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Voting's up, and Bonedos, Marshasaur, and by one single vote, Lumimorph have been added! Consensus over some talk on Discord was mostly that current format is completely fine. Anyways, new slate...
Healer/Neutralizing Gas/Cursed Body
Strength, Hyper Voice, Scale Shot, Knock Off, Meteor Mash, Night Shade, Raging Fury, Will-o-Wisp, Focus Blast, Soft-Boiled, Ice Shard, Light of Ruin, Spin Out, Leaf Blade, Octolock, Surf, Gigaton Hammer, Fiery Wrath, Shore Up, Endeavor | Jungle Healing, Gastro Acid, Simple Beam, Play Nice, Fell Stinger, Telekinesis, Sweet Scent, Metronome, Grassy Glide, Electrify, Pay Day, Safeguard, Thrash, Charge, Assurance, Giga Impact, Rock Tomb, Bide, Dizzy Punch, Metal Burst | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Rain Dish/Wandering Spirit/Berserk
Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Teleport, Blaze Kick, Shadow Punch, Nature's Madness, Attack Order, Focus Punch, Tailwind, Volt Switch, Spectral Thief, Bitter Blade, Clear Smog, Last Resort, Esper Wing, Bullet Punch, Flamethrower, Endeavor | Confusion, Block, Acupressure, Freeze Shock, Rock Throw, Hold Back, Bone Club, Shock Wave, Mud Shot, Harden, Ruination, Comet Punch, Quick Guard, Dragon Rush, Pound, Camoflauge, Struggle Bug, Iron Defense, Sludge, Frenzy Plant | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Slow Start/Soundproof/Clear Body
Sky Uppercut, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt, Zing Zap, Stone Edge, Mystical Fire, Trick Room, Avalanche, Sucker Punch, Dragon Pulse, Magical Torque, Sludge Wave, Eerie Spell, Aromatherapy, Meteor Mash, Salt Cure, Moongeist Beam, Core Enforcer, Waterfall, Infernal Parade | Telekinesis, Swift, Grassy Terrain, Burning Jealousy, Life Dew, Charge, Power Swap, Magic Room, Bubble Beam, Smack Down, Absorb, Flame Burst, Rising Voltage, Shock Wave, Muddy Water, Natural Gift, Cross Poison, Icy Wind, Dark Void, Rock Smash | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Sand Veil/---/Gorilla Tactics
Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Ceaseless Edge, Bitter Blade, Memento, Iron Tail, U-Turn, Fleur Cannon, Heal Bell, Hex, Dual Wingbeat, Wish, Flower Trick, Wave Crash, Obstruct, Torch Song, Dazzling Gleam, Spirit Break | Mega Kick, Decorate, Aerial Ace, Pounce, Smog, Vice Grip, Throat Chop, Wake-Up Slap, Flying Press, Splash, Rock Throw, Uproar, Bind, Spotlight, Trump Card, Heavy Slam, Air Cutter, Poison Fang, Quash, Reversal | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Stalwart/---/Thick Fat
Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Fleur Cannon, Fishious Rend, Anchor Shot, Flower Trick, Aurora Veil, Chloroblast, Body Press, Silk Trap, Steam Eruption, High Jump Kick, Swords Dance, Light of Ruin, Brick Break, Multi-Attack, Tail Slap, Yawn | Mega Punch, Heat Crash, Mud Shot, Mimic, Rage Powder, Recycle, Soak, Psychic Terrain, Aura Wheel, Fake Tears, Beat Up, Follow Me, Triple Kick, Mist Ball, Burn Up, Doodle, Steel Roller, Gear Up, Bullet Seed, Belch | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Same as last slate, 72 hours to discuss and 48 to vote.


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Early for once. Very early in fact.

Koalpuff: Fastest mon by far, Neutralising Gas allows it to burn Elemadillo despite Thermal Exchange (I think). Has Knock Off and reliable forms of recovery to help it be a further annoyance. Its attack stat isn't great, and its defense is abyssmal, but it looks like it can take special hits well.

Spidmaton: This is stupid strong 160/110 offenses with 150 speed, decent coverage options and priority. We do have some mons with decent bulk available, but having to guess whether its a physical or special set is going to be a pain, not to mention 111 HP that will help it stick around for a while.

