Playoffs Smogon Classic VIII - Playoffs [Won by august]

this really makes me smile ear to ear not gonna lie. tim you're one of the nicest and easiest to love people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting, both online and off. your infectious positivity and energy is so incredibly good for me to be around and i can safely say you made many a dark day (often significantly) brighter for me, especially when the pandemic first hit. congratulations and don't let the messiness of the series deter from the fact that you fully deserve this victory. you worked your ass off all tournament long and just won a trophy going through both abr and soulwind in the playoffs, which is nuts. i'm proud of your victory and even prouder to get to call you a friend.


you’re a voice that never sings
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i won against SoulWind, ggs


i never expected to be in this position ever again, so i'm at a bit of a loss for words. when i came back to smogon in 2018, i came back for team tournaments while i was finishing my PhD, not for individual tournaments. i met a lot of great people who would go on to be incredibly supportive, both for personal matters and for Pokemon, of course. a special shoutout in particular to ABR, Star, obii, TDK, teal6, elodin, and bruno. to adam in particular, your drive, knowledge, and willingness to help friends is incomparable. i wouldn't even be here without that hp water gengar ;-)

i bounced ideas off a lot of people during this run, in particular the apex boys McMeghan, Mana, GaryTheGengar, Heroic Troller, Jirachee, the Cabal. the only reason that i even came back to play individuals is because of a conversation with roro in 2020, where he asked if i'd ever compete again. i promised him that i'd give it an honest try after i finished my dissertation, and this was the result. thank you roro for being my biggest fan and one of my closest friends on this site.

thank you to NorthEast for taking me back after BKC messaged me out of nowhere on facebook of all things. thank you WWDL and "The Jerk" (trademark) for all of the lovely conversations, support, and FFAF's.

normally i don't look good in white, but i think i can get used to this.
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congrats bro, you already know what I think of you and your Pokemon skills, but it's been great talking Pokémon and other things with you in the recent years, your DPP in particular impresses me a lot

SW you're amazing for consistently making such deep runs in all these tournaments, absolute monster

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