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Alright, Vibraash made it in but nothing else obviously. So onto the next slate!
Poison Heal / Unaware | Merciless
Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Liquidation, Vacuum Wave, Gunk Shot, Lunge, Power Whip, Heal Order, Psychic Fangs, Steel Beam, Electro Drift, Counter, Psychic, Overheat, Leech Life, Iron Tail, Magma Storm, Weather Ball, Sacred Sword, Dragon Dance | Hold Hands, Solar Beam, Pound, Pollen Puff, Heart Stamp, Terrain Pulse, Present, Round, Bullet Seed, Pound, Sand Tomb, Low Sweep, False Swipe, Dive, Fury Cutter, Twin Beam, Echoed Voice, Withdraw, Heat Crash, Spider Web | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Rivalry / White Smoke | Mimicry
Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Dazzling Gleam, King's Shield, Hone Claws, Psychic, Hyper Voice, Dragon Energy, Clangorous Soul, Wild Charge, Quick Attack, Moongeist Beam, Salt Cure, Expanding Force, Strange Steam, Stomping Tantrum, Jet Punch, Fire Blast | Luster Purge, Scratch, Stockpile, Rolling Kick, Swallow, Acid, Tearful Look, Transform, Heal Pulse, Sparkling Aria, Gravity, Metal Burst, Vice Grip, Absorb, Spotlight, Heal Block, Imprison, Cotton Spore, Smokescreen, Phantom Force | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Natural Cure / Propeller Tail | Sand Stream
Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, Return, Flamethrower, Spikes, Collision Course, Raging Fury, Judgment, Giga Drain, Fiery Wrath, High Horsepower, No Retreat, Pyro Ball, Stored Power, Attack Order, Focus Punch, Stealth Rock, Light Screen | Psychic Terrain, Mean Look, Frost Breath, Retaliate, Lock-On, Force Palm, Meditate, Rock Tomb, Poison Gas, Cotton Spore, Aura Wheel, Aromatic Mist, Venom Drench, Metal Sound, Heart Stamp, Reversal, Gust, Wonder Room, Magnet Rise, Grass Whistle | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Honey Gather / Friend Guard | Gooey
Earthquake, Earth Power, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Rage Fist, Seed Flare, Facade, Fire Fang, Haze, Drill Run, Spirit Break, Light of Ruin, Petal Blizzard, Brave Bird, Population Bomb, Detect, Double Shock, Dragon Tail, Shelter, Shadow Bone | Purify, Rock Climb, Mirror Coat, Odor Sleuth, Flame Charge, Psychic Terrain, Attract, Wing Attack, Vine Whip, Pounce, Tail Whip, Sweet Kiss, Water Pledge, Instruct, Peck, Slam, Branch Poke, Punishment, Aurora Beam, Snarl | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Limber / Orichalcum Pulse | Cursed Body
Drill Peck, Air Slash, Stomping Tantrum, Outrage, Acrobatics, Sticky Web, Spacial Rend, Leech Life, Meteor Beam, Grav Apple, Psycho Boost, Head Charge, Ceaseless Edge, Astral Barrage, False Surrender, Dragon Dance, Precipice Blades, Trick Room, Hone Claws, Steam Eruption | Fury Cutter, Forest's Curse, Heal Block, Flame Burst, Aqua Ring, Crush Grip, Echoed Voice, Life Dew, Conversion 2, Howl, Burn Up, Covet, Double Hit, Tail Whip, Metal Burst, Guard Swap, Stomp, Water Gun, Dual Chop, Thief | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Same 3 day period as usual!


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Polleoss: Kinda neat but very similar to Marshasaur. Coverage and defensive typing are not great but the Abilities and Stats are insane. Leaning against because we already have a bulky Special attacking mono-grass, but I don't hate it.

Blastoda: Got the short end of the stat stick, with very middling bulk and offenses. Its movepool leans towards using Clangorous Soul, but it has to go mixed if it wants to hit Water types, and even then the options are Wild Charge and Salt Cure. Looks bad.

Shasect: This thing is a bit terrifying, with No Retreat + Ghost type and Natural Cure, and one of the best stat spreads I've ever seen on a Roulettemon. We discussed a lot of options to run on it in Discord, so I'll just note that if you forgo boots, Ghost-type Judgement is an option, which is a lot scarier at +1 than any sort of Shadow Ball. Its typing is great offensively but bad defensively, which represents the only real downside to this thing. Replace Bug with another type that hits Dark and it's obviously jacked, but I think the balance of this still warrants discussion.

