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Rules For Posting Here:
  • You may only reserve up to 2 Pokemon at any time. Only until at least one of those analyses have reached the DONE stage or are near completion (i.e. written and awaiting GP) may you reserve anymore. However, if you are a badgeholder, you may reserve up to 3 Pokemon at any time.
  • Do NOT edit your posts in this thread.
  • To reserve an analyses or update, you must post in this thread. For reserving Articles or Letters, post in their respective reservation threads.
  • Post here when you put up your Skeleton and when your analysis is completed.
  • If your update is not better quality than what's on-site, will not be uploaded.
Welcome to the RU C&C Index Thread. This is the analysis reservation thread, but it will also serve to list necessary updates for specific parts of analyses, articles, and more. Anyone is welcome to work on a specific analysis or project, as long as you follow the rules and guidelines. We will start by updating all outdated content and prioritizing important analyses. If you have lots of experience in RU then please don't hesitate to contribute to this project! Analyses in (Quality Control) can be commented on by anyone, not just QC members, and you are expected to add comments to analyses if you know a lot about a specific Pokemon. Right now there is just a preliminary list so expect more updates in the future. Here is everything that needs to be worked on:


Here will be the analyses that need a revamp or an update. If you don't see a Pokemon on here that you think deserves an update, post in this thread.

Analyses will be categorized in the following manner:
  • [Unreserved] - The analysis has not been reserved. You may reserve it, first come first serve.
  • [Reserved...] - The analysis is reserved and does not have a skeleton.
  • [In Progress] - The analysis is actively being worked on.
  • [Completed.] - The analysis has been uploaded and is on-site.
If your analysis shows minimal to no progress within a month, it will be reassigned.

High Priority Updates
Those in bold are main priorities. Those with links have been started but were reassigned.

[Unreserved] Zweilous

[Reserved...] Absol - Molk
[Reserved...] Garbodor - august
[Reserved...] Gothorita - SilentVerse
[Reserved...] Gurdurr - col49
[Reserved...] Scyther - spuds4ever

[In Progress] Aerodactyl - Yonko7
[In Progress] Cacturne - col49
[In Progress] Cradily - col49
[In Progress] Eelektross - Pkn Range6
[In Progress] Electivire - Swamp-Rocket
[In Progress] Gardevoir - Icecream
[In Progress] Kadabra - august
[In Progress] Lanturn - ScraftyIsTheBest
[In Progress] Liepard - sandshrewz
[In Progress] Mesprit - ScraftyIsTheBest
[In Progress] Sandslash - ScraftyIsTheBest
[In Progress] Sawsbuck - col49
[In Progress] Seismitoad - SuperJOCKE
[In Progress] Spiritomb - Icecream
[In Progress] Torterra - SilentVerse

[Completed.] Alomomola - col49
[Completed.] Altaria - Endorfins
[Completed.] Amoonguss - col49
[Completed.] Arbok - Yonko7
[Completed.] Archeops - SpareAacount
[Completed.] Bouffalant - Swamp-Rocket
[Completed.] Braviary - Endorfins
[Completed.] Carracosta - Windsong
[Completed.] Cinccino - ScraftyIsTheBest
[Completed.] Cryogonal - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Ditto - Windsong
[Completed.] Drapion - complete legitimacy
[Completed.] Druddigon - col49
[Completed.] Dusknoir - ScraftyIsTheBest
[Completed.] Emboar - col49
[Completed.] Escavalier - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Fraxure - Friar
[Completed.] Gabite - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Gallade - EonX-
[Completed.] Galvantula - col49
[Completed.] Glaceon - Malkyrian
[Completed.] Glalie - col49
[Completed.] Golurk - col49
[Completed.] Hariyama - august and DittoCrow
[Completed.] Hitmonchan - Swamp-Rocket
[Completed.] Hitmonlee - Swamp-Rocket
[Completed.] Jynx - Icecream
[Completed.] Kabutops - col49
[Completed.] Kangaskhan - col49
[Completed.] Klinklang - SkullCandy
[Completed.] Lilligant - citro
[Completed.] Magmortar - SkullCandy
[Completed.] Medicham - Icecream
[Completed.] Miltank - SuperJOCKE
[Completed.] Misdreavus - Pkn range6
[Completed.] Moltres - complete legitimacy
[Completed.] Munchlax - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Piloswine - ScraftyIsTheBest
[Completed.] Pinsir - Honko
[Completed.] Quagsire - Icecream
[Completed.] Qwilfish - complete legitimacy
[Completed.] Regirock - sandshrewz
[Completed.] Regice - Pokemazter
[Completed.] Rotom-C - EonX-
[Completed.] Rotom-F - Molk
[Completed.] Samurott - Swamp-Rocket
[Completed.] Scolipede - Swamp-Rocket
[Completed.] Scraggy - Molk
[Completed.] Serperior - Endorfins
[Completed.] Sigilyph - SpareAacount
[Completed.] Slowking - Swamp-Rocket
[Completed.] Snover - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Steelix - religiousjedi
[Completed.] Typhlosion - col49
[Completed.] Vanilluxe - SuperJOCKE
[Completed.] Walrein - complete legitimacy
[Completed.] Whimsicott - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Zangoose - Molk

Articles, Letters, and more

It is very important that we keep our RU articles up to date. These articles either have outdated information or need updates. Post here if you are reserving an article to update and make a thread with the title of the article and changes that are being made. If you are going to reserve a letter, post in the Letters Approval and Index.


  • RU Threatlist Update Thread
  • [Reserved...] Guide to Trick Room in RU: Needs a general update and removal of Cofagrigus. Link - ScraftyIsTheBest
  • [Reserved...] Guide to Entry Hazards in RU: Any updates are welcome to fit the standards of the current metagame. Link - EonX-
Letters: (A topic doesn't have to be from here)

  • RU Cores - can be split into a specific core, like Fire / Water / Grass
  • Stall Teams in RU
  • Offense in RU
  • Rain in RU

  • History of RarelyUsed - Every round after Stage 5 needs to be added. Link

If you need an analysis checked, contact the RU QC Team:
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Scolipede is ready for QC Checks. Expect Slowking to be up soon as well.

EDIT: Slowking's ready for QC checks and Scoliopede got approved
Drapion, Hariyama, and Samurott must show progress by December 22nd or they will be reassigned.

As a reminder please only post in this thread when you reserve something, put your skeleton up (and it's ready for checks), and when it is completed.


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Surprised that Stoutland isn't on the list, and it has no RU analysis =(

I'll reserve Stoutland.

Arbok is at the GP stage now.
Golurk, Regice, and Lilligant need to show progress by January 8th or they will be reassigned.

Also as a note to QC members, if you could please look through any analysis in the GP stage and correct false or missing info, that would be greatly appreciated!


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Also I'll take all four of the overview updates that are available now! (Electivire, Emboar, Feraligatr, and Exeggutor)


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RU Sun Guide is basically done.

I'd like to reserve the letter: Rapid Spinning in RU.
Gotta get 'dem letterz

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