Gen 5 RU Playstyle Classification Thread

Rain Team
Rain Sweeper
(Swords Dance)
  • Access to Swords Dance
  • Great STABs which hits the majority of RU Physical Walls, most notably Tangrowth and Steelix
  • Great Speed in Rain
  • Good bulk and typing allows it to set-up easier.
  • Ability to soften teams with Explosion, so that other team mates can clean.
  • Access to Destiny Bond, which allows it to get at least one KO.


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Physical Sweepers

(Dragon Dance)

  • One of the best STAB combinations in the game, nothing in RU resists it.
  • low Attack stat, but its 130 BP STAB move in HJK makes up for it.
  • just enough Speed to outrun base 95's such as Jynx, Uxie, and Drapion at +1, and Accelgor at +2.
  • Shed Skin makes Scraggy resistant to status, and lets it set up on many defensive Pokemon.
  • good bulk with Eviolite and access to Drain Punch and Shedrest to heal itself lets it grab multiple boosts when played well.
  • one of the few set up sweepers that can set up on foul play spiritomb with impunity.


Physical Walls

(Wish Support)

  • One of the most physically bulky Pokemon in the tier, checks and counters some of the most threatening physical attackers in RU, including Entei, Emboar, Rhydon, Hitmonlee, Absol, and Feraligatr, and Swellow.
  • possesses the largest Wish in the whole tier, can heal pretty much every Pokemon by more than 60% of their Hp with just one mighty Wish.
  • Regenerator lets Alomomola focus more on passing Wishes to her teammates and focus less on healing herself, also makes her less vulnerable to entry hazards.
  • Low offensive presence means Alomomola needs a small amount of support to function to her full potential, but a properly supported Alomomola can hold an entire team together.

Hope Scraggy isn't too gimmicky :)

Hazard Setter

  • Access to both Spikes and Toxic Spikes which makes it good on an offensive team.
  • Scolipede distinguishes itself from Smeargle by having better speed and Attack stats.
  • Equipped with a Focus Sash, Scolipede would get at least 2 layers of spikes or 1 layer and an attack.
  • Great ability in Swarm which lets it hit the opponent with a powerful Swarm-boosted Megahorn before fainting.

Physical Sweeper

(Swords Dance)
  • Its blazing speed is complimented by having access to Swords Dance and excellent coverage.
  • Between Megahorn, Aqua Tail, Earthquake and Rock Slide Scolipede really doesn't have a lack of coverage.
  • Most of Scolipede's coverage hits common Physical Walls hard, most notably Megahorn vs Tangrowth and Aqua Tail vs Rhydon.
  • Again Swarm its an excellent addition to Scolipede, hitting the foe with an extremely powerful Megahorn.


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  • NFE but definitely a viable spinblocker, infinitely better than Dusknoir
  • Levitate makes it somewhat hazard resistant, only taking damage from stealth rock, which is always good for a defensive Pokemon
  • can serve as an emergency stop to last Pokemon sweepers with Perish Song
  • Only Ghost-type in RU that can use heal status with Heal Bell, a trait that's cherished on stall teams
  • Doesn't match up well against Cryogonal, but can theoretically be EVed to beat Kabutops, and beats Sandslash reliably
  • Outside of spinblocking, Misdreavus can serve as a good check to many other Pokemon, such as Tauros, Hitmonlee, Cinccino, and Accelgor.
  • Could potentially use Foul Play just like its main competition Spiritomb, although it doesn't recieve STAB on it.

EDIT: Updated the OP! :)


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Add these to TR:

Trick Room setter:

Mesprit @ Life Orb
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Quiet Nature
0 IVs
- Trick Room
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
- Healing Wish

Mesprit makes for an excellent Trick Room setter on most TR teams. While her speed seems a bit too high to run it, it's still good enough to outpace most speedsters in Trick Room. She also poses an offensive threat on her own with Psychic and Thunderbolt hitting fairly hard, so her work is never going to waste. Healing Wish is super useful as well, so Mesprit can sacrifice herself to heal up a weakened sweeper and give them three more turns to destroy the team.

