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Cookie Butter

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Komodung: no
Irotile: abstain
Drageon: yes
Earthibou: no
Elemadillo: no
Goldoth: yes
Flamester: abstain
Allinyte: yes
Charrilla: no
Cateloon: yes


leonard (from big bang theory)
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Komodung: yes
Irotile: abstain
Drageon: no
Earthibou: no
Elemadillo: yes
Goldoth: no
Flamester: yes
Allinyte: yes
Charrilla: no
Cateloon: no

Ema Skye

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Komodung: yes
Irotile: yes
Drageon: no
Earthibou: no
Elemadillo: yes
Goldoth: no
Flamester: yes
Allinyte: yes
Charrilla: no
Cateloon: yes
Komadung: No
Irotile: Yes
Drageon: No
Earthibou: Yes
Elemadillo: No
Goldoth: No
Flamester: Yes
Allinyte: Yes
Charrilla: No
Cateloon: Yes


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Alright, so here's how voting panned out...

Flamester | 13 | 0 | Added
Allinyte | 12 | 0 | Added
Komodung | 11 | 3 | Added
Elemadillo | 10 | 5 | Added
Cateloon | 9 | 5 | Added

Irotile | 5 | 7 | Rejected
Earthibou | 4 | 10 | Rejected
Goldoth | 3 | 10 | Rejected
Drageon | 1 | 14 | Rejected
Charrilla | 0 | 15 | Rejected

Flamester, Allinyte, and Elemadillo also have sprites now thanks to zxgzxg, KeeganSkymin4444, and Scoopapa respectively. If you'd like to sprite one of the other two or something from the next slate, please let me know in advance so nobody starts spriting something that someone else is working on. Thanks guys!

As for the poll, it was 12-5 in favor of having slates of 10, buuut for now I'm just gonna keep it to a slate of 5, at least for this one other slate. There was some talk over some middle ground on Discord and I do want to think about other options. Until there's a consensus, I think it'd be best to just go with the original plan. I did end up having a slate of 10 ready so I'm just going to use mons 6-10 from that since that half is more interesting than if I were to go 1-5. Still will be putting those mons in a future slate though.

Anyways, here's the next slate! Names have been created with a new generator made by Cookie Butter and expanded on by readytolose, thanks both!
Drizzle / Motor Drive | Liquid Voice
Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Aurora Veil, Facade, Calm Mind, Bullet Punch, Fishious Rend, Acrobatics, Surging Strikes, Magical Torque, Discharge, Glare, Nature's Madness, Eerie Spell, Zing Zap, Wicked Blow, Baneful Bunker, Drill Peck, Poison Jab, Pursuit | Fairy Wind, Bone Club, Poison Powder, Mud-Slap, Slash, Tearful Look, Storm Throw, Spike Cannon, Razor Wind, Thunder Fang, Solar Blade, Metal Claw, Clamp, Strength, Weather Ball, Amnesia, Infestation, Iron Defense, Helping Hand, Quash | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Regenerator / Triage | Keen Eye
X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, Earth Power, Earthquake, Facade, Surf, Meteor Mash, Drill Peck, Astral Barrage, Play Rough, Kowtow Cleave, Double-Edge, Revelation Dance, Coil, Ceaseless Edge, Seed Bomb, Behemoth Blade, Toxic, Rock Blast, Clear Smog | Tail Whip, Fire Spin, Noble Roar, Ice Ball, Jaw Lock, Razor Wind, Sky Drop, Floral Healing, Bone Club, Rain Dance, Meditate, Acupressure, Mimic, Branch Poke, Fury Cutter, Magic Powder, Psybeam, Low Sweep, Mud-Slap, Lock-On | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Gorilla Tactics / Guts | Comatose
Crunch, Dark Pulse, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Icicle Crash, Order Up, Ice Fang, Dragon Hammer, Spirit Break, Coil, Leech Seed, Overheat, Soft-Boiled, Triple Axel, Steam Eruption, Tailwind, Accelerock, Trick, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump | Reversal, Sweet Scent, High Horsepower, Struggle Bug, Uproar, Conversion 2, Branch Poke, Bullet Seed, Rolling Kick, Comeuppance, Soak, Aura Wheel, Misty Explosion, Revenge, Shock Wave, Dizzy Punch, Smokescreen, Metronome, Snarl, Luster Purge | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Psychic Surge / Electromorphosis | Sheer Force
Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Petal Blizzard, Scald, Lash Out, Hex, Volt Switch, Memento, Trick, Diamond Storm, Flash Cannon, Stone Axe, Dazzling Gleam, Clangorous Soul, Light Screen, Night Slash, Judgment, Clear Smog, Tidy Up, Rage Fist | Meteor Assault, Crush Claw, Role Play, Spider Web, Weather Ball, Razor Shell, Confide, Coaching, Mud Shot, Struggle Bug, Poison Tail, Stuff Cheeks, Powder Snow, Heal Pulse, Bounce, Hold Back, Echoed Voice, Power Swap, Flatter, Zap Cannon | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Sand Spit / Cute Charm | Tough Claws
Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Drill Peck, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Whirlwind, Flip Turn, Volt Tackle, Perish Song, Mach Punch, Wish, Trailblaze, Tidy Up, Outrage, Nature's Madness, Rapid Spin, Iron Head, Hyper Voice, Bullet Punch, Quick Attack | Comet Punch, Defense Curl, Entrainment, Psych Up, Feint, Giga Impact, Air Cutter, Beat Up, Pounce, Triple Kick, Misty Explosion, Bite, Ingrain, Ruination, Confuse Ray, Mega Punch, Acupressure, Weather Ball, Screech, Bide | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Spreadsheet will be updated shortly. I'll be posting 5 of the mons that will be included in the next slate on Discord, and you're free to discuss those or any ideas you may have on how to change future slates. Otherwise, you have 72 hours for this discussion phase!
Lumimorph: I think this is supposed to be a Special Mon with CM but it doesn't have much going for it in its Special attacks, but I can see that it does get Drizzle and Surging Strikes, which is a pretty funny combination to have even though it's not STAB. Its other abilities don't really have any usage though, Motor Drive could be useful for Elemadillo to become immune to its Electric-type moves but we'll have to wait and see. I have mixed opinions about this mon, but I'm leaning towards not a fan since it's slow and has REALLY low HP.

