Tournament RUPL WEEK 7

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The Avaricious Arcanines (5) vs. The Flexin' Flygons (0)
SM: Manipulative vs. pancake
SM: Hikari vs. atomicllamas
SM: KratosMana vs. TraceofLife
SM: soulgazer vs. The Leprechaun
ORAS: Christo vs. MrAldo
ORAS: Level 56 vs. Imanalt
BW: snagaa vs. Hakumen
BW: DittoCrow vs. Evan.

The Mighty Mudsdale (3) vs. The Queer Quiver Dancing Queens (5)
SM: Feliburn vs. meepsvictory
SM: EviGaro vs. obii
SM: Rider vs. elodin
SM: Robert Alfons vs. Pearl
ORAS: Ajna vs. TSR
ORAS: Natural Talent vs. Bushtush
BW: We Three Kings vs. SilentVerse
BW: p2 vs. FLCL

The Strawberry Sneasels (4) vs. The Luxurious Luxrays (1)
SM: BOUFF vs. Zamrock
SM: Shiba vs. TheWall
SM: Eternal Spirit vs. HSA
SM: Poek vs. HT
ORAS: Melle2402 vs. Nails
ORAS: Natalie. vs. tko
BW: Chill Shadow vs. blunder
BW: r0ady vs. rozes

The Kinglax (1) vs. The Hoodrich Hoopas (6)
SM: Lax vs. Lord Esche
SM: TDK vs. Sacri'
SM: Sam I Yam vs. Mazar
SM: Erzengel vs. dodmen
ORAS: Pohjis vs. Lycans
ORAS: J0RIS vs. Star
BW: Arifeen vs. Void
BW: Kushalos vs. Finchinator

Heracross is currently being suspect tested but it will be allowed during this round.


11:59 PM Sunday

No anime gifs this week.
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Lost gg, dragon tail rolls were pretty bullshit but whatever. I think I played pretty well for my "major tour" debut and that's really what I was hoping for :)

Thanks to DTC for drafting me as a meme, the flygons for a fun season and I hope (but doubt) I will join you guys next year
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