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Is it possible to soft reset Giovanni’s Mewtwo in LGPE?
According to a sparse few sources, Mewtwo's Nature is randomized upon redeeming the code and cannot be soft-reset once it has been transferred to your box. It would seem that unlike past games, Mystery Gift Pokémon are immediately sent to your Box instead of handed to you by a clerk in a Pokémon Center, similar to how Pokémon Dream Radar sends Pokémon (and, by extension, the Unova Link feature in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2).

tl;dr Cross your fingers and hope the Nature you get is beneficial; otherwise, there goes the birdie.
Hi friends! How's it going? I've started up a new save file on my alpha sapphire and I am having trouble searching for hidden ability starters. I have only collected 4, but currently I am in need of a iron fist chimchar and sheer force totodile. I might also need a sniper Beedrill if possible. Thanks in advance.

My friend code is : 1693-7050-7274
Hello friends! I am trying to breed myself a shiny aerodactyl, gothita, and litwick. I cannot RNG for them and I am VERY TIRED of trying to breed using masuda method and magikarp shiny swap breeding (I have the shiny charm) with no luck. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. I already have breedject parents that I can give you so you know what I want on the Pokémon. I also want them nicknamed.

I want the aerodactyl (preferably male) to be nicknamed Petrie Rodan (The nickname can fit, I already checked).

The gothita (want shiny female) to be named Coraline after the 2009 stop motion horror film of the same name. I want it to have an HP Ice or Fire IV Spread. Whichever is easier to RNG a shiny.

The shiny litwick (preferably female, but I’ll take either) to be named Calcifer or Lumiere if male and FlamPrincess or FP Phoebe if female. I also want it to have an HP Fighting IV spread.

I have a few shiny Pokémon like shiny aggron, a shiny unnerve vespiquen, and a few others that I will trade in exchange for these Pokémon. Thank you very much in advance.
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LF a HA Zangoose in either a Premier or Great ball, lmk if you’re looking for something I can get in exchange o/

Edit: also looking for a HA Abra, HA Gyarados, HA Linoone, HA Riolu, Onix and A-Muk lines in a Safari Ball
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