Bonedos: OFFENSIVE REGEN LET'S FUCKING GO. Seriously though I really do love this mon. Offensive regen has been tried and true before as a really good combination and it has some nice matchups against our current roster of mons so far, it even has some great coverage moves too AND can set hazards with Ceaseless Edge. I do worry about it a little thanks to that but it might have 4MSS depending on what it wants to hit or do (and STABs are basically mandatory.) Big fan of this, will definitely vote for it.

Volcaninja: Another mon I'm mixed about. For one hand, you have a strong ability in Comatose, some great special coverage and recovery, but on the other there's that dastardly low HP stat again, and its speed might be considered middling down the line. Honestly it's fine but I am willing to see how it does when it gets in, could even be proved wrong.

Marshsaur: To be honest I can't decide wether I like this or not, but I'm sticking with liking this. Electromorphosis-boosted Volt Switch can be funny under the right circumstances and it does have some pretty powerful moves, including Scald+Hex and Rage Fist too. I'm a little worried about Rage Fist but it's pretty slow so it might end up sticking with utility based sets similar to something like the Rotom forms (notably Rotom-Wash) with Trick and smth like Volt Switch/Scald/Hex or you can try to fit in a Grass move somewhere. It's pretty good and I'm probably gonna vote for it.

Flamiswift: Tbh this ain't it fam. It's a special attacker, of course, but it has like no special moves at all. It could try going for a utility set with Wish and Rapid Spin to support teams thanks to its bulk but it has a really poor typing in general. That's basically everything I could say about this, not really a fan at all.

Voting Bonedos > Marshsaur > Volcaninja > Everything else (Lumimorph > Flamiswift)
Decided to actually eleborate

Lumimorph: Sure? It’s super fine, but it just feels all over the place. 38 speed and 34 HP feel only a little off.

Bonedos: Yes yes yes. And amazing pivot typing, Regenerator, and some great utility moves like Ceasless Edge and Regen synergy move in Double Edge

Volcaninja: I kinda like this! It reminds me of Earthibou last slate, so it’s obviously good:pip: Anyways, Volcaninja, feels like a perfect Gorilla Tactics + Band user, well balanced with only 83 attack but okay bulk and speed, and has a lot of great moves.

