Pet Mod Roulettemons 2 (Now Playable!)


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Alright, Koalpuff, Eleitan, and Spidmaton are all in! Next slate...
Prankster / Justified | Sand Force
Crunch, Dark Pulse, Nature's Madness, Milk Drink, Wicked Torque, Clear Smog, Shell Side Arm, Dire Claw, Taunt, Triple Arrows, Sunsteel Strike, Hone Claws, Apple Acid, Torch Song, Springtide Storm, Infernal Parade, Dragon Darts, Dual Wingbeat, Tailwind, Thunder Punch | Fairy Wind, Heavy Slam, Fire Pledge, Ice Burn, Peck, Burn Up, Absorb, Flying Press, Acupressure, Bone Rush, Smog, Celebrate, Chip Away, Burning Jealousy, Sparkling Aria, Bestow, Confide, Gyro Ball, Hypnosis, Electric Terrain
Wizpole (i already made a horrible ten minute sprite for this one but i doubt anyone's gonna care after seeing what kinda mon it is)
Guts / --- | Illusion
Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Earthquake, Earth Power, Last Resort, Esper Wing, Spacial Rend, Fire Blast, Surf, Sludge Bomb, Thunder Punch, Fusion Bolt, Stone Edge, Healing Wish, Seed Bomb, Electro Drift, Stun Spore, Teleport, Stone Axe, Hyper Voice | Tar Shot, Guard Swap, Magnitude, Electrify, Crush Grip, Brutal Swing, Sky Attack, Attract, Jaw Lock, Psybeam, Fake Tears, Twineedle, Whirlpool, Disable, Gust, Leaf Tornado, Giga Impact, Lovely Kiss, Mud Bomb, Steamroller
Anticipation / --- | Beads of Ruin
Earthquake, Earth Power, Close Combat, Giga Drain, Judgment, Bulk Up, Psycho Cut, Axe Kick, Overdrive, Toxic, Psyshock, Hidden Power, Psyshield Bash, Snipe Shot, Head Charge, Drill Peck, Aromatherapy, No Retreat, Gunk Shot, Stomping Tantrum | Force Palm, Inferno, Flame Wheel, Mega Kick, Ally Switch, Poison Sting, Electroweb, Metronome, Celebrate, Bug Bite, Infestation, Double Kick, Heart Stamp, Double Slap, Bone Rush, Scary Face, Powder, Magical Leaf, Work Up, Dream Eater
Flash Fire / --- | Turboblaze
Zing Zap, Thunderbolt, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Mystical Power, Bitter Blade, Stored Power, Horn Leech, Dragon Darts, Shell Side Arm, Lumina Crash, Head Charge, First Impression, Fake Out, Aurora Veil, Shadow Punch, Snipe Shot, Leech Seed, Attack Order, Waterfall | Grass Whistle, Conversion 2, Happy Hour, Smart Strike, Safeguard, Instruct, Zap Cannon, Ice Burn, Venoshock, Leafage, Defense Curl, Quash, Electroweb, Bone Rush, Hail, Lock-On, Mega Punch, Covet, Entrainment, Frost Breath
Orichalcum Pulse / Liquid Ooze | Flower Veil
Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dual Wingbeat, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Punch, Autotomize, Surging Strikes, Flip Turn, Teleport, Head Charge, Spin Out, Heal Bell, Fake Out, Super Fang, Brave Bird, Ice Fang, Heat Wave, V-Create, Dragon Darts, Revelation Dance | Hyper Beam, Howl, Magic Room, Aura Wheel, Strength, Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Pluck, Wing Attack, Double Slap, Skull Bash, Magnet Bomb, Pound, Forest's Curse, Sandstorm, False Swipe, Incinerate, Growl, Struggle Bug, Constrict
3 days as usual.
Crolegion: Prank Taunt and Milk Drink on a decently strong Dark mon. The main theme this mon has is moves with powerful secondary effects. STAB Wicked Torque, Dire Claw, and Triple Arrows make for a strong set of moves with some nasty secondary effects tacked on. You can run either of the aforementioned moves or Tailwind as your fourth slot. I certainly don't hate it.

Wizpole: No. Illusion is already a red flag, but it's absolutely unacceptable on a mon that has such high offensive stats. This even gets EdgeQuake and Fusion Bolt. And Guts, in case you really need the extra power, but Illusion is probably better because you never know if the mon you're facing can pull out a disgusting physical move instead of what you thought it would do.

Termtera: This thing would be solid as a specially leaning mixed attacker in Trick Room but really needs it to not get overwhelmed damagewise. It can throw out some significant damage thanks to Beads of Ruin, Giga Drain might help with sustainability somewhat, and it gets very solid coverage even without factoring in Judgment (Earth Power, Giga Drain, Overdrive, CC or Fighting Judgment), but most physical mons can easily overwhelm it.

Stunecko: This would be a Pokemon with not much going for it if it weren't for Leech Seed and Lumina Crash. Its coverage isn't particularly good, but it can at least break some stuff with Lumina Crash while sustaining itself. It gets Snipe Shot for Grounds. It doesn't have much for Steels, though. Overall a thoroughly average mon. Is it better than nothing, that's to be seen.

