadillo. Shield Dust and Wicked Blow alone give it a notable edge against it. Its coverage is somewhat meager but it gets reliable recovery and isn't exceedingly frail, while also having Octolock. I think it's solid.

Allinyte is fat with Mummy, Moonlight, Whirlwind, and Ceaseless for Spike setting. It also has a serviceable Special Attack stat so it isn't the most passive mon in the world. This thing also gets Spirit Shackle Heal Block if its wants to be dirty. Fillet Away is also there and possibly a good option due to its raw bulk possibly helping it live to recover.

Charrilla is a thoroughly disgusting physical wall with reliable recovery, Haze, Scald (or Dire Claw), and Teleport. It can Transform if it needs to not be passive. Assuredly way too oppressive to most physical mons.

Cateloon has Spore, Toxic, and is physically fat, but has a very bad defensive typing and no recovery. Its best bet is probably to run TArrows, Bulk Up, Spore, and a filler move.
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Green = Vote, Red = No Vote, Beige = Idk

Komodung- Definitely an interesting offensive option. Mediocre speed and terrible HP makes it very realistic to revenge kill, but STAB Scale Shot+Waterfall+Coil+Roost sounds like it can get scary real fast. What actually interests me is the coverage possibilities- Going mixed with funny Judgement types sounds like a blast, or go full special to take advantage of the fact that it has a usable SpA stat and a far better movepool on that side.
Irotile- Just a super fat spiker with no recovery. Fun stuff
Drageon- Generic and mediocre
Earthibou- I didn't see EQ for a while and thought it was a weird STABless spinner with insane coverage. But it does have STAB so lmao
Elemadillo- Love this thing. Great speed, boosting ability, key coverage in Glacial Lance, and Stone Axe for hazards. Easy A tier mon to keep the meta honest imo
Goldoth- Fast shed tail -> Lunar dance??? get this shit outta here
Flamester- I see the octolock meme, and spikes+fog isn't bad, but the physical movepool is absolute dogwater
Allinyte- I love this freak. Amazing bulk with an awful defensive type, Ceaseless Edge for hazards and Moonlight for Recovery, Fillet Away with a STAB Shadow Ball for the sickos out there.
Charilla- Holy cow its moltres but super fat with double hit Scald. And port. nah
Cateloon- Absolutely ruined by its type but the stat spread+movepool might bail it out?


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I'd like to say before anything else that last gen's Roulettemons was very broken, in some part because of the generator but in some part because that was my first mod I had ever run and I didn't really know what I was doing lmao. Please don't take my word as law because I'm running the mod or because I'm a staff member, even though I think about this game a lot I'm by no means the best player here.

Komodung: Seems like an obvious physical breaker at first but Hydro Pump is actually a fair bit stronger than Waterfall and you have better coverage through Focus Blast, Energy Ball, or a Judgment type. Its Defense doesn't make up for its HP, it actually evens out to being around where Greninja is, so still quite frail. Could use Prankster Coil to make up for that, probably beats having Natural Cure since I don't see this popping in and out very much. Scale Shot is fun too, high base attack is cool for that. It'd probably be a little underpowered if anything because of low bulk and lackluster Speed but it's probably not bad by any means.

Irotile: I guess this is a hot take but to me this is the single craziest Pokemon this slate. Defensively its typing, bulk, and ability are absurd, and then they gave it Calm Mind with some really dumb tools to exploit that. It has all the moves for a good demon set with Stored Power / Cotton Guard / CM / Rest or can just choose to run dual STABs / Mystical Fire / CM if it wants. I don't see how fat teams break past this at all even despite them having Haze to delay its assault and it'd probably stuff out offense way too easily too. Looks very broke.

Drageon: I feel like Take Heart is at least worth mention here, it's a PLA move that SV marked as past gen only that's implemented in Showdown as a move that basically does Calm Mind and Refresh at the same time. That probably would be its role if not for its stats being garbage, this thing really has Zamazenta-C syndrome lmao. Not a fan.

Earthibou: Everyone else has already said what I would say about this Pokemon, really dumb coverage on an otherwise cool offensive utility Pokemon. Such a shame its stats make it too good.

Elemadillo: Defensive stats are pretty nice, Parental Bond lets you make up for the lower base Attack in case coverage didn't do that enough, Trick exists in case you want to run band and you have Shore Up alongside either Stone Axe or Defog for utility. Typing isn't amazing defensively but it's by no means bad. Really flexible Pokemon, probably would be a bit strong for standard but this is Roulettemons where I think it would perfectly suit the power level. Hoping this one gets in.

Goldoth: I feel like everyone's whole opinion on this thing is going to hinge on their opinions on 123 Speed Shed Tail. Its HP stat is very low so the substitutes aren't going to be very strong, bulk and defensive typing are quite bad but it has some interesting status moves like Heal Bell, Will-o-Wisp, and especially Lunar Dance. Kind of shocked both this and Irotile don't have any form of healing since the sheer number of healing moves made it rare to see a Pokemon not get one in Gen 8 Roulettemons. Not really sure what to think here in terms of balance, but it's definitely a cool mon at the very least.

