NOC Small Street Game Thread - Ended- TOWN wins!

And that would explain the no-kill last night too (on top of it possibly being in mafia's favor?) though really now, mafia have no chance of winning this game at this point
Even if you kill me and Drookez first, and Samoyed turns out to be mafia, or any combination thereof, we still win. Only way we lose is if we lynch me, Samoyed, and Drookez, and then apricity or MewtwoHidden turns out to somehow be mafia
I think samo is just caught scum because he can't kill and fruit at the same time tbh. Then again, that could be what Drookez wants us to think. Doesn't matter either way.

vote samo
I'm going to hammer tomorrow morning unless someone wants to try and change my mind.

I think best chance of mafia is unfortunately drookez right now. I mean if Samo is mafia, we just vote him once I stop getting the fruit. Or mislynch enough. Like let's say Samo is the last mafia and never kills. We mislynch everyone until samo me moody + 1. A mislynch there plus night kill leaves it as a game of who comes on before deadline. I don't think I lose that too often. I mean maybe that's what the mafia is banking on at this point which could be possible I guess...but still seems very unlikely.

I guess it doesn't matter. I'm going to stop thinking about this.

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