RU C&C Index Thread

Ok, so I finally decided to start doing my job or whatever again, so Sawsbuck is written and Cradily is up. Since I need to keep myself going I figured I'd also reserve Cacturne+Gurdurr (DC mentioned it would be cool if I did the latter some time ago) if that's all the same, I should have them up in a timely fashion
ok, so i wanna do werk. gurdurr is up, sawsbuck and cacturne are through qc+written, and if it's all the same i'd really like to revamp exeggutor. analysis is pretty dated atm (barring lumrest of course), sets all could go for some reworking, and set order is kinda dubious imo. also they mentioned murkrow, like, 5 times, but i only see mentions of esca in the new set. thank you for your time n_n

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