Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

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Can some make a a Rayquaza that is black and the eyes and markings on it red and can you put Giratina wings on it so i can use it as Avatar
.River thats nice. The lighting seems kind of forced, though. I like the text, I think thats the best part, and I like the simplicity of it.
Thanks for the comments. No, it is the piece. But with that style, parts of the text is supposed to be cut off.
It isn't beautifull anyway. Try it. But before you past the new staraptor in it, remove the black lines on the side of staraptors srpite
I am in need of a photoshoer to make a banner for a part of my thred. the banner should have a smooth darkgreen backgroung with streaks of light green. in the center, there shoulg be the sumorgi (however you spell his name) mantyke art picture but tinted light green in the light blue parts, and dark green in the dark blue parts, as well as the eyes tinted to look like rubys. At the top middle of the banner the words The Jade Mantyke should be written in silver or gold (whichever you think looks better) and in a fancy font.

For accepting this task and succeeding with it, I will give you any three pokemon from my thread (see sig) and one of the two pokes I will add shortly.
I need a cool avatar with linoone in it. I don't really have an specifics, those ones with the mist are sorta cool.
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