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Guess I got mixed up. The symmetry doesn't work at all for 3, so I'll change it to 4 if nobody minds?

EDIT: Crap, metapod ninja'd a month ago. Ace is open, so I'll make a big A.


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Well folks, it's been 9 and a half months, this thing is taking longer than a baby. I'll do my best to help finish this off, but other folks jumping back in would be great. After all, we only have a dozen cards left to fill out or so.

I'll do 3 of diamonds for reals this time. I'll call... Scizor.

In future though, if this is attempted again, don't allow people to draw their own symbol and number (example: 6 of Spades) in each corner. Apply a consistent template to each image when they're all done. Makes it much easier and nicer to use the finished deck.


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So Bummer and I are going to finish this (don't embarrass me bummer) so get in here quick and make a reservation

let's kick it off

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Can we still call these? If we're still missing QoClubs, Id gladly draw some Mega Banette art for it considering it has a body shape that matches the symbol spot-on.
If it's open, I'll do 3 of Hearts as Shuckle. I'll scrap my original plans (it took too long and didn't look very good) for something a little more minimalist like the 9 of Hearts above (difficult for me to mess up on that ;P).
Finished Shuckle.

I'm really satisfied with the way this came out; if possible (i.e. if I finish it quickly enough), I'll redo Cofagrigus in a similar style because I feel the background could use some improvement.


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I'd like to try 4 of diamonds if that's how it works. :o

EDIT: With M-Diancie

Double edit: Instead I'd like to try Nine of Diamonds, with some sort of Rock-type using Stone-Edge (not sure which yet, but I'm leaning towards Gigalith)

Triple edit: pom said she might be too busy to try out her idea involving m-diancie, so I guess I am going with it after all :so
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Allright my internet connection is weak as hell so i'm using my chance to quickly take dibs on Queen of Clubs. Will edit this post with what pokemon i'll be using tomorrow.

EDIT: Just realised that this is taken, i'm gonna do 9 (jesus christ this is taken too) 7 of Diamonds then with probably a bunch of Cabrinks in it
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Cofagrigus redone. I tried using a border like Shuckle, but it didn't look good, so I ended up having to redo the whole thing again (fortunately, I saved the different parts individually, something I've gotten into the habit of doing, so it didn't take much longer).


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Had fun with this one. +)

EDIT: Made a Suitless varient in response to DHR-107's concerns, in case that is ever required.
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I'm not really an artist, but some of you guys should really go over these and double check them to see if the Pokemon fits the suit.

There is a Cacturne representing Clubs... When he should really represent a Diamond (especially given the card in question has his "buttons" to the forefront of the design). Much like Elcheeso used Sableye's eyes to show off for the 2 of Diamonds.

Some of these designs are ace by the way. But I agree with Milun above in that they should have a consistent "cover" for the numbers/suits and what they display.
But I agree with Milun above in that they should have a consistent "cover" for the numbers/suits and what they display.
If there were a consistent art style for the project, I would fully agree, but as the project currently stands, many cards have numbers/suits that match their art style (e.g. the Honchkrow, Altaria, Garchomp, or Kingdra cards). However, I do think that it would be a good idea to offer a consistent "cover" for those who do not wish to make their own (although it might be a bit late to do anything about it now).

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