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Cicolluis - I cant pronounce it in my head so yes.

Quick Question Is this an ok pokemon?

3rd gen retail
Nature: Modest
IV: 21-22/19/0-1/28-29/29/30-31
Not horrible if the moveset is move1/move2/counter/move4

Would try rng it again later. Something in the game is advancing the frame wierdly from seed to seed

Thanks in advance
A friend of us wants to use an AR code to replicate a specific event he missed. It is said that AR codes flag the current save so that it becomes unable to perform in Nintendo's official tournaments, similar to bad egg but less obvious. Others even go as far as to say they "engrave" the cheater status on the cart permanently - however that works.

Well, we don't know how to convinve him not to use a code and we are certainly not well versed in that matter either so can somebody confirm that?
So much for Nintendo's Scare-them-straight message; he visits this forum regularly, so we will definitely not be able to convince him otherwise anymore. Well, we are fine as long as he cannot harm his cart or his save by this.
I have a quick questions about battle videos. (tried searching but couldn't find the answer)

Some of the recorded videos I uploaded to nintendo WFC, cannot be retrieved later by searching with the video number.
(but they can all be retrieved on pokecheck so I guess they did upload correctly)

I've read somewhere that , only the last 5/6/7/9 videos you uploaded are kept on nintendo's server. All the previous ones will expire (or rather, be flagged as expired thus cannot be retrieved), is this true? Does anyone have more information on this?

The problem I'm having now is that I recorded and uploaded 9 videos from the VGC march tournament last weekend. While all of them show up on pokecheck, only 4 of them can be retrieved with their video number on WiFi... =\
Hi, is anyone willing to trade me a female marvel scale Dratini? I have female DW Tentacruel, Poliwag, Carvanha and Slowpoke, I also have legendaries to trade but they don't have desirable IV's or natures
A Gyarados with Avalance is impossible to get outside of the 4th gen, so is Sucker Punch Hitmontop (for that matter, any Tyrogue evo with Sucker Punch). Also, when you do not have access to Focus Punch in the 5th gen yet, you may take a look at Breloom.
I'm looking for someone to trade me a Dream World female Lillipup. I don't have too much to offer, but I can trade Pokerus, some of the old starters, and Dream World female Magby, Nidoran, Zangoose, Tangela, Dratini, Bagon, Gible, Sigilyph, Foongus, Girafarig, and Pinsir, among others.

Edit: This request has been fulfilled.
Hi all, i want to capture a Cobalion with HP ice and use it with the Mixed Attacker set, is it good the following iv spread: 30/31/30/31/31/31 (HP/Att/Def/SpAtt/SpDef/Spd) or is there a better one? Is it good a flawless Cobalion?
Thanks in advance.


Tastes Like Candy
Can anybody RNG a calm hidden power fire roserade with natural cure. I have a couple of good pokemon that I could trade for it.
I'll do this, just because roserade is just a beutiful pokemon. Please send me a VM to give full details such as egg moves and shininess
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