Physical Sweeper:
Escavalier @ Choice Band
Trait: Swarm
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Brave Nature
0 IV's
- Megahorn
- Iron Head
- Pursuit
- Sleep Talk

Escavalier is the second slowest Pokemon in RU, and he also packs an insane Attack stat, making him a perfect candidate for a Trick Room sweeper. With a Choice Band equipped, Megahorn hits extremely hard, denting the vast majority of teams and destroying overall. Iron Head provides a way to hit Scolipede and friends hard while Pursuit traps anything trying to flee from Escavalier. Sleep Talk is useful to come in on Amoonguss and Lilligant. A great piece of any TR team, because it is insanely powerful and also looks like a badass.

As for VoltTurn and Offense alike:

Revenge Killer / U-turn user
Primeape @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Vital Spirit / Defiant
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- U-turn
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- Punishment / Ice Punch

Primeape is an excellent candidate for a VoltTurn team thanks to his awesome Speed and decent power. His Speed with a Scarf allows him to revenge kill and also fire fast U-turns to scout. Close Combat, Stone Edge, and Punishment allow him to revenge kill threats such as Archeops, Scolipede, Cinccino, and a lot more. He is a good revenge killer too, so he fits on offense decently.

Add Scolipede and Braviary to manly teams, because they are two of the manliest Pokemon to ever exist.


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Rain Teams
Rain setter:


  • Great bulk that allows it to set up Rain Dance many times
  • Can easily dismantle Grass-types with Megahorn
  • With a weakness to only Fire attacks, Rain Dance makes it even harder to take down
  • Can even take a Leftovers Flamethrower from Moltres in rain when specially bulky!
  • Slow and often takes too many hits before it can really take advantage of itself.

Physical Sweeper

  • Has multiple forms of priority and isn't scared of ghosts with Scrappy
  • Great bulk with neutral typing lets it take a few hits
  • Great base Speed to outrun dangerous offensive Pokemon
  • Can utilize Silk Scarf to preserve bulk while still being powerful
  • No notable resistances

Offense / Balanced
Wallbreaker (Lure?)


  • Great bulk and typing allows it to feign a pure physical set
  • Sheer Force allows it to negate LO recoil and still power up attacks
  • Can surprise physical walls like Tangrowth, Ferroseed, and Steelix with Flamethrower
  • Can still support the team with its offenses and resistances from typing
  • Slow so it'll get hit first


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I'll try to do this!


Cryogonal (Rapid Spin)

  • Rapid Spin clears Stealth Rock, which a large chunk of hail teams are weak to
  • Is immune to the residual damage from hail, which helps it stall out the foe
  • Excellent special defense and instant recovery
  • Can use Blizzard if it wants to over Ice Beam
  • Stacks typical weaknesses that Hail teams have

Slowking (Defensive)
  • Every playstyle in RU could use a Slowking to help itself out
  • Can take on Fire moves from the likes of Entei with ease, takes Fighthig moves with ease, can take down Rock-types with Scald, and handles all Steel-types pretty handily, so it covers the elemental weaknesses of Hail teams for the most part.
  • Hail doesn't wear it down too much due to its recovery from Slack Off or Regenerator, along with Leftovers.
  • Blizzard trashes Grass-types, which helps out Slowking in a walling perspective
  • Honestly is there a downside to Slowking to any team?

Physical Sweepers
Zangoose (All-Out Attacker or Swords Dance)
  • Either hits really hard or hits extremely hard
  • Facade 2HKOs most walls when Poisoned
  • Fairly fast and gets coverage moves in Close Combat and Night Slash along with a priority STAB Quick Attack to deter revenge killers
  • It doesn't need Swords Dance, but if it gets a Swords Dance up something is probably going to die.
  • Frailty and the fact it is on a timer AND the drops from Close Combat honestly limits it almost strictly to offensive teams.


