Smog Awards 2020: Results

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Shoutout to the wifi crew for taking a joke so far as to actually landing me a nom. I'll say it again, I'm impressed lol. gg wp

And a huge thank you as well to the community for giving me not only my first ever nom, but a win at that--last place in biggest weeb in denial!

I shall now go celebrate this victory by tracking down the people who voted for me :blobglare: probably staying up way too late watching anime, as is tradition. See y'all in 9 hours.
Let's GO! sf I totally did not vote for you :xenglad:


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Thanks for the votes, everyone! I appreciate the kindness, but I really should not be winning awards like Member of the Year over people like TDP and Jordy, without whom we'd barely be able to keep the lights on around here, if at all. I'm glad you guys like the hats and the stupid memes, though! :pimp:

Three out of five Dutch people for Member of the Year, btw. :v4: "Lekker af", to quote the great BKC.

im glad that my prompt submission was accepted but unfortunately, i dont know any of these people. im sure you are all incredibly skilled fighers.


total clefairy is too powerful and must be stopped. the guy is now the centerpiece of a full blown cult. at least i can put this ranking on my resume.
hey amaranth you’re a bigger weeb than shiny finder apparentlyView attachment 324472
1. you should have tagged me if you wanted me to see this in a timely fashion and you're lucky i saw it at all

2. i insist i am not a weeb though i do not know shiny finder so it is possible that their percentage of weebness is even lower than mine (which, to be perfectly clear, is firmly below 1%)
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