Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)


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Sorry for the delay! Here are the matchups. Since I am playing, I had CoolStoryBrobat randomize the pairings to avoid any suspicion of rigging. He can confirm that these are the pairings he gave me. This is a bracket, not randomized each round.

Mishimono vs. SamVGC
Jmal98 vs. surgical_tubing
GreenGogoatttt vs. jroxas
The Squash
vs. mafreel
GateCreeper vs. qsns
Demantoid vs. LegoFigure11
vs. P3DS
MagikaripIsOP vs. fischgrat
kamikaze vs. cannibal
ethan06 vs. Joint Cena
a0161613 vs. Hulavuta
vs. mhykah
6tennis vs. Theorymon
cant say
vs. Psynergy
Solerme freekhoorn vs. Montsegur
Matame vs. NOVED

Anyone who still wants to play can sign up as a sub to replace a user who drops out or is inactive. This'll be for the first round only though.

Deadline for this will be December 3rd! Please save and post replays!


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Mishimono vs SamVGC
Good warm up match for Sam to start his journey, he will need some Singles experience if he wants to go far in this tour.

Jmal98 vs surgical_tubing
Jmal is very strong, backed up by plenty of experience on the gen7 ladder. But the 31 year veteran should prove to be a worthy match.

GreenGogoatttt vs jroxas
jroxas is alive! GreenGogoatttt didn't get any time to shine during BSPL, but appears to be skilled enough to be drafted by NOVED.

The Squash vs mafreel
mafreel's first real match, should be good.

GateCreeper vs qsns
Being part of the legendary Singles core of the Saffron Side-Pups, qsns is an extremely dangerous opponent for our KawaiiCreeper. Let's go GC!

Demantoid vs LegoFigure11
Demantoid is arguably the best all-rounder in Battle Spot, a master in Singles, Doubles and Triples. His tactical plays will easily overwhelm our man from OZ. However with that said, Demantoid isn't exactly the most "consistent" player, he is very human on certain days.

DragonWhale vs P3DS
P3DS may be a strong Doubles player of the Helmets, but DW senpai might prove to be too much for him, not to mention this is Singles we're talking about here.

MagikaripIsOP vs fischgrat
Don't let the disappointing BSPL run get to ya. Go fischgratto!

kamikaze vs cannibal
This might be the perfect opportunity for kami to test some new teams. But in all seriousness, cannibal is a decent player.

ethan06 vs Joint Cena
I won probably 7 matches out of the 50 we played during training in BSPL. ethan will need all his inner O Z-powers if he wants to emerge victorious.

a0161613 vs Hulavuta
It all depends on Hula's mood really, and how badly he wants to win this tour.

Jhon vs mhykah
Jhon is currently the strongest and most knowledgeable player in Gen7 BSS, and the hot favourite to win this entire tour. The amount of players that could even give him a challenge is few, probably less than five. Anyone who denies Jhon's skills or let their guard down will get slaughtered. Not even full preparation will guarantee a win. mhykah is not a player without skills though, and he's from Australia so that's an automatic free +3% to his win rate.

6tennis vs Theorymon
6tennis is literally unbeatable on good days but then anyone can beat him on bad days so it's just a simple 50/50 here.

cant say vs Psynergy [Match of the Round]
The only match I feel will be decided on game 3. Two top-tier players going head to head, not much else to say, there's no need to question about their skills here. It's very sad that whoever wins, a great player will be going home. OZ OZ OZ, OI OI OI!

Solerme vs Montsegur
Fate can be so cruel. Montsegur is on a recent comeback but he happened to draw one of the toughest opponents in the first round. Solerme is a man who has more than 500 gen7 match experience under his belt and only lost to hax. With that said, the Italian has a poor history with best of 3 matches, so this could be Mont's chance.

Matame vs NOVED
NOVED The Godsend going up against Doubles specialist Matameme senpai. Should be EZ win for NOVED here but he is quite vulnerable from the new gen mechanics. This will the best chance if you want to beat NOVED head on.

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