Marshaur: Sure? Psychic Surge slow Volt Switch is neat, or go Energy Ball spam. I’m not as big of a fan as others tho.

Flamiswift: I wanna like this, but I can’t. Unlike Volcaninja, Tough Claws doesn’t work as well here, sorry

Bonedos and Volcaninja is who I’ll be voting for
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leonard (from big bang theory)
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Lumimorph - Does one thing, and that's glare+fishious. Mildly humorous
Bonedos - Crucial offensive electric-immune mon. I'm sure others will say a lot more but regen+good stat spread+hazards will go places. No U-Turn tho lol
Volcaninja - Just a terrible stat spread for what its trying to do
Marshuar - Cool Sheer Force special attacker. Rage Fist is a nonfactor here
Flamiswift - Could be an interesting physical wall in the right meta. Wish the abilities did something. Hilarious way to achieve Ice/Ground coverage tho
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Lumimorph: Sure?

Bonedos: Yes yes yes

Volcaninja: I kinda like this! It reminds me of Earthibou last slate, so it’s obviously good:pip:

Marshaur: Sure?

Flamiswift: I wanna like this, but I can’t

Bonedos and Volcaninja is who I’ll be voting for
Might wanna elaborate a bit more here. What makes you like or dislike each of these Pokemon? Do you think they'll be balanced or no? This doesn't really tell me much about what you're thinking and doesn't do much arguing in their favor.

Lumimorph: Drizzle Fishious Rend... And you have Liquid Voice to remove your own STAB from Eerie Spell and make it weaker than if you had just ran Drizzle. I calced the bulk, the HP rounds out the high defensive stats to make it workable but unspectacular. Ultimately this thing will probably boil down to just a Fishious Rend button, it hits even harder under Rain than a super effective Zen Headbutt. Slow and not especially fat but it claps everything that doesn't resist it. Don't know if I like this Pokemon even if I'm sure someone could argue in favor of it.

Bonedos: Pretty cool mon. Earthquake is obviously your primary attacking move, X-Scissor and maybe Rock Blast should do nicely supporting that. Regen and Ceaseless Edge together should be fun on something like this and you have the option to run Coil if you really feel like. Not much to say, it's pretty simple but pretty cool and I expect this to be a favorite.

Volcaninja: First off the bulk ends up being below average, like Lumimorph but the lower Defense and Sp. Def are a big hit. Gorilla Tactics ends up making the attacking stats very similar so it'll depend on if you want Electric+Water coverage and Comatose from special sets or Ground+Ice coverage and Accelerock from physical sets. Status immunity is far less useful than it would've been last gen when Toxic was universal, here you're only going to see it sporadically. Probably a bit below average but workable in practice, I wouldn't be unhappy if anyone voted for this.

Marshsaur: I feel like the hate for Rage Fist is going to end up a bit overstated, Annihilape seriously was the perfect abuser for that. This thing's attack stat is a fair amount lower, the meta's bulkier, no STAB, Taunt, or Tera and its weaknesses are far more common. It's really strong for something with Sheer Force but this is balanced out by having really weird coverage and a pretty mediocre STAB typing. Could see this using any of Energy Ball, Scald, Flash Cannon, Diamond Storm, Volt Switch, or maybe Mud Shot if it's really desperate. Stone Axe and Tidy Up are there I guess, or Zap Cannon if you're real. Should be fine.

Flamiswift: I don't see this getting too much use as a special attacker, Air Slash is pretty weak when you're likely forced into Boots and you basically only have Sand Spit Weather Ball (lmao) as coverage. Don't know how both of our weather setters got Weather Ball. Defensively its typing is horrible and I don't think I need to elaborate. Would have Articuno syndrome where it's always fringe viable at best, passable on some overly fat teams but not even a staple of those and would struggle to fit into anything else. Really not a fan.

Ultimately will probably just end up voting Bonedos and Marshsaur.

