Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

Okay, I just updated the spreadsheet(I think I did it right) and I am ready to resume egg hatching. I pledged 1000 eggs in a previous post and I am ready to start and finish it
I'm currently mming for a shiny Totodile and I have 1000 eggs pledged, I highly doubt that it will take the thousand eggs to hatch a shiny and I was wondering could someone give me suggestions for my next hunt. I already have Aegislash, Exeggcute, Pinsir, Noivern, Skrelp(x2), Goldeen, Politoed, Poliwrath, Relicanth, Horsea, Cloyster, Greninja, Poliwhirl, Heracross and Milotic. Anything suggestions other than these is welcome, thanks
Okay, 45 eggs into my second pledge I hatched a shiny, Adamant 31/19/31/31/31/31. Not the best attack stat in the world, but not the worst, I'll probably give it a life orb to make up for it. Oh well, can't complain. I'll update everything when I finish the pledge
Well, I have a U.S.A. 6IV HA female swinub with a Japanese 6IV male eevee. I will update every 50 eggs (I'll try to stop at a flat number e.g. 200).
With that said, I will have some naive 5IV swinub with egg moves Icicle Spear - Icicle Crash - Stealth Rock - Freeze Dry. Let me know if you want some, I will accept other 5IV trades :3
After breeding a Japanese Ditto with an English Honedge:

0-100 Eggs - 0 Shiny

Pledging another 900 (1000 total eggs). How do I update the spreadsheet?
Update to #802
Batch 1 (1-100): One shiny
Batch 2 (101-200): No shinies
Batch 3 (201-300): No shinies
Batch 4 (301-400): No shinies
Batch 5 (401-500): No shinies
Batch 6 (501-600): No shinies
Batch 7 (601-700): No shinies
Batch 8 (701-800): One shiny

Updating spreadsheet
Does anyone here have a normal-type friend safari? I really want a 6IV ditto (preferably NOT english). or if anyone can clone one for me i have bulbasaur-zygarde in my PC so i can trade anything you'd want
Ya there's pieces of books or something in there and the formulas are all redone to say crappy things. The only name on it now is LexielSG~ if there is no one on this thread by that name then it was probably that user. The spreadsheet should probably be locked now so only certain people can update it and the rest of us will have to contact them to update our stats. Because if I remember correctly this is the 2nd time something like this has been done. :/
People are rude to do such a thing. :/

Well if anyone can update for me:
-Got a shiny buneary at 176 eggs
-No shiny fennekin yet, currently at 360 eggs
Wow, whoever F'd up the spread sheet is a huge ass. Unless someone has backed up a copy of it I think that about does it for this project(Im sure someone did though). The final shiny odds I recall seeing were somewhere between 1:342 and 1:460ish. So theres that.
Well we could start a new one. Most people post their updates on here too so we could get all the stats right again.
Well that stinks. I finally got a shiny charm and wanted to contribute.

Is it possible to use revision history to get it back to the way it was before?
yeah DEFINITELY make it only editable by one user. it's going to suck for that person and will take some time to input all the data, but that's the only way to stop the trolls.
surely someone made a backup file? i'm still hatching my pledged eggs regardless, hope this all gets restored. it'd be a shame for all those stats to go to waste

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