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Bulky Offense

Special Sweepers

(Substitute+Calm Mind)

  • Low special attack might make an offensive uxie seem odd, but its good Speed stat and massive bulk make it a great special sweeper
  • amazing all around bulk and immunity to Spikes makes it easy to switch Uxie in and set up
  • can set up on pretty much every Defensive Pokemon that lacks a phazing move of some sort
  • can also set up on offensive Pokemon, such as Hitmonlee
  • starts to become threatening as multiple boosts are accumulated, very easy to do this because of Uxie's aforementioned bulk and speed
  • Psyshock lets Uxie hit specially defensive Pokemon hard, such as Cryogonal
  • very good at setting up win conditions late game


Physical Sweepers

(Shift Gear)

  • one of the best boosting moves in the game in shift gear, DD on steroids
  • great STAB move in Gear Grind too, Steel-type equivalent of bonemerang
  • Steel typing and careful play with Substitute makes it rather easy to set up Klinklang, can even attain multiple boosts
  • almost impossible to revenge kill once it gets going because of the Speed boost.
  • coverage issues prevent Klinklang from becoming completely unstoppable, things such as Steelix completely wall it early game
  • needs some support for exceptional performance, but its still a very threatening physical sweeper that should always be considered.

Physical Sweeper

(Swords Dance / Mixed Attacker)
  • Incredible lure and lategame sweeper
  • Beats most of its so called checks, like Roselia
  • Access to both Swords Dance and Unburden makes it a Huge threat.
  • Great Grass, Ground, Rock, Fighting Physical coverage.
  • Could become a mixed attacker with Hidden Power Fire or Leaf Storm

Rain Teams

Rain Sweepers

(Belly Drum)
  • Destructive pokemon after a boost.
  • Has a hard time setting up, thjs needing a lot of support.
  • Good bulk, even though uninvested.
  • Great STABs
  • Excellent Speed under Rain
  • Can OHKO even the sturdiest walls of RU, after Stealth Rock of course.


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Going for blizzspammer for this guy.

(Choice Scarf)
  • 95 Sp.A is decent.
  • 65 speed is good enough for scarf.
  • Ultimate surprise because everyone expects this guy to be the boring stallrein instead of the manly version.
  • A lot of bulk and water STAB are the reasons to use this over Glaceon.
  • It is a motherfucking walrus.


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Offensive/Bulky Offense/Balance (it can really go in all 3)

Physical Sweepers:


  • Tauros is really underrated in RU
  • Sheer Force boosts most of Tauros's offensive Attacks, and also removes Life Orb recoil, which makes it impossible to Life Orb stall
  • great base 110 Speed stat makes it easier for Tauros to sweep and clean up
  • Sheer Force Fire Blast is strong enough to 2HKO Steelix and Tangrowth, 2 Pokemon that would wall Tauros otherwise, and does a huge amount to Escavalier and Durant too, even letting it revenge kill the latter
  • No real resistances, which makes it slightly harder to switch in despite above average physical bulk for an offensive pokemon
  • outside of that, its only real flaw in my opinion is that Rock Climb likes to miss ;_;
  • bull
Special Wall

  • Access to Wish, Will-o-Wisp and Taunt makes it a great addition to Stall.
  • Has great Special Defence and usable HP, but has pitiful Defence.
  • With Will-o-Wisp and Taunt Gallade becomes a excellent Stallbreaker.
  • With its great Special Bulk and with great attack (Even if uninvested), it can check a huge amount of RUs Special Attackers.
  • Between Protect + Leftovers, Drain punch and Wish, Gallade usually last the whole match.
  • Great Synergy with other Teammates of an Stall team, like regirock.


  • Having access to Sunny Day, Healing Wish and U-turn, Mesprit finds itself an asset on Sun Teams.
  • Mesprit also has access to Stealth Rock.
  • Its middling speed allows a slow U-turn that bring a Sun Sweeper in safely
  • Mesprit usually has the bulk to last the entire match unlike the Sun Sweepers, with that in mind Mesprit can sacrifice itself to fully Recover a Sun Sweeper's H and Status.