Flamester: Reminds me a lot of Blastora from Gen 8 in that it'll be relying almost exclusively on its Fire-type STAB moves for coverage since it gets little else otherwise, basically boiling down to Aerilate/Spectral Thief there and Land's Wrath here. Octolock is cool, Spikes is cool, Defog is cool, Trick if it ends up being a Choice set. Stats are really strong. If anything ends up being broke on this it'd be Octolock + Roost + the stats but I don't know if that alone would ruin a Pokemon like this.

Allinyte: This Pokemon's really close to being offensively threatening but 91 Sp. Atk won't cut it even with Specs thanks to the bulk increase of the meta thanks to the general minmaxing randomly-generated mons have. You do have Fillet Away but that seems too high risk. I fully expect this thing to invest in HP and one defensive stat, where it actually becomes difficult to break - Komodung Waterfall absolutely never 2HKOs physdef Allinyte without a boosting item for example. Boosting exists but will be unreliable because of Whirlwind and the fact that it's probably not switching in on anything that can 2HKO it after a boost anyways. Part of me wants to see what the meta looks like before we add something like this but I can see an argument either way.

Charrilla: Agree with literally everyone else. Parental Bond Dire Claw looks real funny but this thing is too strong. Tablets of Ruin with Scald and Haze make this thing stuff out physical mons way too well and then use Teleport to make the most of that.

Cateloon: My personal hatred for Spore is strong but it really doesn't fit on this type of mon so I need to just put that aside lmao. I feel like something people have yet to mention is that this thing is pretty weak initially even beyond its awful typing. Its attacks themselves aren't that strong and it's forced off of a boosting item because Boots. It shouldn't be the most difficult thing in the world to get Bulk Up boosts because of its raw stats though. Should definitely be balanced, probably will end up a pretty fun addition to the meta.

I doubt I'll be needed to tiebreak in this mod so I might actually be able to vote. Likely voting yes for Komodung, Elemadillo, and Flamester, still could be convinced either way on Goldoth, Allinyte, and Cateloon.


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Komodung - This guy gives me those good old-fashioned roulettemons vibes. A glass cannon with crazy high attack and weak STAB moves. Some people have mentioned the possibility of Coil + Roost setting up on faster physical attackers that it maybe shouldn't, but this is going to be a slow glass cannon that probably won't get a ton of setup otherwise. The reliance on Waterfall/Scale Shot or Water/Dragon Claw as STAB, and the need to set up with Coil despite having dog SpD is going to be pretty awkward for this guy.

Irotile - Interesting mon. I like having no-recovery fatmons in a tier, and this has just enough of a movepool with stuff like Spikes and Mystical Fire to make something like that work. Even more interesting is the fact that it has Calm Mind. I don't want to underestimate the kind of hard-hitting breakers we will end up getting, but this thing with Max Def accumulating Calm Mind boosts does sound incredibly dangerous. Earthibou from the current roster can 2HKO it with Choice Band, and then live the +1 hit in return, just to give an example. However if the set is Cotton Guard / Calm Mind / Stored Power / Mystical Fire, Earthibou is not a counter. Do we want this? Not entirely sure.

Drageon - This mon basically can't do anything except fish for 20-30% status chances. Seems bad.

Earthibou - It's just a bit more insane than the glass cannons from previous Roulettemons due to the incredible Ground/Ice coverage that it has. Probably not a good place to start.

Elemadillo - I think it's really cool as a fast utility pokemon. It's got a stat spread that lets it pick all kinds of EV spreads depending on what it wants to do. Because it's so fast, it can probably run a +Atk nature, which, combined with Parental Bond and a bunch of moves with good secondary effects, means its offense is better than you might think. I kinda wish it wasn't going to be spamming 51% flinch chance Zing Zaps, though. I don't want to see basically the worst of gen 8 with Rocky Helmets, Flame Body, and multi-hit flinch moves everywhere.

Goldoth - Probably worth passing on for reasons similar to Cyclizar getting banned. Healing Wish means now it's still useful once it's low on HP. It does lack Regenerator, though, but considering that Screens is what pushes Shed Tail over the edge, two Shed Tails + Healing Wish is probably enough. I do find it hilarious that this pokemon has a 38 base HP stat to pass with, but with Screens it probably won't matter.

Flamester - Unbelievable stats, but Blaze Kick as your only STAB is rough. It has Wicked Blow and Land's Wrath for coverage, Spikes and Defog and Octolock for support, and Roost for recovery. It feels like everything this mon wants to do is a little awkward; pure Fire is not the best defensive type, and the offensive movepool is so-so as well. Octolock will not work unless it's a surprise imo, but it will probably work occasionally. I like the utility and versatility that it has though. Also it has Shield Dust for Elemadillo, though you are not exactly a counter without Def investment.