Hunttar: Orichalcum Pulse V-Create hits like a truck, even with that bad Attack stat by Roulettemons standards. This will probably run Band Dragon Darts V-Create Flip Turn, and maybe Wisp or Brave Bird. This is just a V-Create machine, and I respect it.
252+ Atk Choice Band Orichalcum Pulse Hunttar V-create vs. 252 HP / 192+ Def Toxapex in Sun: 132-156 (43.4 - 51.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery
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Crolegion: Basically a Prankster stall breaker, using a set like Taunt / Recover / Natures Madness / Crunch. I think Dark lends itself much better to SpD mons and in this tier I don't think 103 / 103 / 71 is gonna cut it. Maybe I'm underestimating Prankster Recovery though. Otherwise, give up Madness and just hope for the best with priority Accupressure.

Wizpole: Haha no.

Termtera: Now this certainly is a pokemon. Like some other mons we've seen, it has to basically bank on taking on Special attackers (or Trick Room) in order to dish out massive hits. Nuclear Earth Powers actually seem useful, and it has good coverage otherwise (Judgement + Hidden Power lol), so I find the mon interesting. It has an extreme case of lopsided matchup though, where it will be a nightmare to fat teams and fold quickly to offensive pressure. Mixed feelings about it overall.

Stunecko: I really wish it got some support moves, or recovery, but it might make an okay tank. It has solid 3 move coverage and could choose between Mystical Power for SpA boosts or Leech Seed for longevity in the last slot. Seems like it's not too hard to wear down or wall, though.

Hunttar: Just the Orichalcum Pulse boost pushes this thing's Attack to around 123 base equivalent, and then the Sun gives Pseudo STAB to V-Create. All told, it has very powerful combo in V-Create and Dragon Darts despite the low Atk. It's bulk spread is also really cool, giving it one side of the spectrum it can take hits really well on and also making the difference between 0 HP and 252 HP a lot bigger. Speed EVs may still be more useful than HP but it makes the mon more interesting overall. Very cool imo.
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Short thoughts this time:
Crolegion: Unsure how to feel about this. Prankster recovery and Taunt is neat though.
Wizpole: No, this one's pretty obvious.
Termtera: It's kinda neat as a TR mon, I do think this might have some more longevity as a physical attacker, but I'm unsure about that. Decent ig. lol forgot about how powerful it is with beads of ruin. unsure about it now
Stunecko: Tbh I'd honestly be cool if this was voted in. It's a pretty cool tank mon w/ Lumina Crash, nothing else to say.
Hunttar: Sign me up. Orichalcum Pulse V-Create hits like a damn truck and I'm not willing to be proved wrong. It has other cool moves too so I like it.

Pretty cool slate, only mon I hate here is Wizpole and I might be voting yes on all the others. We'll just have to see.
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Crolegion: For how simple it is, what a strange Pokemon. For what it's worth the coverage is pretty nice, Triple Arrows compliments STAB Crunch/Wicked Torque nicely and Dire Claw covers Fairies while still being a really difficult move to switch into in its own right. Then we get to Prankster. This thing only really has Taunt, Milk Drink, and maaaaybe Hypnosis to use this with, which is fine enough honestly. Bulk should be fine enough for fat stuff but I struggle to see what specific set this would run, it's almost enough to interest me on its own. Probably voting yes but not sold, I don't see this being worthless in the final meta but I have no clue what set it could run.

Wizpole: Welcome back, Roulettemons.

Termtera: So this thing's Sp. Atk hits effective base 203 with Beads of Ruin, it has really good special bulk and coverage only notably fat Grasses will enjoy taking. That's also assuming it runs neither Judgment nor Hidden Power, which it definitely would at least occasionally do if some teams need to lure the stuff that normally answer this thing. I'll probably pass here. The special bulk could lead to it getting some easy switchin opportunities and it just looks pretty strong for that.

Stunecko: Mystical Power singlehandedly saves this thing for me, but I'm still not even sure if I'm a huge fan. This thing also does get Frost Breath and I don't think I need to explain why Electric STAB / Ice coverage is nice. Probably just going to let others decide for this one though, it's like very serviceable and could have a cool playstyle but doesn't particularly jump out at me like any of the other Pokemon I've voted for.

Hunttar: One thing I don't think others have touched on at all is that this thing is completely reliant on its weather for what it does, and Sun getting altered will absolutely screw up this Pokemon. Yes, Orichalcum Pulse is very strong, especially when it's backing V-Create, but Lumimorph Drizzle and Allinyte Air Lock stuff that out completely and leave it to rely on its poor Attack stat. It's not a completely worthless matchup against the two since you can still chip down Lumimorph over time and Allinyte probably will have to eat a Flip Turn. These kinds of dynamics are sick for a breaker, fully support this thing being added.

Cookie Butter

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Crolegion: Seemed straight up bad at first, but other people's thoughts on it made me start to think it's ok. Still not sure if it's worth adding, especially since it's so RNG reliant with Dire Claw, Triple Arrows and Hypnosis.
Wizpole: Long awaited Elemadillo counter?? Let's go??
Termtera: No. Judgement sets + that gargantuan SpA + mixed sets means it can catch basically any checks/counters off-guard, unless they can OHKO it first.
Stunecko: Everything is just too average. This mon's gonna end up with 0 niches in the final meta.
Hunttar: This one is unironically very cool.


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Crolegion: Looks really good. Good physical attack with usable options, good special attack with boosting from Torch Song, or the GOATed Prankster Accupressure.
Wizpole: Roulettemon moment.
Termtera: Looks like it hits like an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and isekais your entire team to the next generation. Neutralising Gas Koalpuff might help against it, maybe Marshsaur or Air Balloon Allinyte, but nothing appreciates switching in.
Stunecko: Looks okay.
Hunttar: Another weather setter is nice. Could work as a bulky pivot outside of Orichalcum Pulse with Teleport.

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