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Misc. Roles: (maybe make a role specifically for this? this isnt the only mon that would fit in this role)

(Pure Baton Pass)

  • one of the most well known baton passers ever
  • can pass multiple speed boosts simply by protect stalling for speed boost
  • can pass Swords Dance and Substitute too, letting it turn any physical attacker into a nightmare
  • Doesnt really do much outside of Bp
  • 4x SR weakness sucks :/
  • taunt bait
  • still a pretty scary Pokemon when used correctly, not for its positive attributes itself, but for what it can do for its teammates given the chance


Physical Sweepers:

(Air Support/Acroblimp)

  • Not really as much of a physical sweeper as it as an offensive support pokemon, but it can pull sweeps itself rather easily too so it fits here better than anywhere else
  • Unburden+Flying Gem turns acrobatics into a 110 BP STAB Agility, almost nothing can outspeed drifblim after this and acrobatics is pretty spammable
  • exceptionally good with spikes, and can even spinblock them itself (although it doesnt really match up well against kabutops and cryogonal..)
  • great with other Pokemon that spam Flying-type moves such as Swellow, as Drifblim can weaken them early on opening up an opportunity for them to sweep
  • also works well with pokemon that just struggle with Steelix/Rhydon in general
  • Fast Destiny Bond lets Drifblim force a double down, possibly opening up a sweep for a teammate
  • can get at least 2 KOs a match when played well
I actually wouldn't put Ninjask on the list to be honest. Ninjask is easily beaten and doesn't get more than one or two chances to set up and pass throughout the match. I've never seen it used effectively because the stuff it passes to is usually able to be stopped even with Speed boosts, while Ninjask itself is hindered by Haze, multi-hit moves, Roar/Whirlwind, Stealth Rock, and the large number of Pokemon that can prevent it from setting up anything other than Speed such as Emboar and other Fire-types. This is the reason that Ninjask is Mid D Rank. There are probably better Baton Pass strategies out there as well that I can't think of at the moment.


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Offense: (maybe Balanced too?)

Wallbreaker/Special Sweeper:

(Choice Specs)

  • High Base 109 Special Attack and solid Base 100 Speed
  • STAB Eruption to smash some common responses (even 2HKOs 252/0 Druddigon if SR support is provided)
  • Solid coverage with Focus Blast and one of HP Grass or HP Rock
  • Safer STAB move in Fire Blast to fall back on if needed
  • Weak to SR, so needs Rapid Spin support
  • Can sweep late-game if faster threats are removed, but it's more of a wallbreaker

Continuing on with the Typhlosion theme here:


Sun Setter/Sun Sweeper

(Sunny Day)

  • Underrated user of Sunny Day
  • Can utilize the Sun on its own unlike most other Sun Setters
  • Use of Sunny Day allows the use of SolarBeam to break past some conventional checks and counters
  • Has good synergy with most typical members of Sun teams (Chlorophyll users, Uxie, and Regirock to name a few)
  • Even has HP Rock to deal with opposing Fire types
  • SR weakness sucks
  • Faces competition from Moltres and Charizard, the latter of which having a better ability to abuse Sun with
  • Typh isn't crippled nearly as badly by SR as the other 2 though


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Bulky Offense:
Special Sweepers:

Mesprit (Calm Mind / SubCM)

  • Great power and bulk, can set up CM well
  • Excellent movepool allowing it to hit hard and it's difficult to wall
  • As said, it's reasonably bulky and has Fighting and Ground resistances which is nice
  • As such it isn't too hard to set up
  • No inaccurate moves is a great plus
  • Excellent piece of bulky offense teams overall

Manly Teams:


It's got a body of hard steel, it's got a spiky helmet, and is lethal claws and tail.


It's large, strong looking, and very manly in general


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@Dittocrow Oh, okay, i understand why you dont want to add ninjask, was worth a shot lol.


