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Voting's up! Crolegion, Hunttar, and definitely Wizpole have been added! Spreadsheet is being updated the moment I post these.
Pastel Veil / Quark Drive | Thermal Exchange
Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Corrosive Gas, Milk Drink, Ice Shard, Lash Out, Salt Cure, Switcheroo, Spiky Shield, Shell Side Arm, Volt Tackle, Bleakwind Storm, Flamethrower, Avalanche, Thunderous Kick, Fleur Cannon, Water Spout, Blaze Kick, King's Shield, No Retreat | Wake-Up Slap, Zap Cannon, Skill Swap, Quash, Grassy Glide, Covet, Vice Grip, Gyro Ball, Mist Ball, Double Hit, Foresight, Metal Claw, Electro Ball, Bide, Water Gun, Follow Me, Razor Shell, Smelling Salts, Strength, Tearful Look
Water / Normal
Immunity / Fluffy | Pickup
Waterfall, Surf, Strength, Hyper Voice, Bolt Beak, Glaive Rush, Moonblast, V-Create, Eruption, Shelter, Switcheroo, Psyshield Bash, Nature's Madness, Lash Out, Eerie Spell, Spin Out, Brick Break, Dragon Darts, Scald, High Jump Kick | Reversal, Clamp, Horn Attack, False Swipe, Mind Reader, Solar Beam, Raging Bull, Twineedle, Metronome, Recycle, Double Slap, Misty Explosion, Gastro Acid, Lovely Kiss, Fury Swipes, Mud Sport, Parabolic Charge, Bug Bite, Flail, Synchronoise
Tablets of Ruin / Magma Armor | Mimicry
Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Earth Power, Stored Power, High Jump Kick, Sticky Web, Electro Drift, Brick Break, Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Will-o-Wisp, Psyshield Bash, Vacuum Wave, Bolt Beak, Aqua Tail, Overdrive, Ice Beam, Moongeist Beam, Synthesis | Bind, Tail Whip, After You, Transform, Bullet Seed, Scratch, Water Pledge, Absorb, Telekinesis, Heart Swap, Rage, Astonish, Attract, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Frenzy Plant, Take Down, Lovely Kiss, Snarl, Chip Away
Tough Claws / Friend Guard | Thick Fat
X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, Pursuit, Psywave, False Surrender, Moongeist Beam, Kowtow Cleave, Weather Ball, Trailblaze, First Impression, Attack Order, Roost, Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab, Rapid Spin, Avalanche, Wildbolt Storm, Hidden Power, Triple Axel, Milk Drink | Spike Cannon, Razor Wind, Water Gun, Mist, Stomp, Jump Kick, Magic Powder, Charge Beam, Sing, Rock Tomb, Tickle, Eternabeam, Flame Charge, Venom Drench, Bullet Seed, Ingrain, Chilling Water, Disable, Sky Attack, Sonic Boom
Torrent / --- | White Smoke
Strength, Hyper Voice, Play Rough, Moonblast, Rock Polish, Salt Cure, Sacred Sword, Fire Fang, Acrobatics, Scale Shot, Flash Cannon, Drum Beating, Dragon Pulse, Lava Plume, Lash Out, Night Shade, Weather Ball, Foul Play, Shadow Force, Surging Strikes | Tackle, Future Sight, Flame Charge, Metal Claw, Acupressure, Egg Bomb, Poison Powder, Bind, Telekinesis, Dig, Beat Up, Stomp, Rage Powder, Flash, Natural Gift, Wake-Up Slap, Ally Switch, Guard Swap, Celebrate, Pound
You have three days, as usual!


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Goldkin - Fat Steel with Salt Cure. im good ty tho. no
Mantaruff - Doesn't really offer much except fast Scald. no
Vibraash - It's alright. Fast webs might not be all that bad. maybe
Gastrotail - huge ass fimp kinda based, but unfortunately pokemon have to be "balanced" and "fit for the meta". no
Gnomey - uhhhh torrent surging strikes??? what does this do. no

will probably just be abstaining for vibraash this slate lmao
None of these look particularly phenomenal. Goldkin just seems unfun, Mantaruff has good physical bulk and Scald/Nature's Madness but no recovery hurts it a lot, Vibraash seems kind of neat but ultimately mediocre, Gastrotail seems to just have a grossly strong First Impression and Pursuit, and Gnomey has a very fun name but very little it can actually bring to the table.
Again I'd normally make a long explanation post, but these mons are mostly super mid. Ig Vibraash might be good with fast webs, reliable recovery and Fluxtape-like coverage so that might be the only one I'd consider voting for.
  • It’s a fighting-weak special wall with exploitably low Defense that works through debilitation rather than support. Salt Cure + Corrosive Gas + Recovery and one other attack is its bread and butter
  • This treads on Koalpuff’s toes a lot. The main difference is being slow and lacking Wisp in exchange for a better type overall
  • I don’t think this mon would be too strong given the current meta. It loses to every physical attacker some of the special attackers either beat it (Eleitan) or use it as hazard setting fodder (Allinyte). It hates Bonedos, a mon which comes in and forces it out while healing off its chip damage after it leaves
  • I don’t hate the concept of this mon honestly but it doesn’t really stand out much
  • Very bulky for such an offensive mon with Fluffy. Normal / Water is good unresisted STAB, but it’s fairly weak between weak STAB options and mid Sp. Atk. Not a lot of utility either, I guess Scald is nice
  • I feel like this mon would rather be a fast Specs mon rather than a utility mon, but it doesn’t really have the movepool to excel as either. At least Specs could threaten bulky walls with threats of Switcheroo and Scald burns while relying on its good bulk and speed to carry it against offensive mons like Spidmaton and Flamester.
  • Oh, and it has some usable coverage to pick on certain things, like Moonblast for Hunttar for example, but it seems pretty limited to that sort of thing alone
  • Overall I think Mantaruff is ruff around the edges but at least seems usable and doesn’t really compete with anything else, and I think it was like one strong STAB away from being a solid pick

