Saikyou Mewtwo Giveaway

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Giveaway Mon:
Saikyou (Strongest) Mewtwo

How do I enter?
Post a number between one and sixty! (1-60).
I have written down a number, when we reach 60 replies, or when 48 hours is up I will reveal the number, if you have chosen the number then you win the awesome Mewtwo!

Oh and the Mewtwo is legitimate and UT! Modest nature.


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If you are going to ask questions to win your giveaway Pokemon as prizes, make sure it has a definite researchable answer, and not something that is found on pure guesswork. Asking for the local football team of your home town, for example, is fine (if you tell them what hometown you are in), asking for people to guess what your favorite [insert random thing here] is a bad question to ask since its an excuse to increase people's post count needlessly.
Also generally, if you're gonna offer Pokemon over Smogon wifi, you should tell people what its IVs are.
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