Physical Sweepers

(Swords Dance)

  • really underrated deer
  • Normal/Grass is a good STAB combo to abuse, especially when backed up with the equivalent of Earthquake
  • can use the handy resistances provided by its grass typing and sap sipper to set up
  • actually pretty hard to wall at +2 because of its coverage
  • horn leech gives some recovery for every time sawsbuck attacks
  • Nature Power bypasses Absol's Sucker Punch, preventing it from revenge killing Sawsbuck
  • Can even run Baton Pass to pass its boosts to a teammate, such as CB Aggron
  • It is deer god

Also, i know pretty much all of these Pokemon were classed under stall already, but because of the limit of only 6 teamslots while needing to check the entire meta i often find stall teams need to use Pokemon that can perform multiple roles at the same time to hold together (such as Spikes user+Cleric, Wish User+Physical Wall, etc), so i think placing these pokemon and possibly others in multiple roles is a good idea


Physical Walls

(Wish Support)

  • Outside of passing gigantic wishes, Alomomola is also one of the best physical walls in RU
  • physical bulk rivals tangrowth, which is really impressive
  • also doesnt have a weakness to many common physical attacks, making its walling job easier
  • Regenerator means alomomola can come back and wall again and again
  • Beats things such as Entei, Emboar, Swellow, Absol, Feraligatr, and even some Durant iirc, more than enough to jusitify a second position as a physical wall

Special Walls:


  • Like Alomomola, Clefable can play multiple other roles on a stall team, but also makes a wonderful special wall
  • Normal typing gives it almost no weaknesses for the opponent to prey on, weakness to Focus Blast can be annoying, but the move is inaccurate and outside of that clefable has a pretty easy time
  • Magic Guard is one of the best abilities in the game, makes clefable exceptional at absorbing Toxic, and also makes it impossible to wear her down through hazards damage
  • Can use protect to fish for free leftovers recovery to turn a potential 2HKO into a 3HKO, letting it wall opponents more easily
  • Large movepool means Clefable can be tailored to beat almost any special threat it needs to more easily, has access to things such as Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam for example
  • Works really well on dual Wish cores, as seen on August's stall team.

Heal Bell/Aromatherapy users


  • Literally the only spinblocker available in RU that can also serve as a cleric, this gives misdreavus a distinct niche
  • Ghost-typing lets Misdreavus pull off a heal bell more easily due to missy's various resistances and immunities, levitate helps out quite a bit too
  • good Speed for a defensive Pokemon helps out too, can pull off a quick heal bell in really tight situations
  • 4mss means Misdreavus might not always be able to run heal bell, in that case, there are some other options to try out

Heal Bell/Aromatherapy users


  • If you dont think Roselia needs to carry rest or synthesis, Aromatherapy is a perfectly viable option on the flower
  • finds many opportunities to attempt to use heal bell on bulky water-types such as Alomomola and Poliwrath, offensive Grass-types such as Sceptile, Lilligant, and Rotom-C, and against certain offensive Water-types such as Omastar
  • Pairs really well with Wish Alomomola, who can make up for the lack of recovery with a Wish that pretty much fully heals it, great synergy together as well
  • Spikes+Aromatherapy is quite the excellent combination on Ru stall, and helps save teamslots
  • like Misdreavus, Rose can have 4mss at times, but Aroma Rose is certainly still a good option

And lastly...


Revenge Killers:

(Choice Scarf)

  • Regular Rotom makes a great revenge killer
  • has a cool typing with a different set of resistances, Ghost STAB, and a higher Speed stat that lets it beat +2 Omastar over its alternate forme Rotom-C
  • Volt Switch is always useful on a Choice Scarf Pokemon, lets Rotom Grab momentum or get out of unfavorable situations
  • quite easy to clean up with Thunderbolt later on in the game
  • Trick can be used to cripple defensive Pokemon when the extra Speed isn't needed
  • Immunity to Entei's ExtremeSpeed and Hitmonlee's Fake Out and Mach Punch is Great for Rotom, ensures Rotom will never be revenge killed by them
  • resistances and immunities in general make rotom much easier to switch in compared to other frail revenge killers such as Manectric
  • can even serve as a spinblocker in a pinch, albiet a poor one due to the lack of defensive investment

EDIT: Please don't go too far with the manly team stuff, please try to make sure your manly Pokemon post has content other than the manly mon, any future offending posts will be deleted/edited.