Mudelf: The way the flavor turned out for this pokemon is one of my favorite things ever. Name, abilities, and movepool all paint a funny picture. Not sure it adds much to the tier, though, as it's basically another Ground-type Specs machine. I guess non-STAB Seed Flare is neat, but it doesn't seem like too interesting of a mon competitively.

Swapuff: A pretty neat support mon with Sticky Web, Trick Room, and Ceaseless Edge. Typing is good for a PhysDef mon as well. It gets no recovery and not a lot of good attacks (you're running Acrobatics and Precipice Blades if you really want to do damage) which is why I say it's a support pokemon. It also might be able to use Metal Burst very effectively. Also there's the possibility that lore-wise it's some kind of swapped Koalpuff. Neat imo. EDIT: Forgot about the 30% boost from Orichalcum Pulse. Orichalcum Drill Peck is 104 BP and Precipice Blades hits for the same damage, so it's sort of comparable to Rhyperior, but with Trick Room and MUCH better defensive presence.
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Polleoss: Absolutely bonkers TR abuser/bulky Grass-type. Sadly I do think this has major competition with Marshsaur, which is the other bulky slow Grass-type introduced into this mod. It even has Poison Heal and 178 SpA to potentially throw Marshsaur's role into the mud, so I don't really like it.

Blastoda: Honestly, I was going to say "eh, worth a shot" but this has many downfalls that don't make it as worthy to be in. A mixed attacker is nice but Flamester and Vibraash have better stats and coverage that really don't make Blastoda worthy to be on a team. An Ice-type Pokemon is nice but this isn't really a good one. This one is mediocre but I can't decide for the life of me wether I should vote it or not.

Shasect: I actually kinda like this mon. As a hazard setter, it's really good with amazing bulk and speed and can also be really threatening with its SpA stat. Its only downfall is its abilities but it's still pretty funny. Also run No Retreat + Stored Power for the lols. Might be pretty terrifying but it's a fun kind of terrifying. I originally liked this but you should read DuoM2's post on why this is not healthy.

I don't have time for thoughts on the other mons, but I'll probably be voting "no" on them both.
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tired as can be today so i'm expecting to double back on some of this lmao

Polleoss: Similar to Marshasaur, that much has been said already, but this thing's special bulk is quite good for something with Poison Heal and its physical bulk is acceptable for a lower defensive stat. I feel like you could argue that the different coverage types would be enough to justify having both but Polleoss is just going to put Marshasaur out of a job. Not voting for this.

Blastoda: Stats are way too low for something quad weak to Rocks with practically no defensive utility. This thing is sick but too underpowered. Its STAB combination is cool but not perfect and its coverage isn't amazing, although it's really fun that this gets Clangorous Soul and STAB Fire Blast on a higher attacking stat.

Shasect: I made a whole other post about this thing since I had a lot to say so go read that a few posts below this one, tl;dr please do not vote for this. It's a super cool Pokemon that has zero chance of being healthy.

Mudelf: Could be balanced in the future but I really don't want to bank on us getting good resists for this in the future given how strong its choiced sets look on their own. Pass.

Swapuff: Probably fine but I don't feel strongly one way or another about it if I'm feeling honest. Flying/Ground coverage is very strong, especially when backed by a free 1.3x boost, but it's really all this thing has and being locked into Boots limits its offensive presence. Something like this is going to be very prone to chip and it's not going to be strong enough on its own to break through fat teams. I could see people thinking this is a bit overtuned and not wanting to vote for it on that, though, so I'll probably abstain here.

So this is a second set in a row where nothing is especially eye-catching. It's kind of a shame really. There's some awesome Pokemon in here that just needed a few changes to feel like much better fits.
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Polleoss: PHeal with Heal Order makes this thing a lot fatter than it seems based on its stats alone. Its SpA is high enough to seriously punish anything that can't oneshot it, and its coverage is sufficient to scare lots of stuff. As has been stated, Marshsaur wouldn't stand up to this, so adding it would be making it retroactively worse. In other words, probably not.

Blastoda: Clangorous mixed sweeping is about the only thing this has going for it, but even then this guy's not stellar thanks to its average stats. If there was a Roulettemons 2 UU this would probably be pretty solid.

