Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

I recently received the shiny charm. As a scientist by trade, I love experiments. Count me in :).

Starting pledge: 1000 eggs, in 100 egg batches

Spanish (non-KB) Ditto X English (KB) Zorua

Batch 1 (1-100): No shiny.
Batch 2 (101-200): No shiny.
Batch 3 (201-300): 1 shiny Zorua @ #246 (31/31/31/28/31/31)!

Spanish (non-KB) Ditto X Japanese (KB) Eevee w/ HA (used to generate 5IV Eevee w/ HA)
Spanish (non-KB) Ditto X English (KB) Eevee w/ HA

Batch 4 (301-400): No shiny.
Batch 5 (401-500): No shiny.
Batch 6 (501-600): In progress.
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Ok so I contributed 810 to the other thread, but I finally unlocked shiny charm so Im going to start pledging eggs here. My intitial goal will be 3000 eggs, bred in batches of 300 eggs then hatched. I will use Kalos parents ONLY (pentagon). I usually hatch my eggs in random order, so I will state the box they are from but not the exact egg number. I will update shinies as they hatch here, and then enter my results in the doc once each batch is completed.

Batch #1 - 300 eggs
1 Shiny so far, box 7 (181-210)
Jap Goomy X Eng Goomy
No tipping.

Batch # 2- 300 eggs
1 Shiny Box 8
German Noibat X Eng Noibat
No tipping.

Batch # 3- 300 eggs
2 Shinys Box 5 and Box 7
Jap Skrelp X Eng Skrelp
No tipping.

Batch # 4- 300 eggs

UPDATED 2/21/14
Updated my post, and updating the google doc momentarily. Total eggs- 900, total shinies 4.
Before I pledge myself into this study.

I just got my shiny charm today.

Would this count as masuda method?

Female ITALIAN Hariyama (Does not have italian name) + Male USA Hariyama
Surprised no ones answered this.

Yes if the pokemon are foreign to each other it counts as masuda.

Congratulations by the way and good luck ;)
Might somebody have a foreign parent for Masuda breeding honedge 31-31-31-x-31-x- 0v speed brave nature I can have I've Been having bad luck with Ditto jap
updated post #650
shiny after 320 eggs

2435 Eggs and 7 shinys now
next one will be larvitar
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I've updated post #845:
My 1st shiny I got at egg 129, HA female Espurr with perfect IVs 31/x/31/31/31/31, with the correct Bold nature that was meant for the male version… I cried a little… 2nd shiny at 204, and it was a male!!! But no HA and imperfect… happy yet sad.
3rd shiny at 1124... another female Espurr. Well I guess that means I'm going to keep breeding, Pledging another 300 eggs.
Alright, I finished my pledge and updated my original post.

Who can I contact to add my results into the spreadsheet? Only certain individuals can edit the spreadsheet correct?
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First post on the smogon forums, feelsgoodman.jpg

I'm pledging 1050 eggs (in 210 egg increments, i only have 7 empty boxes for eggs). should i edit this post or make a new one when i finish the first batch?

edit: yes, i have the shiny charm btw. also, for anyone who hasnt yet, get the Oval Charm from Sycamore as well, it increases the chance of getting an egg per however many steps
Alright, I finished my pledge and updated my original post.

Who can I contact to add my results into the spreadsheet? Only certain individuals can edit the spreadsheet correct?
If you go to the 1st page on the 1st post it has a link to the spreadsheet and should be able to update it yourself. That's how I do it anyways
i pledge 500 eggs, will update every 50
JAP Ditto with ENG Hoppip

1-50: no shiny
51-100: no shiny
101-150: no shiny
151-200: no shiny
201-250: no shiny
251-300: no shiny
301-350: no shiny
351-400: no shiny
401-450: no shiny
451-500: no shiny

no luck for me 8(
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yay got my 6th shiny with good stats @4451
mareep female
22/31/31/31/31/31 <h 126> <d 65>
its better than the first
mareep female
31/31/31/31/02/31<h 130> <d 51>
does 4 hp points matter a lot in a battle?
ev spread will be h/c and d

i hoped it had x speed/atk or 6iv <what are the chances?>
satisfied, now to hatch the remaining boxes before switching pokemon :'>
ill be glad too help just got shiny charm the other day i want too remake my hawlucha can anyone get a 6iv for ditto if so ill try 2 hatch atleast 1000 eggs
This is an update to my previous post.

1-100: 1 Shiny Squirtle
101-200: no shiny
201-300: no shiny
301-400: no shiny

It's crazy how quickly I got a Squirtle and yet Honedge is nowhere to be found. Good luck hatching everyone :)
401-500: no shiny
501-600: 1 shiny Honedge

Finally got him! I went over my pledge of 500, but I'll keep updating as a breed for more shinies down the line :)
i'll be glad to help! i'm a new member here so if someone could help me out, that'd be great. do i just post updates regularly, or do i have to insert them into the spreadsheet as well? and if so, how do i do that? pledging 100 eggs at the moment, will probably up the amount in time

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