Eleitan: Can work as a special sponge and cleric, has good SpAtk with good coverage, Salt Cure is a huge pain. A Trick Room setter for Lumimorph to spam Fishious Rends with impunity.

Chilltile: Good thing it only has 16 Def when the majority of the mons currently available are physical oriented, otherwise it looks like a nightmare to kill. Gorilla Tactics sets are probably the go-to for immediate destructive power, and slow U-turns can bring in another threat for free. Special sets are also worth a mention since it does have Torch Song for boosting and Wish for longevity, but Choice Band Gorilla Tactics 152 Atk goes brrr.

Metathorn: It got the short end of the RNG. It can tank a lot but can't do much back aside from Body Press. I don't think anything has Hail/Snowscape at the moment, so Aurora Veil is unusable. You could Anchor Shot + Yawn, but a better Spore user exists already. No good recovery sucks too.


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Koalpuff - I kinda love this thing, it has crazy Speed, SpD, Octolock, and Neutralizing Gas. It's also got Knock Off and Will-o-Wisp for support. The downsides are the poop Def and offenses (that said, I think it's great that this thing has Thrash and Raging Fury, even if only for flavor). It doesn't have Taunt, which means it's probably not overbearing or even all that good. Seems interesting, though.

Spidmaton - 160 Atk and 150 Spe is pretty extreme, but its STAB moves, Iron Head and Poison Jab, aren't that scary. What's scarier is its coverage in Spectral Thief and Bitter Blade. Outside of that, it has Volt Switch and Bullet Punch, meaning it's pretty much going to be an offensive pivot, and likely a Choice Band user. I think it seems fine? Doesn't excite me though.

Eleitan - Pretty cool bulky attacker, but unfortunately pretty much all it has is attacking moves. Hiding in the unviable moves section are Rising Voltage and Muddy Water, which could certainly prove useful. It also has Salt Cure and Aromatherapy. Could be a decent Special tank, or it could fall flat, but it seems pretty cool to me.

Chilltile - It's like some kind of bizarre special Ice-type Melmetal. The bottom tier Def really murders this things dreams imo - together with the Ice type, the opportunities for this thing to fire off strong attacks will be limited. It might be strong against passive teams, and played well can probably take some epic special attacks, but it feels really hard to make work.

Metathorn - Well, it has 13 Atk, 54 SpA, and tons of attacking moves. Time to Anchor Shot, Yawn, Silk Trap, and then BODY PRESS to victory. Surely no Ghost types would switch into another Ghost type!
Gonna do this point form since it’s just better than a block of text

  • It’s basically a fast special wall that has a lot of nasty utility options
  • Although it’s vulnerable to physical attackers, it has many ways to debilitate them between wisp, knock, and ngas, all at a high speed, even when uninvested
  • Night shade and some usable normal STABs prevent it from being too passive against knock / wisp absorbers
  • Oh, it has Octolock too. I don’t think this would be the most broken Octolock user as having access to the move doesn’t completely flip its matchups but it seems like the type of move it can run without much opportunity cost. Combo of Octolock + stall for Cursed Body activation while getting worn down by wisp or incidental attacks seems nasty though
  • Overall this is a mon I know I wouldn’t have much fun playing against. As for whether it would be strong or weak seems somewhat dependant on how poised the meta is to handle its BS

