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need to know the value of the XX.

Hidden power checker
Location: Anistar City
In the house at the absolute south-east of town, you will find this Psychic. He will give you the TM for Hidden Power and then be able to check any Pokémon in your party and inform you what type the move will be should they learn it.
Thanks and thank you for the Honedge!
Hi, I have several 4IV adamant beldums for trade. I am looking for other spitbacks of not so common pokemon since I already have most of them.
I've got some 5 IV Zubats from a breeding project which kind of failed... They're from back when not all egg moves and hidden abilities were known and thus they do not have their hidden ability and they only know Brave Bird. I consider them as rather useless but I guess they could be some good breeding parents so if you want one just let me know and give something of which you think it's worth about the same. =)
Looking for a male pokemon that can breed with poliwag with 30 def and 30 Spatk ivs, 1 pokemon with def and 1 with spatk is fine also. I have 4 ivs spitbacks I can trade for each. PM me for trade please, thanks!
Bump, only need a male pokemon that can breed w/ poliwag that has 30 sptatk ivs
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Offering 5IV female, modest Ralts with Synchro and 31/xx/31/31/31/31, 5IV female, quiet Honedge with 31/31/31/31/31/xx and 4IV Honedge spitback pairings.
Looking for almost any 5IV male Pokemon, PM me if interested.
Trades im after:

Mewtwonite X --> Mewtwonite Y
Pinsirite --> Heracrossite

Can also trade BP items for 4IV+ pokémons, even Ability Capsule for needed megastone+5IV pokémon or 3x 5 IV pokémons

Spitbacks that I can trade:

, modest, sap sipper/gooey/hydration, male/female, 4 IV+ in Heal Ball, egg moves: Acid armor, curse and counter
Larvitar, sassy, male/female, 4IV+, egg moves: Stealth Rocks
Rotom, modest/timid, 4IV+
Froakie, timid, protean, male/female, 4IV+, egg moves (on some): toxic spikes
Snover, quiet, male/female, 4IV, egg moves: Leach seed, double edge and growth
Duskull, sassy, frisk/levitate, male/female, 4IV in dusk balls, egg moves: pain split
Marill, adamant, huge power, male/female, 4IV, egg moves: belly drum and aqua jet
Spritzee, sassy, healer, female, 5IV, egg moves: wish
Kangaskhan, jolly, scrappy/early bird, female, 4IV+, egg moves: stomp and double edge
Gible, jolly, sand veil, female, 5IV (-atk), not sure if any egg moves
Mareep, modest/quiet, male/female, 4IV+ in luxury ball

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where's the best place to grab gen6 "sprites" for my trade thread?

something along the lines of:

i've been using pokecheck up until now, and am aware that "animations" are a thing of the past.

... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
LF Solar Power Helioptile. I can offer 4 IV Solar Power Charmander, Rough Skin Gible and Protean Froakie spitbacks in return. Message me if you can help :)
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