Smogoff CAP - Next Phase TBC (current progress in post #506)

would you like to do a stats stage (don't be a dick and vote for both yes and no)

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"ass horse" is frankly degrading, not to mention that its intended function(s) is in clear & obvious contrast to our goal of making a "normal" horse

"i'm a horse" is innocent enough on the surface, however, it essentially looks down on the player (and the horse) by outwardly implying that we're idiots - we all know it's a horse, we don't need it announced to us

"horsing around" is marginally better than the above two, but it's still very arbitrary in which moves it powers up (what about heabutt? play rough? not even stomping tantrum?) and finds itself as a very hard sell

"bulletproof" is therefore the best of the bunch, as it protects our horse from malicious hunters and the like, or perhaps a stray bullet when that one guy fires his gun at horse races to signal that the race has started. however, not even this ability is perfect. the sad reality is that horses are not immune to bullets and it wouldn't make sense for our normal horse to be either

it is for these reasons that i change my vote to only normalize. i dont think i could cope if the horse got shot though
Disappointed in y'all, can a normal horse only do normal things? Should it have a unique talent and individuality, or should it be a carbon copy of the generic "horse" image? Giving our horse only normalize would be a disservice to it's true potential as a horse and restrict it's options. I believe all horses should be free, with the choice to deviate from normalcy if they want to. Reject only normalize, embrace freedom.
Can we make a normal horse with Normalize only OP? Is that even possible?
Absolutely, every move gets an effective 80% power boost and only 3 types can hold it off outside of Inverse Battles. If our concept was to work around a defective ability, then nothing else would be needed. However our concept is normal horse, and horses should be free to roam, so I maintain my vote for Run Away.
horsing around
i'm a horse

ass horse overrated
you know when i said "vote for one"

results from people who can count:
1 vote (lol): break a leg, run away
2 vote (bit better): bulletproof
6 vote ((glenn) close but no cigar): horsing around, a*ss (ass) horse
8 vote (ding ding ding we have a winner): no more abilities/normalise only/fuck tha dream world
despite initial controversy & a late entry, the option for "empty ability slots #2 & #3" has won out! that makes things wonderfully simple moving forward. jolly well done whoever started the abilityless movement.

now that we have a typing and an ability we (as ordained by the will of the public) need some stats! joy. not making this too complicated: post a stat spread you feel is appropriate for a normal horse & it'll go into a vote. same sort of deal as the previous stages. don't be silly

if you posted a stat spread before when you weren't meant to:
a) you're a muppet
b) i will not be taking that into account so you'll have to post it again

also!!!!!! we are starting movepool this week!!! how efficient.

what you are going to do is this:

1) post a list of moves you feel our normal horse should have (in no particular order) (please do not be silly and post millions of moves)
2) i will collate the submitted moves in some fashion and we will vote yes/no on them
3) bish bosh full moveset

so yea do that. 1 week blah blah blah you know the drill. also sorry this is a little bit later than expected i was having fun with the lads

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