Rutgers University, NJ: Apex 2012 - January 6-8, 2012 - WON BY sandman

Sorry for the massive delay everyone, the holidays destroyed me and other preparations with Apex and my own events.

We're back on schedule here and are going to run the fourth qualifier 8 days from today. Check the OP for info.


what matters is our plan!
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It'll be interesting to see the mass amount of poke-people at my university. I won't be attending the actual event though.
But I dnt use PO I can't just show up on the 6th with my DSi
The tournament itself is ran on the DS. Just the qualifier is online with PO.

oyyyyyyyyyyyyy I wanna see if I can go but knowing me I won't. Like to try my hand at brawl though =/
Just so you know, Smash registration is online mandatory and ends on the 31st. Pokemon, Marvel, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter may all be done at the door.
Sorry if I missed this but what are the awards? How will the money be distributed / will there be any medals or trophies? And do you have an estimate on the attendance? I'm not sure if I'm going to go now since homecoming for my school is the same day, so I'd like some answers. Thanks Chibo!
I unfortunately can't go because I live across the country. I posted about the tournament on my website so hopefully that brings in some more people. You should post pictures of the event if you can. I'd love to make a follow up post after the tournament.
Thanks for the post amph, and there will def be tons of media from the event.

cybertron - the awards are cash prizes, distributed as a % from the entry fees. I'm not sure the exact payout. It will be based on entrants, whether it be top 3 payout, top 4, or top 5. Also, the winner of the event that has more entrants gets a really nice trophy (could only pick one event since i only have one trophy to give). If it's top 3 payout, that would be a 60/30/10 split. So for instance say there's only 32 entrants with that pay split, that means there's a pot of $320, and 60% is $192 for first place.

I don't know what the exact turnout is going to be yet. It's tough to gauge since there is no online registration for Pokemon, but there is a lot of hype around Smogon, Skarmbliss, All is Brawl, and Smashboards for people entering Pokemon.


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There will be hack checks to look for illegal movesets, stats, and such. Beyond that, it's up to you.
So basically legal hacks are ok?

Illegal stats/move sets could go to the extent of having Bold Wish Bliss with perfect IVs tbh, so a bit of clarification on that part would be nice.
Nope, you don't have to register online. It was available for a while and required for Smash, but all Pokemon signups are done at the door.

Qualifiers were not required either, more of a bonus. You are perfectly able to come and compete. The event starts at 6pm on Friday, please be early to make sure you are signed up on time though.
1st - sandman
2nd - sapphire birch
3rd - mike dec is here

1st/3rd- undecided. spf rai and chimpakt are playing tomorrow to determine these placings.
2nd - dark master (was in grand finals when he had to leave because the tourney was taking soooo long, so he automatically got 2nd)

Yeah im real bad
If only I was that good at not getting paralyzed all the time ._. Feeling extra sad about losing in singles because there is a trophy for 1st =( Lessons learned though, hosting a singles tournament in person is the biggest clusterfuck imaginable.


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This match was with me sapphire birch in the winner's semi's


I also found this one which I think was sapphire vs MikeDecIsHere in losers finals


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