Shasect: This, on the other hand, has very good stats, but relatively balanced on the upper end, thanks to its minimized Attack stat. This thing would most likely run No Retreat HDB Natural Cure with three of Shadow Ball, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Stored Power, and Giga Drain. Alternatively, it can set up hazards. Here's a quick calc for the No Retreat set:
+1 252+ SpA Shasect Bug Buzz vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Koalpuff: 177-208 (33.6 - 39.5%) -- 21.6% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery

Koalpuff somewhat takes it on and chips it down with Night Shade and Knock Off, though Giga Drain can be used to help sustain Shasect and stall out Koalpuff's recovery PP. Additionally, Bug Buzz's chance to lower SpD can really hurt Koalpuff in this matchup. Bug Judgment, while stronger, immediately falls off due to Koalpuff having Knock. Stuff like an unchipped Hunttar can potentially live a Frost Breath (if it's just Bug Buzz or Shadow Ball it's more likely to live even after chip) and OHKO with V-Create in retaliation even with No Retreat up (which means Shasect usually can't come in to threaten an OHKO on Hunttar after a V-Create, either), but Shasect can always switch out. Shasect ultimately seems to teeter on the edge of viability to me, so I would move on the side of caution. If it didn't have the Ghost type with No Retreat and Natural Cure, I think it would be a really solid and safe addition, but as it stands it has a thoroughly dangerous edge to it.

Mudelf: Special offensive mon. Dual STABs, Seed Flare, and Light of Ruin. Maybe DTail for some slight utility, but not likely. This thing is ultimately just sort of here, but it's probably better than the other options.

Swapuff: This thing will kill stuff extremely dead. Orichalcum Pulse with Trick Room and PBlades as coverage. This might not even run an item to get the bonus damage on Acrobatics. And, being honest, I really don't think we need another Orichalcum Pulse mon this soon after Hunttar. In other words, I don't like it.

Cookie Butter

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Blastoda: Sadly too average. Clangorous Soul sets would be cool but it's not enough.
Shasect: Honestly not sure how balanced this is, but it seems cool. It's hard to imagine a Bug-type being overcentralizing, even in this meta.
Mudelf: Physically bulky Ground-type with Gooey would be nice for the meta, but Ground+Dark+Fairy coverage is insane, and it has Seed Flare for SpD drops too. Probably broke but would've been cool without one of those legendary sig moves.
Swapuff: Seconding Keegan + double Orichalcum Pulse doesn't just tread on Hunttar's toes, it greatly buffs Sun teams since they could run both mons. Banded Hunttar + Hazards Swapuff is a big yikes.


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I normally don't like making second posts for something like this but I feel like I need to rescind what I said before and make something I learned clear - Shasect is absolutely not balanced and we all should be voting no for it.

Something I didn't really realize in my original post because I was tired + brain defaults to balance matchup was how strong stat sticks tend to do against offense. Shasect's bulk would make it very easy to find boosts against those sorts of teams in spite of a bad typing, and its Speed tier at +1 is going to be extremely difficult to challenge, especially through its good bulk on top of +1 in both defensive stats. The kinds of Pokemon offense teams run will be far less equipped to check something like this defensively as well, and although it's definitely possible we get something like that in the future, it'd take a miracle from the generator to put out even one that's balanced and the fact that offense teams would be pushed so hard into running it would prove unhealthy.

Even if it weren't for all that, this thing still would have an extremely strong matchup against fatter teams, probably enough to be broken on its own. Believe it or not, even if Shasect chooses not to run Fighting Judgment, Koalpuff does not counter it properly. At +1, both Stored Power and Bug Buzz come dangerously close to 2HKOing sets that invest in physical bulk outright, and Koalpuff would end up easily getting overwhelmed as its healing PP gets outstalled. If Koalpuff runs full Sp. Def, then it's still at the mercy of a crit / Bug Buzz drop, and even still the absolute best it can do back is Night Shade, which is a 4HKO assuming Koalpuff doesn't Giga Drain at all (which heals like 15%). 404 HP substitutes are also possible which I haven't thought too hard about since I don't think it being a good option matters much to my point here and that set has other issues. Koalpuff is a Pokemon that looks almost built to deal with what Shasect has defensively and even that's not an answer. That should be a sign.

It could technically be fine in both of those matchups if we get the right Pokemon to handle it, but that's never a mindset we should have going into this mod and I still think it's going to be unhealthy and constraining even if we get those Pokemon. Its strengths are all just too prominent and it doesn't really feel like it has enough holding it back. All of the stuff I said here was assuming it was itemless and it could easily run Boots, a plate, or maybe even like a Life Orb to round out wherever it struggles most. It's really a shame, the thing could've been really sick if it was just a bit less extreme kinda like Gastrotail from last slate, but again, the extremeties ended up being the biggest reason to vote "no" for it.