Cookie Butter

formerly the someone
Lumimorph: Great rain core utility mon. Yes, Fishious will always be one of the moves it's packing, but it's also pretty fat. Its stat spread allow it to also use Glare for utility, Nature's Madness for flat damage (vs Water-immune mons), Eerie Spell+Baneful Bunker for PP stalling and Clamp/Infestation for trapping.
Bonedos: I think Regenerator is really cringe, but Coil and Ceaseless Edge are pretty cool options for that stat spread + type. As of now, its most viable set is definitely Scarf though...
252+ Atk Parental Bond Elemadillo Glacial Lance vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Bonedos: 346-410 (88.7 - 105.1%) -- 27.7% chance to OHKO / guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock
Doesn't matter if you correctly switch into Zing Zap if you get outsped and the calc above comes next. (and this mon probably wouldn't even run max HP anyway)
Volcaninja: Sad stat spread, but maybe it can work. Low HP for Leech Seed abuse, Coil for bulky set-up, Spirit Break as coverage with SpA drops (since Coil already raises Def), Comatose (blocking Toxic, Spore, Glare, etc).
Marshsaur: This I really like. Psychic Surge and Sheer Force are both viable. Clangorous Soul + Diamond Storm is funny.
Flamiswift: The movepool, stats, typing and abilities don't work together one bit.
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Lumimorph: Your physical bulk is similar to 90/99, which is probably too low to pull off any kind of bulky Specs or Calm Mind set. There's always Glare + Fishious Rend + Drizzle, but I feel like that set would need max HP + max Atk + max Spe just to get off the ground. That said it has Drizzle, which can justify a pokemon's existence all by itself. Can't say I'm a big fan of this one though.

Bonedos: Instant scary offense mon, although it doesn't seem like pulling counters to this would be too hard. Regenerator + Choice Band sounds very good especially with Ceaseless Edge as an option. Not much else to say, looks very strong but probably balanced.

Volcaninja: This mon has great offensive typing and coverage - Overheat, Dark Pulse, Steam Eruption, and Thunderbolt is a powerful set of attacks for it. Leech Seed with its typing and stat spread sounds very fun as well. The problem is, I think its bulk and speed combination is just too low to make any of this work like it wants. Scarf is probably the most consistent set it could run, as anything else is going to work vs. fat only. And I'm sure we'll get something that does a similar job without being weak to Rocks.

Marshasaur: Looks like a pretty cool defensive pivot or bulky wall breaker. It has crazy SpA and Sheer Force, although Grass is its only STAB and coverage is very limited. Scald, Diamond Storm, and Stone Axe (unsure of how this interacts with Sheer Force) arguably might rather have their secondary effects. Stone Axe + Volt Switch is nice enough. Kinda wish it got recovery.

Flamiswift: I don't understand all the hate for this thing, it has amazing synergies in its kit such as Nature's Madness + Ruination, Ingrain + Perish Song and Ice/Flying + 150 base HP.


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Lumimorph: Bulk is decent, gets Rain-boosted Fishious Rend + Glare along with Wicked Blow, Zing Zap, Surging Strikes, and Bullet Punch as other notable coverage options. Special CM set wise, Magical Torque is going to be annoying to deal with, but it doesn't have much coverage otherwise. Baneful Bunker, Eerie Spell and Infestation make for an annoying stalling combination, but thankfully it doesn't have reliable recovery.

Bonedos: Regen, good Attack and Speed, decent coverage, Ceaseless Edge. Pretty good mon all round.

Volcaninja: I saw Gorilla Tactics and got scared, then I saw its Attack. Does have decent bulk and can boost with Coil to be threatening. Does have recovery in Soft-Boiled for longer staying power. Gets Steam Eruption for the burns. Typing isn't great defensively, but can check Cateloon I guess.

Marshsaur: 136 SpAtk + Clangorous Soul + Sheer Force makes this thing hit silly, but then again it is Grass-type with 45 Speed. Decent bulk allows you to set up at least once, with Energy Ball, Scald, Flash Cannon as options that get boosted by Sheer Force, or Judgement for coverage. Can work as a slow pivot too.

Not great coverage, but what is there that can take 148 Spa Ice Beam? Just Flamester for now. 151 HP Wishes are decent I guess, but the main things for me that make it seem usable are Rapid Spin and Nature's Madness/Ruination as utility options.

Kind of on the fence for all of them besides Bonedos, that ones almost a guarantee. Might go silly and vote for all.
Lumimorph: I am not impressed with this mon honestly, it’s slow with an awkward typing and not as much bulk as it would like. Drizzle + Fishious is strong, but not so much that it would be a really good breaker, and it’s so slow too, even if it can get a Glare off. CM is also a letdown as your only real form of coverage is Drizzle + Weather Ball, and that forces you to give up Motor Drive (you are not an Elemadillo check either way). The most interesting way to play it is probably by stalling with Eerie Spell and Baneful Bunker, which is at least unique, but again, you are a passive and predictable mono-Psychic with no speed and not enough bulk to make up for it.
Magical Torque is going to be annoying to deal with, but it doesn't have much coverage otherwise.
Magical Torque is a physical move. It genuinely has no good special coverage at all besides Weather Ball.

