Smeargle Card Project

I haven't been home all day, but here's my idea for Cofagrigus:
The top of its body, the "sarcophagus," will be accentuated to look more like a club. A Yamask will be in front of it, facing it, and many Yamask (plural?) will be in the black background, their "masks" being the only part of them visible (in addition to very faint outlines of their eyes?).

I was (and will be, in a few days) working on sketches for each individual aspect, and then I'll try to "paste" them together (whether literally, if worse comes to worst, or integrating the designs), hopefully upload it, color and convert it, and finally rescale it (since the "magic wand" scanner doesn't always do that).

I have another idea involving Shuckle, but I'll take the hurdles one at a time.
I can't edit image size/dpi cause I only have my iPhone on exchange (fuck you apple for not having flash)
So yeah sorry here is the incorrect size :/


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Shouldn't there be a number / J / Q / K / A on these cards? Otherwise you can't tell what those cards represent, which is terrible for a deck of cards x_x


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Great work so far guys, as a reminder, please have the suit and card number in the corners. We may end up not using them but for now include them.
Knights of Wario Land, your large size image is the wrong dimension. I think imageshack tends to resize images so if you could reupload with something else that would be cool
Whoops apparently I forgot to actually reserve the small joker card. Anyway, it's done! I tried to go for a white(ish) colour scheme to contrast Furo's. Also apparently the font I used for the sableye card wasn't a good idea, but eh. It'll probably be changed later on anyway. Fucking mimes.

Edit: Furo >:( you posted that as I was writing my own post up. My bad!
Moar edits: I'd like to snipe the 6 o hearts with politoed if it's still available.


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I'd like to reserve the 9 of spades, going to probably do a breloom or something, maybe an azelf. Azelf have spade-ish shaped heads.

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