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24 hour warning, probably gonna stop giving these for discussion phases bc it's always 3 days and you don't need to post in this part to vote later lmao
Polleoss: No
Blastoda: No
Shasect: No
Mudelf: No
Swapuff: No

To be honest if some of these mons had better/worse movepools/abilities I'd definitely vote yes for them, but alas :psysad:


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Alright, no Pokemon made it in. First slate where this has happened and it honestly kinda speaks to the fact that this mod chose a pretty good power level. Either that or people like having at least one thing from a slate in. I dunno.
Suction Cups / --- | Justified
Drill Peck, Air Slash, Play Rough, Moonblast, Liquidation, Drain Punch, Gunk Shot, Flip Turn, Superpower, Wicked Blow, Teleport, Apple Acid, Salt Cure, Ice Hammer, Iron Tail, Triple Arrows, Trick Room, Iron Head, Outrage, Torch Song | Reversal, Pay Day, Rock Throw, Shell Trap, Hypnosis, Magnetic Flux, Acid, Bite, Confide, Force Palm, Brine, Nightmare, Mist, Covet, Throat Chop, Magic Powder, Cross Poison, Lovely Kiss, Horn Attack, Self-Destruct
Rivalry / --- | Illusion
Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Light of Ruin, Mystical Fire, Mind Blown, Sludge Wave, Ice Punch, Volt Switch, Gunk Shot, Outrage, Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Hidden Power, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Defend Order, Heal Bell, Pursuit, Freeze-Dry, Power Whip | Lock-On, Sparkling Aria, Bite, Mat Block, Phantom Force, Feint, Branch Poke, Trick-or-Treat, Leer, Metal Burst, Luster Purge, Venom Drench, Confide, Breaking Swipe, Flower Shield, Power Shift, Wonder Room, Fairy Lock, Snore, Mirror Shot
Screen Cleaner / --- | Harvest
Waterfall, Surf, Healing Wish, Darkest Lariat, Focus Punch, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Gear Grind, Rock Polish, Triple Axel, Mystical Fire, Sucker Punch, Sticky Web, Nasty Plot, Thunder Cage, Salt Cure, Fishious Rend, Bolt Beak, Drain Punch, Foul Play | Guard Swap, Pluck, Electroweb, Sand Attack, Fell Stinger, Karate Chop, Ice Burn, Jump Kick, Cut, Branch Poke, Self-Destruct, Rock Throw, Bone Rush, Double Slap, Spite, Swagger, Slash, Double Hit, Trop Kick, Misty Terrain
Lingering Aroma / Good as Gold | Hustle
Earthquake, Earth Power, Shadow Bone, Drill Run, Scorching Sands, Trick, Lunar Dance, Rock Polish, Fire Fang, Diamond Storm, Sticky Web, Dragon Dance, Fire Lash, Weather Ball, Steam Eruption, Shadow Sneak, Judgment, Shadow Punch, Air Slash, Rapid Spin | Mimic, Magical Leaf, Tar Shot, Twineedle, Submission, Fly, Wide Guard, Spider Web, Arm Thrust, Venom Drench, Gear Up, Breaking Swipe, Spicy Extract, Trop Kick, Egg Bomb, Cosmic Power, Dragon Rush, Ruination, Toxic Thread, Powder
Dark Aura / --- | Water Bubble
Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Vacuum Wave, Techno Blast, Crabhammer, Sludge Wave, Rock Slide, Will-o-Wisp, Baneful Bunker, Shadow Sneak, Population Bomb, Spikes, Trailblaze, Psychic Fangs, Focus Punch, Last Resort, Zing Zap, Ice Hammer | Metal Claw, Scratch, Smack Down, Poison Gas, Powder Snow, Chip Away, Solar Blade, Fairy Wind, Take Down, Phantom Force, Gust, Hyper Fang, Guard Swap, Revenge, Eerie Impulse, Wing Attack, Stomp, Chilling Water, Barrage, Giga Impact
3 days as usual!


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Spritpit - I want to like this guy but the stats are very poor. It certainly has a great mixed attacking movepool, but otherwise the movepool is thin. Trick Room / Teleport / Lovely Kiss is something to work with, but not much.

Bigong - Defensive Ice type with Illusion is not something I ever would have thought of. As much fun as getting off a surprise Metal Burst sounds, this is a pretty dumb mon. I'd probably max HP / SpA to take advantage of its surprisingly good Special movepool alongside Metal Burst - in the hypothetical situation where I would vote for it.