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Balanced/Bulky Offense:


(Mixed Attacker)

  • Solid Base 108 Special Attack backed by nice Base 100 Attack
  • Hydro Pump crushes most non-resists
  • Has Grass Knot and HP Grass to knock around fellow Water-types
  • Ice Beam is mildly rare on offensive Pokemon in RU. Crushes Druddigon which is a big plus
  • Has 2 powerful physical options to deal with select special walls on its own
  • Megahorn for Psychic-types like Uxie and Slowking. Superpower if dealing with Clefable and Ferroseed is preferred
  • Solid physical bulk (95/85) for an offensive mon.
  • Somewhat slow, but hey, it's a wallbreaker not a sweeper


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Special Sweepers:

(Substitute+Pain Split)

  • Classic Rotom set
  • forces a lot of switches because of its typing, good Speed and STAB combination, making setting up a subsitute really easy
  • As mentioned before Electric/Ghost is a really nice STAB combination and lets Rotom do quite a bit to most of the tier, especially when it has a substitute to cushion itself from possible faster threats
  • Pain Split helps Rotom recover hp while sapping it away from the opponent, especially effective given rotom's low HP stat, also good for wearing down defensive Pokemon such as Steelix
  • can stall out Clefable that run Seismic Toss+Toxic with ease, which is always cool for a special attacker
  • outpacing base 90s by one point is great for rotom too

Hazard Setters:

(Suicide lead)

  • despite looking like trash, suicide garbodor is a pretty good choice for an offensive hazard setter
  • decent bulk and resistances even without investment let it set several layers of spikes and toxic spikes with ease
  • also absorbs opposing Toxic Spikes, as a grounded Poison-type
  • one of the coolest things about Garbodor is that it can be eved to beat the common spinners, kabutops and cryogonal
  • Normal Gem Explosion OHKOs most cryogonal, stopping it from spinning
  • either giga drain or seed bomb can be used to KO Kabutops as well, making garbodor good at preserving hazards
  • the mediocre spinners such as Sandslash and Hitmonchan still cant spin vs garbodor although they dont automatically lose to it, as Explosion blocks Rapid Spin for one turn :).


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I apologize for double posting but i just wanted to let all of you guys know that i've updated the OP with all of your entries! (Dittocrow and i really need to update this more often, took more than an hour to get everything lol). Feel free to point out any mistakes i made and i'll fix them!

Also, col49's suggestion of an extra category in offense for things like Kangaskhan and Drifblim is a definite possibility, i've placed them in physical sweepers for now, but they'll be moved to the new category if we decide to add it.

Anyways, to keep this thread going here are two sun setters!

Sun Teams

Sun Setters:

(Weather Support)

  • One of the bulkiest sun setters available, can set up sun multiple times a match
  • immunity to spikes and toxic spikes further augments the quality above
  • can also do other useful things such as set up Stealth Rock for the sun team
  • can use U-turn or Memento to get a sun sweeper such as Charizard or Victreebel in more easily

Sun Setters:

(Sunny Day)

  • Prankster Sunny day is valuable to any sun team, can turn a potential loss into a victory
  • can stop the opponent from setting up Stealth Rock with prankster taunt, making it easier for charizard to function
  • can also cripple opponents with Stun Spore or grab set up opportunities with Encore
  • like Uxie, it has U-turn and Memento to get a teammate in for free, Memento is especially useful as it can help victreebel get a free boost and stop a pokemon from potentially sweeping the sun team in its tracks.
Stall / Balance

Special Walls

(Special Defensive)
  • Unique Steel/Electric- typing perfect for a Defensive roll and Magneton's stats compliment it well.
  • Useful resistances, most notably resisting BoltBeam
  • Excellent bulk with Eviolite, but misses residual recovery from Leftovers.
  • Lacks reliable recovery.
  • Packs a Punch even if uninvested due to Analytic.
  • Immunity toxic.

