Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 47 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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Is Contrary Snivy legit? If so how do you get one?
Yes. Currently, there's no way to find one in the wild; you gotta have someone trade one over to you.

Lf a male cubcho, dont care about IVs or anything
I could catch you a Beartic, would that work as well? If so, put an Illumise or Volbeat up in the GTS and ask for a lvl 30 male Beartic in return.

Lol its gone again, try a wurmple or something xD
Early route pokemon are bad GTS fodder and are generally sniped or lost among many others very quickly. Marill, Illumise/Volbeat and Spinda are far better options. Just a heads up.
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Good day everyone! Hope you guys can help me with this one...

I've been resetting for a shiny Yveltal for a while (the one with XYZ OT), and just now received one with careful nature, and it's IVs are 31/31/30/5/31/31. Do you guys think a +SpD nature Yveltal is worth keeping? Or should I try another nature for a defensive set (I found suggestions for a bold or impish nature), or aim for a more offensive one (ex: modest or timid)?

Thanks in advance!
O thanks for the tip, why is that though? Aren't early route pokemon bad?
Because a lot of people are also doing the exactly same thing as you and as result the pokemon end up lost in the crowd. Or they are just trying to complete their own dex. Wurple for example, are quickly sniped by those trying to complete XY's National Dex since it can't be found there.

Spinda, Illumise and Volbeat are low demand however, so there aren't many in the GTS ( they're easy to find ) and people are generally not looking for them ( so they won't get sniped ). Many other obscure pokemon would also work, those are simply the ones I work with due to how accessible they are.
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LF the Defog Giratina-O from the giveaway on Facebook.

This was an adamant Giratina-O in a lux ball, IVs 31/31/31/23/31/31
Defog, Shadow Sneak, Dragon Tail, Shadow Force, EVed trained with 248 Atk/ 248 Def/ 12 Spe

Please PM me if you got one or have a copy, as I missed it and REALLY want one


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Lf for any Squirtle with Yawn and/or Oddish with Teeter Dance, IVs/Gender/Ability/Nature irrelevant. The latter is actually a higher priority, as I have more resources to do the former myself (just being lazy and trying to avoid doing the legwork).
LF: Vullaby/Mandibuzz in a Luxury Ball OR somebody with a Vullaby Friend Safari
FT: Breedables (DBHA, BB, etc.)
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