Bonedos: A lot of people seem to like this one and I can see why, it has a nice kit. Offensively it is passable, although it is reliant on the inconsistent Rock Blast for coverage, and in terms of utility it has Ceaseless Edge and Toxic which are both great. Coil is of course very nice as well and remedies the accuracy of Rock Blast at least. The main concerns about this mon are its relatively flat statline. 110 Speed is solid but likely won't cut it as a great offensive threat in the long run, and it has very average bulk that limits its ability to be a bulky pivot or check to mons like Elemadillo. Overall this one is a good pick, and very fair in my eyes. It has enough tools to find its place even if it gets outpaced or a bulkier Ground gets added.

Volcaninja: This thing has a good variety of possible sets between physical choiced (Gorilla Tactics), special choiced, SubSeed, and some sort of bulky Coil mon. However, I think Gorilla Tactics sets are a trap due to relatively weak STAB moves and giving up on a more potentially useful ability, as well as competing with Flamester which just has much better offenses, and it even has Wicked Blow which is the same effective power as a STAB Crunch, as well as Trick. Besides surprise factor, there is basically no reason to run Gorilla Tactics Volcaninja over CB Flamester. The special set has more powerful STABs as well as Overheat and is a lot more consistently powerful. Of course, both choiced sets have usable coverage and Trick which is always helpful. This thing seems like a great SubSeeder as well with its ability to ignore Toxic Spikes and destroy Grass types with Fire moves, but it is quite slow. Coil is a bit of a trap too, I think. While it can set up freely to +6 on bulky mons that use status to dissuade setup, it is incredibly weak before boosting and easily gets phazed out. This mon does some things better than others, but even its most promising sets have some issues, mainly unimpressive speed. It definitely seems fun to play around with but is just a bit too lacking in the stats department to really stand out enough, but it's far from the worst pick.

Marshsaur: It has great Special Attack and Sheer Force, but it has pretty mid coverage with very low speed too. I think it's too slow to make use of Clangorous Soul (maybe if it had Giga Drain) and as a breaker it'll be easily outsped by faster defensive mons. Without investment, its bulk and defensive typing aren't that impressive either. I think its best set might be AV, leveraging as much bulk and power as possible along with utility moves like Stone Axe, Volt Switch, and Clear Smog. This would really need rigid hazard control and Wish support to succeed though, and what you get in return doesn't really offer enough to be worth it, with its unimpressive typing holding it back offensively and defensively. Plus we've already got a bulky Grass too, one that handles the fledgling meta's threats (Komodung and Elemadillo) better. One other thing you can do with this mon is play it as a terrain setting pivot with Psychic Surge and Volt Switch, but this is extremely speculatory as it wouldn't really be worth it unless we also vote in a very optimized Psychic Terrain abuser.

Flamiswift: I don’t think this mon is completely worthless…. it can pass some huge Wishes with Flip Turn, and Cute Charm is less useless than you may think for a physically defensive mon. It's also not passive with a great Special Attack stat. All that said, it’s not as bulky as it could be with a bad defensive typing and 4MSS (definitely can't fit WishPass + hazard control + Ice Beam on one set), so it’s definitely kinda unimpressive. It's nothing if not unique though, and if it had just a bit more to work with (like a more impactful ability or better-optimized movepool) I could see it being a hit.

Overall this is a weird slate. We got Bonedos which is a very well-rounded mon and an absolute shoe-in, and a bunch of weird slow special attackers that are too weak for one reason or another. I might take a chance on Volcaninja but it's probably more prudent to wait until something more competitive rolls around.
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Voting has started!

I'd also appreciate if some discussion happened in the Discord about if there's some kind of midground between slates of 10 Pokemon and slates of 5, I know some people had a few ideas (raising the threshold for Pokemon to get accepted was an example I remember), but it's fine if nothing happens. Probably will just continue with 5 if so.

Will actually vote when I get home lmao

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