Tournament RU Generations Team Tournament, Edition 1 - Won by doggy poo and the vros

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Activity calls:

zben vs Za Meowdo: Both players agreed on something past the deadline, without ever asking for an extension. However, zben previously suggested Wednesday, and when it was agreed to Za Meowdo seems to not have showed up, hence zben’s new attempt at playing the game. Therefore I think zben did more than was expected of them, and with this zben’s team wins the week.

Aamen vs Alpha Rabbit: Tough one, as Aamen seemed to have unfortunate circumstances this week. However I understand Alpha Rabbit’s issue with not being updated on it – especially when his opponent seemed to be online - as well as not being able to play either today or tomorrow.

Extension calls:

tyrantytar vs Corcskrew: tyrantytar asked for it in this thread, which was his prerogative

Hamhamhamham vs Bongi: both seemed confused over the deadline, but as it would have been a guaranteed coinflip, I'd rather give them the opportunity to play after Bongi asked for extension

col49 vs Pepeduce: col49 asked for extension in the rarelyused Discord. Again, game was a true coinflip so similar situation.

You have until Sunday 11th, 11:59 EST to complete the game.

Round 2

Team Name: Tamara Territory! vs. Team Not So Little-root Lotads

US/UM: Chaitanya1.9 vs Anttya
ORAS: Nailec vs Ticken
BW2: zugubu royale vs Sae

Los jalagarchas vs. The tuggers

US/UM: Ernesloru vs Ajna
ORAS: Garay oak vs lighthouses
BW2: Luispeikou vs Feliburn

won gg vs. relight my fire

US/UM: J0RIS vs Natural Talent
BW2: Chill Shadow vs The Leprechaun

BRING DA RUCKUS vs. Schizos Psyduck

US/UM: Harpp vs Arcobaleno
ORAS: Alpha Rabbit vs S poi re
BW2: cbt vs Pepeduce

Hhm? vs. SHAKERA

US/UM: Meru vs Corckscrew
ORAS: Hikari vs H.M.N.I.P
BW2: Hot N Cold vs Marrano

THE WORLD CHICO vs. The Lax Gods

US/UM: Kingofcrimea vs Xiri
ORAS: zben vs Hamhamhamham
BW2: Lord Outrage vs Trace

free gsc ru vs. Dragon Rush

US/UM: neomon vs Caetano93
ORAS: Melle2402 vs LuckyRyu
BW2: PasY_G vs CaCaTuA

doggy poo and the vros vs. The Saltlords

US/UM: HT vs eifo
ORAS: lax vs TheWall
BW2: tko vs BelmontGabriel

Highlight matches again:

J0RIS vs Natural Talent
Chill Shadow vs the leprechaun
lax vs TheWall
Meru vs tba​

Deadline: One week from now, so Friday February 16th, 11:59 GMT-5
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EviGaro we agreed to play this sunday , since i previously ask him to not play the tuesday ( as we agreed to schedule the 1st time) .
Yeah but you weren't supposed to schedule for that time without asking for an extension. All the extensions I gave were either easy coinflips or asked in advance by one of the player in tyrantytar's case, which isn't really the case here. I get what you are saying, but what I see from the conversation is that he missed a time and that you had to contact him again before another attempt was made, so you announcing in advance that you might have to reschedule doesn't balance out. Based on the information I have, it's the most fair decision to what seemed to have happened this week.

Do you think posting excerpts from a private conversation is making it any better? I've spent right now two hours explaining why I felt it was the right decision and you're going to keep ranting and misrepresent what I said?

Yeah, ok, glad I spent my time on this.
activity win oppo missed schedule
Sorry I had a last minute emergency. I can try later today if you’re still on or we can reschedule.

I would also further add that if you look at the scheduling post you never explicitly agreed to the time we set. I gave you a tentative scheduling time and you never agreed to it so we technically didn’t schedule. I had a legitimate emergency that I had to rush my friend to the hosipital and saw you online just before I posted this when you decided to get off the minute after I posted this. I’d still like to get this done and we made need an extension for this
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