Trick Room


(Trick Room)
  • Dusknoir's good bulk allows it to set up Trick Room fairly easy
  • With Base 100 Attack, Dusknoir won't be dead weight
  • It has access to Destiny Bond and with it Dusknoir can get at least 1 kill + a safe way to bring in a Trick Room Sweeper
  • Dusknoir's Ghost-typing is a Bonus, being able to Spinblock as well as a handy Bug resist


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@Molk, while Typhlosion's Specs set can sweep for Sun teams, you forgot to add the Sunny Day set (it was the 2nd one I talked about in my Typhlosion post) as a Sun Setter.


Special Sweeper:

(All-Out Attacker)

  • Great dual STAB combination to cut through common defensive cores
  • High Speed to double up as a revenge killer of unboosted threats
  • Ability to use Thunder thanks to CompoundEyes
  • Access to Volt Switch to help teammates switch in
  • Giga Drain helps combat Ground-types on its own


Revenge Killer:

(Choice Scarf)

  • Solid revenge killer
  • Not as fast as most other revenge killers, but has 100 / 75 / 75 defenses to make up for it
  • High BP moves and great base 123 Attack stat
  • Has SuperPower, a rarity for most other Flying-types
  • Defiant keeps Intimidate users from impeding it late-game if it tries to sweep
  • Weak to SR and sometimes has to rely on its bulk to revenge kill threats
  • Still very dangerous with proper support.

Balance/Bulky Offense/VoltTurn:


(Choice Band or Roost + 3 Attacks)

  • Powerful wallbreaker capable of crushing most physical walls
  • Brave Bird + Return + SuperPower get through typical physical walls such as Tangrowth, Qwilfish, and Steelix
  • Defiant keeps Intimidate users from ruining its fun
  • Has solid 100 / 75 / 75 defenses to help it tank hits as needed
  • Weak to SR, but pairs very well with Kabutops due to its ability to smash Grass-types
  • Roost + 3 Attacks is slightly weaker, but can use its coverage better
  • Note that the Roost + 3 Attacks set rarely ever runs U-Turn, so it should only be used on Balance or Bulky Offense teams.


Godlike Usmash
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@EonX- Oh sorry lol, fixed!


Physical Sweepers:

(Dragon Dance)

  • Really underrated NFE tbh
  • one of the few viable Dragon-types in RU, shared only with druddigon, altaria, and maybe some other NFEs
  • amazing base 117 Attack stat, only 3 less than Druddigon actually, can do a huge amount of damage
  • Dragon Dance to pull off a sweep
  • just enough Speed to outpace Swellow and Scarf Emboar after a Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Typing makes it harder for scarf electrics to revenge kill it
  • Taunt makes it much easier to set up on defensive Pokemon
  • slow before a boost
  • i often find that bulkier pokemon always live outrage with like 2% and waste my pre confusion turns ;_;


Physical Walls/Special Walls (maybe a mixed wall category?)


  • cool defensive mon with some awesome niches, especially on stall
  • absolutely massive bulk all around 80/200/100 should not be underestimated
  • nice resists to Normal, Flying, and Fire-type moves, all of which are somewhat common in RU
  • can set up Stealth Rock for stall teams which is always cool
  • can spread paralysis as well
  • one of the only things that could be called a hard counter to Moltres in the entire tier, this is especially important for stall which often struggles with it
  • lack of reliable recovery is patched up by wish support

EDIT: EonX-'s Braviary reminded me of this

Balance/Bulky Offense

Physical Sweepers:

(Bulk Up)

  • Braviary can actually pull off the bulk up role pretty well
  • 100/75/75 is more than enough to take some hits, especially with investment
  • 101 subs means it can set up on Seismic Toss Clefable
  • various other defensive Pokemon such as Tangrowth, Amoonguss, SLowking, Alomomola, Poliwrath, Defensive Galladeand Roselia also have trouble breaking Braviary's sub
  • only needs two boosts to do major damage to anything without a flying resist, but can accumulate more if needed
  • Subroost keeps braviary healthy and free of status
  • rather threatening to defensive teams, although things like Steelix can phaze it out early on

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