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Some of you remember the previous years, but for those of you that don't, you submit a team to be swapped with another persons and you will compete only with the team that is given to you.

Previous winners:
Year 1: MoP with Team Jackal
Year 2: JabbatheGriffin with Team Lawman
Year 3: imperfectluck with Team skarmblisscounter

This is the Secret Santa Year 4 tournament sign up, you must PM me your team before you are accepted into the tournament (please use export to text). The team must be standard format (OU, BL, UU, NU are allowed but if there is excessive use of anything not OU the team will not be accepted) for full OU, gimmick teams may not be accepted unless the gimmick seems viable and you have proof that the team works. This also goes for unusual movesets, things like Double Slap Blissey, Mud Slap Dugtrio, or Poison Gas Weezing (it will be researched and screened to make sure move sets are viable too).

This will be a 16 person tournament, but if sign ups fill quickly (which they probably will) it will be increased to a maximum of 32 to keep efficiency at a max. You will not be in the tournament until your team has been screened and accepted. Several subs will be required, so do not hesitate to join. Teams will be assigned randomly as will pairings to ensure maximum fairness, I will not be a competitor because of my access to all of the teams, when Round 1 begins you will receive a PM containing your team that you must use for the tournament.

PLEASE submit the team that you most commonly use on Shoddy Battle as this will be closer to a true team exchange, but remember these teams will be made public to other users, so if you have a top secret team you don't want in the hands of others, don't submit it. As a side note I will not tell the receiver of each team who the creator is until the tournament is over (so no one goes seeking help from the creator) and to add to the fairness each battler must keep each others team a secret as not to reveal anything the team might consist of (so please no “that Qwilfish surprised me” posts).

No Ubers (going by the tier list as of 12/14 including Manaphy)
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
No OHKO/Evasion moves
No Self KO on last pokemon
Species Clause
You MUST only use the team assigned to you
Logs MUST be PMed to me (this is necessary to ensure everyone used the correct team assigned to them)
If you watch another tournament battle while you are still in the tournament you will be disqualified

1 apocalypse
2 atticus
3 batpig
4 corndog
5 dan dan
6 djx09
7 earthworm
8 flamewheeler
9 frosty
10 gouki
11 jackal
12 joel
13 kachalski
14 keelhauled
15 kevin garrett
16 king leroy xiv
17 lakers
18 limitless
19 locobro
20 loki
21 moi
22 reachzero
23 reverb
24 reyscarface
25 snorlax
26 stone_cold
27 tay
28 thorns
29 whistle
30 yehom
31 zarator
32 jabbathegriffin
sub1 ryo
sub2 class
sub3 tito
sub4 tds
sub5 goldenknight
sub6 krack
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