Season 5 Farm League - Week 5

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I'd like to drop out of 5th gen RU. As much as I have had fun playing strong opponents, I have pretty much squandered any chance of getting picked up midseason, and school has made me busier than I expected.


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Yeah its too bad that I run weird jynx sets :) But confirming win in a great game. Quite Quiet, good luck (might use team again so I guess wont post replay)!
On Wednesday my opponent replied that he'd be on all day Saturday, after he failed to show up or even contact me the week is over. Thus activity post

Quite Quiet

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Unrelated to all the mostly pointless activity posting going on, I got a question. We're nearing the end of this league (if I'm correct) and I was just wondering if you Lady Salamance will give us a notice which week will be the last or not? Or even say if next week is the last etc...


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My opponent Level100Afroman was seen thursday but has not responded to my post on his wall, activity :/
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