Allinyte - Insanely fat spike setter with reliable recovery, but it's got a pretty bad typing. Discussed this on the Discord and the typing probably wins out in the end. Basically half the current roster hits it SE, although it will happily set Spikes on the other half. Fillet Away + Moonlight looks gimmicky, although I think there's some potential there.

Charilla - This is really extreme. We have insane physical bulk + Tablets of Ruin but this time a good defensive typing and recovery. The guy is REALLY passive, though; non-STAB Scald off of 68 SpA is your way of threatening attackers. What really makes this a bad idea though is Teleport, because then the passivity doesn't matter, it's actually an amazing support pokemon. You could also try Sub CM, if you like getting PP stalled after 10 turns of setup.

Cateloon - Typing aside, all this can really do is Spore something while threatening Grass types with Bug moves. I really want there to be some kind of Misty Terrain / Mimmicry / Play Rough set going on, but there really isn't.


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komodung: kinda poopy, would appreciate more if it had better bulk
irotile: would fuckin jack up the power level to the moon, not inherently bad but i dont like the mon much anyway
drageon: haxy ass movepool but held down by 1) bad offensive stats 2) bad abilities 3) bad typing. not feeling it
earthibou: goofy enough for me to vote for
elemadillo: see earthibou but a little bit more broken due to lovely kiss and better coverage
goldoth: shed tail lol but also shit bulk and typing, might actually be fine/fun
flamester: i looove octolock
allinyte: dont like it because fillet away is bringe
charrilla: this mon is really crazy. you have unfathomable physdef (minus) but also heal order (plus). i am torn
cateloon: bug grass. Mid Alert!!!

top ones are flamester/earthibou/elemadillo/goldoth
Komodung: I like this one, and mainly cause of its potential Calm Mind special set. However, 164 attack is KINDA hard to ignore CONSIDERING

Irotile: This thing is very fun, Spikes + Mystical Fire is the obvious route, will probably end up like a pseudo-Hatterene, which I don’t feel is a bad thing VOTING

Drageon: MAYBE Whirlwind and Bitter Blade but like no NOT VOTING

Earthibou: I wanna vote this for the pure toxicity. Salt Cure + EQ + Plasma Fist + Glacial Lance AV or CB set like :wynaut: VOTING

Elemadillo: Parental Bond Zing Zap with 157 speed is a no NOT VOTING

Goldoth: I guess Shed Tail + Horn Leech is a little brokek, but i think it might be okay CONSIDERING

Flamester: The most balanced of the Slate, Shield Dust is super cute, and it has solid coverage VOTING

Allinyte: I like this one solely because of Spirit Shackle, Idt Fillet Away is that worth it on this tbh. VOTING

Charrilla: This is WAY to mid and wants to be fat and a physical attacker like wut NOT VOTING

Cateloon: this thing’s best set is Spore + Memento NOT VOTING

My favs are Earthibou > Flamester > Allinyte > Irotile > Komodung > Goldoth



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You may now vote! I'll go first to show an example of the kinda formatting this'll use...

Komodung: Yes
Irotile: No
Drageon: No
Earthibou: No
Elemadillo: Yes
Flamester: Yes
Charrilla: No
Cateloon: Yes

Abstaining on Goldoth and Allinyte. Half of the people who vote on a Pokemon need to say yes for it to be accepted, so make sure you vote no for things you feel strongly against and hold off on voting on things you're unsure about!
also i started a poll for another thing i'm unsure about so please check that out


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Komodung: Yes
Irotile: No
Drageon: No
Earthibou: No
Elemadillo: Yes
Goldoth: No
Flamester: Yes
Allinyte: Yes
Charrilla: No
Cateloon: Yes
Komodung: yes
Irotile: no
Drageon: no
Earthibou: no
Elemadillo: yes
Goldoth: abstain
Flamester: yes
Allinyte: abstain
Charrilla: no
Cateloon: no
Komodung: Yes
Irotile: Yes
Drageon: No
Earthibou: Yes
Elemadillo: Yes
Goldoth: No
Flamester: Yes
Allinyte: Abstain
Charrilla: No
Cateloon: Yes


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Komodung: Y
Irotile: N
Drageon: N
Earthibou: N
Elemadillo: N
Goldoth: N
Flamester: Y
Allinyte: Y
Charrilla: N
Cateloon: N
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Komodung: No
Irotile: Yes
Drageon: No
Earthibou: No
Elemadillo: Yes
Goldoth: No
Flamester: Yes
Allinyte: Yes
Charrilla: No
Cateloon: Yes


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Komodung: y
Irotile: n
Drageon: n
Earthibou: y
Elemadillo: y
Goldoth: n
Flamester: y
Allinyte: y
Charrilla: n
Cateloon: n
Komodung: yes
Irotile: yes
Drageon: no
Earthibou: yes
Elemadillo: no
Goldoth: yes
Flamester: yes
Allinyte: yes
Charrilla: no
Cateloon: no

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