Vaporwave - Yeah this is the good mon this slate what can I say. It has an amazing attacking movepool but it's middling in terms of speed and power for the tier. Physical and Special attacking sets are both possible, one side having setup and the other side having more powerful AoA sets. Overall seems like a good fit, interesting mon, and also it's called Vaporwave with the ability Screen Cleaner. Yes from me.

Landnub - Very fat, good defensive type, and Good as Gold is spooky, but it lacks recovery. This can be a very good Sticky Web setter that blocks Defog, a very bulky sweeper with Dragon Dance / Diamond Storm, or an elaborate way of making you hate yourself with Hustle. Overall probably too much, but I'm open to discussion.

Radimite - Pretty neat physical wall with a single (4x) weakness to Ground, thanks to Water Bubble. As for Water attacks, it gets Crabhammer, Chilling Water, and Techno Blast, all of which come with certain downsides. Support movepool is pretty much Spikes, Will-o-Wisp, and Baneful Bunker. Sludge Bomb / Chilling Water / Will-o-Wisp / Spikes is probably what I'd run, or Crabhammer / Baneful Bunker / Spikes / Will-o-Wisp. Cool imo.
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Spritpit: So this thing's low defenses round out its HP to be above average, but nothing amazing. I wouldn't go so far as to call this a "slow frail mixed attacker" but it's not as strong or bulky as it wants to be, and the lack of recovery surely doesn't help that. Torch Song is really sick on this thing and almost makes me wonder if it'll be enough to save it, but it's pretty unremarkable overall. Pretty inoffensive though, probably just abstaining here.

Bigong: I don't think anyone asked for a slow fat Pokemon with an offensive movepool but now an Ice-type, but here we are.

Vaporwave: What a name. I could see physical sets with Choice Band being feasible thanks to Fishious Rend + Bolt Beak (how did it get both right next to each other???) + Triple Axel, and Harvest seems like it could be fun with Substitute and like a Salac or Petaya Berry even if those sets won't be the most consistent thing on the planet. Maybe you could put it with a Starf Berry if you're real. Hunttar checks this thing super hard, Choice Band sets are very prediction-reliant and not especialy strong for that and special sets will lack initial power. In favor of adding this, pretty unique and cool.

Landnub: I'd be fine with this thing if it weren't so fat. Its defensive stats are incredible for something with such a strong STAB Earthquake, Hustle does a number for that. You also have Diamond Storm because that's "fun," and Rapid Spin because lmao @ 80% accurate hazard removal. Not voting for this.

Radimite: Voltecta is back and okay I really love this thing. Water Bubble is so sick on this Pokemon, it doesn't enable anything broken but you get to use basically every single aspect of it to your advantage - burns would cancel out your Leftovers, Chilling Water is a real move now and you're not weak to Fire anymore, just Ground. Voltecta's biggest issue was its stupid bulk and great coverage in few slots, and this thing is significantly worse in all of those aspects with the tradeoff of a way better defensive typing. This might be my favorite Pokemon that the generator's given for Gen 9 and I'm so glad it seems balanced.


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Spritpit: Decent bulk with decent offense, Teleport + Trick Room could be a cool way to get in attackers safely, but you'll only have 3 turns left to abuse TR. Fairy/Flying/Water is decent coverage for the available mons. Could be a cool anti offense TR option, but I don't think it's anything too amazing.

Bigong: Defensive Ice-type without recovery (outside of Giga Drain) is kind of sad. It does have some nice tools like Heal Bell, Freeze Dry for Waters, Mystical Fire, Sparkling Aria for Fires, but it's kind of let down by 84 SpAtk and the fact that it's a slow defensive Ice-type without recovery.

Vaporwave: This thing looks fun to mess with. Its speed tier is kind of okay and it has Sticky Web too to slow down the faster mons, or Rock Polish to speed up. Offensive stats are alright, probably something like Fishious Rend/Bolt Beak/Sticky Web/Sacred Fire or Mystical Fire for Cateloon could work.

Landnub: Bulky DD with EdgeQuake + Ghost coverage. Pretty bulky but still kind of slow at +1. Good as Gold is nice too since you can't be Toxic'd or Wisp'd or Taunted and can keep on setting up while eating hits. I don't think it's too unbalanced as it can be worn down and outsped, but it also might be too good. Kind of on the fence.

Radinite: Another Poison/Steel, but this one is more defensive. Water Bubble makes Chilling Water usable. Nothing much else to add, looks like a decent addition.


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You may now vote!

Spritpit: Abstain
Bigong: No
Vaporwave: Yes
Landnub: No
Radimite: Yes

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