Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)


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Mishmono vs Jmal98
As the strongest singles player from the helmets directly under NOVED himself, there was no way Mishi stood any real chance against Jmal unless Lady Luck was there.


jroxas vs The Squash
He should be focusing on his next match with Jmal but I guess The Squash will do just fine as a practice opponent.

GateCreeper vs LegoFigure11
Very even match up that could go either way. Lego took down the bigger opponent (Demantoid) in the previous round so he might have the edge here.

DragonWhale vs MagikaripIsOP
Old but not obsolete, DW senpai has an easier match this time around where he won't need to face any doubles or singles specialist.

kamikaze vs ethan06
I underestimated the oz man when he took down Joint with his newly found O Z-powers in just 2 games. But as you know it only has 1 PP and so now he is powerless to stop the best singles player of the CAVs, the Dark Magician. ~in kami we trust~

Hulavuta vs Jhon
Jhon's first "real" challenge. Hula may be a shadow of his former self but never count him out until the match is played out. He absolutely will need bring his A game to this match if he wants any hope in taking down the number one player.

Theorymon vs cant say
The God of RU is slightly better than Theorymon so if cant say took him down then Theorymon should be ez. But then again Theorymon has been on fire in the recent room tours (not to the extent of brian or kami) so it might be an interesting turn out.

Montsegur vs NOVED [Match of the Round]
Battle of the ROs, two powerhouse players going head to head. Will it be the old dragon (Mont) or the young tiger (NOVED)? I'm tipping for NOVED The Godsend here because as the saying goes, the new generation of talent will always prevail against the old.


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Jmal98 vs jroxas
Formerly one of the rising stars of BSS, the hiatus which jroxas took near the end of gen6 really hurt him. Jmal is a player that can easily hold his own against the very best in the Japanese room which even Yosshi senpai acknowledges his abilities. There's no more ez match ups for jroxas from this point onwards and his chances against Jmal are slim, but one can always pray to the Lady Luck.

LegoFigure11 vs DragonWhale
The Australians dominated the entirety of gen6 Battle Spot, with cant say winning multiple tours, and even leading a team to victory in BSPL (mind you, the BSPL also featured two Australian managers). Now fast forward to gen7, only one OZ left in the draw out of the four who entered. As the overlord of the Japanese room, DW is a veteran at the game, having solid foundations before Lego even started playing, meaning experience will be the key to victory for the Japanese. With that said, the last Australian will not go down without a fight, as he has taken down many top players of BSS including Feliburn (demi-GOD of RU) and Demantoid (USA No.1). Lego will have to capitalize on every opportunity if he is to take down DragonWhale at his own game.

kamikaze vs Hulavuta [Match of the Round]
The Dark Magician has a lot to thank Darth Hula for, by taking out the biggest threat in gen7 (Jhon), kami no longer has anything that might stand in his way for the title. If there is one player I will put my money on to win in any kind of big matches in BSS, it's gotta be kami. kami's biggest weapon is not his skills during a game, but his solid mentality. He can win even when the situation seems lost and he remains calm at all times whether he gets haxed or is 1 game down. The force is strong with Hula, but trying to take out kami right after taking out Jhon is a huge ask, not to mention kami vs Jhon would have been a match worthy of the finals. ~in kami we trust~

Theorymon vs NOVED
Not many saw this one coming, and fewer expected it to be in such a fashion (borderline annihilation), but Theoryman has taken out the leader of the Australian room, cant say. NOVED the Godsend had always been one of the top players in the game, but he has not won anything significant during his career. With the emergence of Saffron Side-Pups led by SammyVGC, Natalie with their back covered by none other than Jhon senpai himself, the Helmets lost the opportunity to take the BSPL title. NOVED also participated in numerous tours including the wifi and PS tour, but always falls short near the end-game. The time has come and this is NOVED's best chance to show that he's not only a great player, but a true champion. The recent ladder peak will definitely help boost his confidence levels, but will that be enough to stop Theorymon's momentum? Find out this week.


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jroxas vs DragonWhale
Unfortunately all the players who can threaten senpai are no longer in the tour. Lady Luck has been with jroxas recently so he does have a chance. 50/50

Hulavuta vs Theorymon
Two of the most dominant forces in the Battle Spot room since beginning of gen7. Their victories against big players during this tour further implies this point. Will it be Darth Hula or Jedi Master Theorymon? Find out next week.

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