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Whilst I feel the squiggles do make the card less empty, to me they look slightly immature at the moment. Like something a kid would do just to fill it out a bit. Maybe you could just make the Scrafty slightly bigger? Or just neaten up the squiggles a bit.

Great project btw guys! I'm not an artist so I obviously can't contribute but I would totally buy these.


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Is there a set date to have these done by? Even if there isn't I'd still get mine done within a reasonable time frame, but a deadline does help me work a bit faster, so I'm curious.

Either way I should have mine done here within a few day's time. Very sorry for the delay.
Thanks for the advice Kirby and Corkscrew, I really appreciate it!
Instead of squiggles, I just went with lines (and imo, they do look neater than squiggles):
Instead of squiggles, I just went with lines (and imo, they do look neater than squiggles):
i don't know whether it's intended or not, but i'm a little bothered by the asymmetrical appearance of the margins and the letters. you should try to make the border have an even spacing on all four sides and the letters be similar in size. the symmetry is just a trademark of standard playing cards so i think it'll look better that way.

the other nitpick i have is that the card has too much negative space. it's just too much of that one flat color; you could try experimenting with backgrounds a bit. it doesn't really have to be elaborate or anything. it could be simplistic; some examples in this thread are veiva's and bummer's. veiva just used a simple pattern that just uses slightly different shades and doesn't detract from the whole piece at all; no sweat. bummer's is quite different, but all he did was draw silhouettes and add shadows to make up a majority of his background.

looks good otherwise though; the scrafty is nice.
Oops, I lied about using Exeggutor for Four of Clubs and decided to go with Dusclops instead:
oh neat. that dusclops looks menacing, haha. you should probably try to have the mist on its hands exude some kind of purple light on dusclops. that'd be a nice light source to establish so that the piece isn't entirely just a bunch of grays.
Sadly I won't be able to finish my art within any reasonable timeframe and I doubt it'd be able to match up to the high standards set to everyone else, as such, I have to free up the king of diamonds
I'm still working on Cofagrigus, but the process I'm using (due to a lack of skill with computer tools alone) takes a long time; it goes something like this:
1: Draw the card and scan it.
2: Make outlines using paintbrush tool.
3: Add proper color.
4: Add proper shading and minor details.
Repeat 2-4 for every part of the card (Cofagrigus, Yamask eyes, walls, floor, shadow background).
5: Resize it.
6: Make proper-sized suit.

Even though I reduced the size of the original drawing (which was much larger than the required size), it is still taking quite a while.
Yo, can I please get a 7 of Spades reserved for Breloom.

EDIT: Now, I'm not sure about the font needed for the symbols in the corners, but here you go:

Yes, I know I'm not the best artist. But get it? Bullet Seed? Ahaha...ha.

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