  • Spidmaton would be a great glass cannon and offensive mon with just enough power and versatility to stop short of being broken IMO
  • Its STAB options are both weak and have fairly weak neutral coverage overall, and while it’s fast the current fastest mon (Elemadillo) resists its STABs too and easily picks on its frailty
  • Access to Fire coverage and Spectral Thief really rounds things out. Fire coverage lets you hit Steel types although it’s still not excessively strong and there’s plenty of combos that resist Fire as well as its STABs. Volt Switch is also a great move to gain momentum although it could invite in bulky Grounds to block it
  • Scarf Spectral Thief + the Speed tier seems healthy to dissuade Adamant Tidy Up Elemadillo
  • Spectral Thief is a great spammable move, but you need to keep in mind that even if you steal their boosts you won’t probably run a reverse sweep as you likely won’t kill and will be OHKOd or take too much damage from when they attack back
  • CB seems like a nice breaker that can dissuade setup and chip down bulky mons with incidental Poison Jab poisons and/or Iron Head flinches, and it even has Bullet Punch to be a revenge killer, but I don’t expect it to be able to break bulkier mons, especially when it takes significant damage back and can’t really enter battle easily
  • Scarf seems like a good set with its ability to grab momentum and blanket revenge kill
  • Overall I really like this mon, I just think its neat and although arguably pushed I don’t think it’s so much that it’s not worth considering
  • Strong STAB combo on paper. But in this context, Electric / Fighting is resisted by Bonedos, Cateloon, Lumimorph with Motor Drive, and Elemadillo. All these mons are slightly to somewhat specially frail though so it’s not a complete roadblock
  • It has great coverage that makes up for it. Moongeist Beam hits Elemadillo, Lumimorph and Allinyte nicely and Mystical Fire is enough for the Bug types and Marshsaur. You’ll struggle to fit more coverage than that
  • I would like to call attention to the main trick in its movepool, which is Trick Room. Eleitan can be a nice OTR mon with its power and coverage. Also, it has the combination of Slow Start and Trick Room, making it very difficult to outslow. Slow Start makes it roughly equivalent to a base 38 with min speed which is slower than everything except min speed Lumimorph (also a potentially good TR abuser)
  • Eleitan seems on the weak side though to me, but not by much. It has some low Def and Speed which is exploitable and arguably not enough power to make up for it. Also, its abilities aren’t very impactful. It’s fine though and probably the safest pick on this slate but IMO we could wait until something better comes along
  • This is the kind of mon that is literally only usable in trick room but it needs a partner to set it up
  • It’s hilariously powerful but with the vulnerability to hazards, weaknesses, and awful defense it will just fail
  • I can see it being somewhat usable in a meta focused around special attackers that can’t hit it super-effectively but it doesn’t look like that’s the way things are going
  • Overall this is definitely one of the mons of all time
  • Awesome defensive typing + ability combo and great bulk
  • That’s where the positives end, it’s pathetically passive and weak. The best it can do is stall for Yawn and hit mildly hard with Body Press + Shadow Ball I guess. It could also fish for burns with Steam Eruption but that is still an 8 PP non STAB move off of 54 SpA
  • A complete discongruence of moves + stats makes it worthless. It’s a shame because it has a lot of interesting and powerful attacking moves in there it just can’t make use of
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I already added my thoughts on these mons in the Discord Server of this mod, but I'm going to simplify here: Koalpuff is Blissey but far more disgusting with WoW, Koff and Neutralizing Gas, Spidmaton seemed broken at first but I think it's fine thanks to its poor STAB combo, Eleitan is the best Pokemon this slate and it's probably a fine pick, Chilltile is just lol, and Metathorn tries to do something but it does not do it well imo. Probably voting for Eleitan and Spidmaton, and nothing else.
What was the generator on???

Koalpuff: I do like it, I do think it wants to be an offensive Mon, with an amazing physical movepool. But Soft-Boiled and Knock Off is kinda amazing. Also has access to Loaded Dice Scale Shot, Gigaton Hammer, Spin Out, Octolock, and Ice Shard. Wisp is kinda crazy good support.

Spidmation: I originally thought this was bad cause of its 4x Ground weakness. Then I saw Freeze Shock, and I love it. This thing is busted but everything already has like 100+ Def.

Eletian: This thing wants to run an Physical Attacking set, but Salt Cure and Aromatherapy is still here to not ignore, so I’ll vote it in.

Chillite: This has an AMAZING movepool, but 16 Def and 27 Speed just doesn’t cut it.

Metathorn: Unfortunately, this is not meta, very underwhelming Utility to support it.

I’ll vote Koalpuff, Spidmation, and Eletian


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Koalpuff: Most of what needs to be said about this mon already has been said but I think it's worth noting that this thing is less specially bulky than any of the major physical walls of Roulettemons 1, and the meta was more than equipped to handle those. I also love Jungle Healing just in general so I'm going to try and force it onto a set even if it doesn't belong. Should be a nice defensive cornerpiece for this meta, it's not super common for the generator to give out those.

Spidmaton: In case I need to say it for some reason, high HP does not offset low defenses here. This thing is extremely brittle. Fire coverage is really nice here, Bullet Punch is cool because of how rare it is for a Roulettemon to get good STAB on a priority move even if it might not be optimal, Volt Switch and Spectral Thief are cool and I cannot stress enough how badly its offensive typing holds it back. Rain Dish could lead to funny tech stuff too with Drizzle being added recently. Am a fan of this.