  • Finish this later


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Golkin - Nah this is going to be too annoying with Steel + bulk + recovery + Salt Cure. Not that it's a major factor but adding Spiky Shield to the mix doesn't help.

Mantaruff - I'm pretty OK with this guy, it has solid neutral STAB coverage, workable offenses, and some other coverage moves to round things out. Fluffy + high Def means you'll get some switch-in opportunities. I don't see it as too potent damage-wise but it's really fast and with Fluffy it can probably switch in a time or two.

Vibrash - Well this thing has one of the best offensive types possible, as well as great coverage moves in Ice Beam, Moongeist Beam, Overdrive, and Water Pledge. With 116/154 offenses I'm pretty leery of this thing; it seems potentially offensively suffocating. That's all before acknowledging that it gets Sticky Web.

Gastrotail - This guy is wack and hilarious, and I have mixed feelings about it. Crazy strong First Impression + zany Tough Claws coverage could be fun, but the sheer power of the priority could also be really annoying to have around. The 50/50 between First Impression and Pursuit doesn't sound fun, either. I should note that the mon is slow and frail and has a bad type, so It's probably not that good to begin with.

Gnomey - 97 Atk with STAB Strength and Play Rough isn't going to do anything. Too weak.
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Golkin: Got to be wary of anything that has Salt Cure. Has decent bulk with Milk Drink as recovery, can stall for more chip damage with Spiky Shield or King's Shield, Corrosive Gas or Switcheroo to remove Covert Cloaks. Looks super annoying to play against. Can't burn it because of Thermal Exchange, even has usable offenses if it so desires to go that route.

Mantaruff: Fluffy is kind of cool, makes it neutral to Fire. Has Parabolic Charge as a form of recovery and Eruption that could benefit from the recovery. Looks good on paper.

Vibraash: Good offensive typing, good coverage options, usable 116 SpAtk and blistering 154 Speed, has options like Will-o-Wisp and Lovely Kiss to cripple opponents, Heart Swap if you feel cheeky enough to steal stat boosts. Wouldn't mind it as a Spidmaton check.

Gastrotail: Tough Claws First Impression and Pursuit. Recovery options in Milk Drink and Roost, speed boosting options in Rapid Spin, Flame Charge and Trailblaze, and other useful coverage options. All on top of 174 Atk. There is stuff like Allinyte and Flamester that can potentially switch in once or twice, but this mon seems hilariously strong.

Gnomey: By far the best name of all the subs thus far. Shame that it's kind of mid otherwise. Salt Cure + Accupressure sets can be a budget Randbats Scovillain cosplay, Foul Play to punish physical attackers (which is like half the current available roster).


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Not really much to say that hasn't already said about most of these so I'm gonna be brief.

Goldkin: Don't like how easily this thing can force progress for such a fat Steel. There were Pokemon that ran Knock Off before it got buffed in Gen 6 and a few things like Vileplume ran Corrosive Gas when they don't have Knock Off, it goes great with Covert Cloak being the usual answer for this. Not a fan.

Mantaruff: Scald machine. Specs Switcheroo could be like moderately fun but I'm not convinced; this thing's coverage is horribly gimmicky and bad otherwise. Not voting for this.

Vibraash: Tablets of Ruin only raises its Defense to like an effective base 47, hardly a boost but better than its other abilities. Coverage is quite good for something so fast but its initial power sucks and it might struggle to do much against things it isn't hitting super effectively, like Koalpuff which we already have lmao. I hate Lovely Kiss but it could be cool to help lead sets I guess. Abstaining here, I'm fine with people voting for it but meh.

Gastrotail: Anti-offense machine w/ STAB Tough Claws FImp. It has other moves but this is the reason you do or don't vote for it. 73 Speed might not seem horrible but it'd literally be like the fourth slowest thing in the meta, although it's only got 13 other mons to compare to lmao. Needs two Speed boosts to outspeed the fastest mons in this meta so Scarf / speed boosting sets are a gimmick. Technically not worthless but it'd be hard to justify putting this on your team over something more self-sufficient that matches up well into offense.

Gnomey: Salt Cure and Foul Play are like kinda interesting with its physical bulk but that is quite literally all it has going for it and that's not even good by its own lmao. You don't even have the Fighting resist you normally would because it's part Normal. Really bad, not voting. Shame the name got wasted.


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You may now vote!

Goldkin: No
Mantaruff: No
Vibraash: Abstain
Gastrotail: No
Gnomey: No

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