Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)


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The finals we've all been waiting for, but not the one we saw coming. Both of these players have proven themselves to be true powerhouses of gen7, having fought each round in a bo3 against the very best and came out on top.

DragonWhale (JPN)
Road to the Finals: P3DS, MagikaripIsOP, LegoFigure11, jroxas
Without question senpai has had the easier road to the finals, with the last Australian Lego putting up a decent challenge before jroxas going all out and still failing in the semifinals. As the overlord of the Japanese room, DW gets to hang out and chat with the best group of players in Japan such as Yosshi senpai, udongirl san and haban kun. These players are so great that very few could challenge them (Jhon of GBR, Demantoid of USA and Brian12345 of [I'm not sure]). DragonWhale is in top notch form and it will be extremely difficult to take him down without the help of Lady Luck.

Theorymon (USA)
Road to the Finals: 6tennis, cant say, NOVED, Hulavuta
BSPL quality team right there, with the exception of 6tennis. This has got to be the toughest road to the finals one could ever have, with every round playing out like a potential finals. If 3 BSPL managers failed to stop Theorymon (which Hula even managed to bring down Jhon), then I don't even know who can. Theorymon has his own methods of playing the metagame and has successfully managed to give Hula headaches everytime they have to play each other. Theorymon has been a top player of battle spot since the inception of the game which puts him in the same generation as Jibaku and Montsegur. He may not be as dangerous as senpai, but is certainly one of the most solid player to date. How DW tries to break down this wall might be the key to victory for the Japanese.

It's come down to Japan vs USA, who will be taking the title and stand on the pinnacle of the gen7 ladder? And who will be joining Australia in the intensive training camp in 2017 so that they may get a better shot at future competitions? Find out next Friday!


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I ended up winning the tournament o_O. Did not expect that! Here are the 3 matches by the way, it was fun using some stuff I've wanted to use for a while :D. Can't wait to see how this metagame develops post bank too, I've been having a ton of fun testing stuff out this gen!

Also everyone clap for DragonWhale , those were some really good looking teams. Glad he's using Mandibuzz too, that thing rocks and has given me a LOT of trouble this gen with a lot of teams I've made.
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