Eleitan: I highly doubt this thing runs Aromatherapy since that's always a hard stall move, which this does not fit on. Salt Cure is a kinda interesting move on something like this and Slow Start + Trick Room is cool even if gimmicky and probably bad, but this is a very generic Pokemon otherwise. Balanced for sure but we only have 50 slots for Pokemon and I wonder if we should just be waiting it out for something more worth putting into one of those slots than this.

Chilltile: I doubt this thing ends up any good but if it does it's going to be pretty unhealthy to play against. Pass.

Metathorn: When I got this from the random Pokemon generator I was actually really stoked to see it until I got to its stats. Could you imagine how awesome a Swords Dance set would be on this if it had the stats of a bulky offensive Pokemon? So disappointing.

Voting Spidmaton and Koalpuff, hard no on the rest.

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Koalpuff: If Clean Slate 2 taught me one thing, it's that fast walls are fun. It has crazy utility and special bulk, but the low physical bulk balances it out. It MIGHT pose a problem in the future as a trapper, but Octo Lock isn't automatic like trapping abilities, so it's probably fine.
Spidmaton: Spectral Thief makes this too strong for my liking.
Eleitan: The more I look at it, the more I like it. It has good coverage for a Fighting type, in Sludge Wave (for Fairies and Grass-types) and Infernal Parade (for Ghosts and Psychics). Defensively oriented sets can not only spread burns with Infernal Parade, but also shut down the foe's ability with Core Enforcer. Trick Room + Slow Start is also funny.
Chilltile: I kinda would like to see how this would perform in the meta, but it's probably not worth a slot.
Metathorn: This mon is too passive and doesn't offer any utility. Fast Body Press would be its saving grace, but it doesn't get STAB on it, and doesn't get Defense boosting either.
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Koalpuff: SpD glue with good recovery makes for a solid Pokemon. It can shut down abilities with NGas and can lock foes in with Octolock, lasting long enough against them to knock them down. Physically weak so it can't auto-win against physical and mixed mons (and Secret Sword stuff if that ever becomes pertinent), but it'll likely keep a lot of specially reliant powerhouses in check. Really, the only issue with this thing is that it feels like it wants to run more than four moves, Octolock, Knock, Wisp, Soft-Boiled, Jungle Healing, and possibly Strength or Gigaton Hammer to capitalize on Octolock traps. Regardless, a solid defensive pick.

Spidmaton: I think this might be a bit much. Yes, it has bad STABs, but it has Fire coverage, Spectral Thief, and Volt Switch, on top of a 160/110/150 mixed stat spread. PJab and those three options alone make for a solid movepool, hitting basically everything at least neutrally. Its biggest weakness is probably Ground types, but it could genuinely pull out the meme of Power Herb Freeze Shock to scare them away from it. I just don't feel it would be worth a slot.

Eleitan: Solid special mon with a notable Trick Room mode. It gets a good selection of coverage and a solid bulk. Core and Infernal Parade are good as utility, with the latter being solid as offensive coverage if you can spread status effectively. Salt Cure and Aroma aren't bad defensive options either, with the former being useful on predicted switches. It does lack reliable recovery, but nothing about it screams anything other than safe as an inclusion. Of course, it comes to whether or not it makes for a reasonable inclusion.

Chilltile: This thing is utterly ferocious under Trick Room and against most Special mons. Ice STAB with a full Fire/Water/Grass coverage core, along with GTactics and a massive Attack stat. Band under Trick Room can shatter team compositions with proper prediction. Of course, it's physically frail, but honestly, it doesn't seem all that safe for inclusion. It's just too volatile of a Pokemon.

Metathorn: One word: disparity. This thing's stats/ability and movepool are so unreconcilable that it's just sad. The stats and ability make it out to be a bulky nightmare while its movepool is perfect for a mixed juggernaut, but what we ultimately have is a below average Body Press mon.
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You may now vote!

Koalpuff: Yes
Spidmaton: Yes
Eleitan: No
Chilltile: No
Metathorn: No
changed my opinions on the mons since ppl have given theirs and i mostly agree with them so

Koalpuff: Yes
Spidmaton: Yes
Eleitan: Abstain
Chilltile: No
Metathorn: No

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