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Learning it is quite easy, and it can just be done quickly, unless of course your ISP clocks Pokecheck's DNS... which is another issue to face.
Hi, looking for people who can do these 2 capture projects for me:

Zapdos (shiny) Calm 31/x/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70
Fast Ball

Suicune (shiny) Bold 31/x/31/31/31/31
Dive Ball

Both must be nicknameable. Willing to pay several credits for those. Thanks!
Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody had a list of all the B/W2 egg hatch locations. I'm talking about the more minute ones, not just the major cities and routes. I want to get some cool hatch locations in my Pokemon's summaries.

HI there,

I'm going absolutly round the bend trying to grind hidden grotos for a dw polywhirl, dw vulpix and dw dragonite. Does anyone have any they can trade, doesnt matter about natures, iv's and what not, just as long as there female so I can breed the abilitys across. Only have a few dw females to trade back, do have various legendarys and shiy's to trade with though. Thanks in advance


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Thanks, caught it in a Dive Ball for now ^^

Edit: Will my Togepi still have Serene Grace in 5th gen?
Unless it's from Colosseum/XD, or is A1 from Generation 3, the ability won't ever change (and you need to evolve it for the former cases to occur).

Hope this place to ask... I'm thinking of makeing a whimsicott 252 hp 152 sp def and 100 def. With leetch seed, toxic , sub/protect, cotton gaurd... is this viable or has anyone ever tried... cause eont wanna waste a day off work if prooven sucks:(
Does anyone know how long encore lasts in platinum? Smogon says 4-8 but bulbapedia says 3-7? Also, does the turn encore is used count as a turn like with sleep? Thanks ahead of time
is it possible to get a DW eevee Female and a male eevee with wish and baton pass :)

i never really use forums but it seems this is the only way for me :(

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Does anybody have a list of which legendaries in White 2 have Wandering NPCs on their route that I need to be wary of prior to RNGing them? I've already managed Cresselia, eventually, so it's just the rest I'm looking for. Thanks!
If I want a Linoone with ExtremeSpeed, can I get myself one from RSE and breed it in 4th gen? Or do I have to RNG abuse it in 3rd gen?

And how do I know in which Pokémon Wurmple evolves?
zigzagoon with extreme speed is a pokemon box event, cant breed extremespeed

How to determine whether Wurmple evolves into Silcoon or into Cascoon

There are many hoaxes on the internet as to how Wurmple evolves into Silcoon or into Cascoon. Some say that it is determined by gender, other say it is determined by whether or not it is night or day. The truth is that it is determined from the PID of Wurmple as follows.
Look at the last 16 bits of the PID. We have called it the LID in the previous section. Convert the LID to decimal, and look at the last digit of this decimal number. If this digit is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4, Wurmple would evolve into Silcoon. If the digit is 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, Wurmple would evolve into Cascoon.
Let’s provide an example. Say a Wurmple has a PID of [5CF4091C]. The last 16 bits of the PID are [091C], which is equal to 2332 in decimal. Since the last digit of this decimal number is 2, this Wumple would evolve into Silcoon.
link to this

link to 3gen zigzag on serebii

link of pokemon box

I think NTSC version run like $50 to $100

Edit: ughhhh I hate editing
I think rng is somewhat impossible on a retail disc, it somewhat probable on a emu
Hello all,

What is the window for getting the elemental monkey from the woman at the Dreamyard in Black and White? Can you only get it before the gym, for a limited time after, or will it always be there, no matter if you beat the game or wait five years?

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