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Welcome to the second iteration of the Smogon Exhibition, a place for the Official and Core Metagames not in SPL to compete in a team tournament setting. This year's tournament will be co-hosted by myself and Merritt. 8 teams will compete over the course of 9 weeks to determine the second Smogon Exhibition champions!

Make sure you've read the Standard Tournament Rules

The scheduling guide as well


Relic Castle Fossils (2) vs Striaton City Snackers (6)

SM Ubers: byronthewellwell vs Terracotta
SM Ubers: Eternal Spirit vs skysolo14
SM LC: Sken vs Osh
SM LC: fatty vs LilyAC
SM PU: Hamhamhamham vs Lycans
SM PU: EviGaro vs Shaneghoul
SM Monotype: Wincon vs Harpp
SM Monotype: Empo vs Attribute

Victory Road Elites (4) vs Dragon's Den Drakes (4)

SM Ubers: CKW vs Melle2402
SM Ubers: Gondra vs Holy Break
SM LC: vooper vs Kingler12345
SM LC: Wabane vs Plas
SM PU: tcr vs TJ
SM PU: rozes vs TonyFlygon
SM Monotype: Havens vs Vid
SM Monotype: GotCookies vs Sabella

Cinnabar Firedogs (3) vs Mauville City Magnets (5)

SM Ubers: Sharow vs Garay oak
SM Ubers: Alkione vs z0mOG
SM LC: Heysup vs Xayah
SM LC: Luthier vs BurntZebra
SM PU: Rexus vs Robert Alfons
SM PU: Taskr vs Exiline
SM Monotype: Waszap vs Chaitanya
SM Monotype: Catalystic vs Zepherox

Alolan Island Hoppers (5) vs Lake Valor Guardians (3)

SM Ubers: tko vs FLCL
SM Ubers: GarbodorIsHot vs lax
SM LC: HT vs Mikaav
SM LC: London13 vs Shrug
SM PU: LordST vs ima
SM PU: Kushalos vs passion
SM Monotype: Arifeen vs Many
SM Monotype: MJ vs trash
Deadline is Sunday, February 17th 11:59 PM GMT-2 (8:59 PM EST)
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I've honestly being trying to find some way to describe this abomination I was forced to have on my screen for 72 whole turns. 72 turns. This mon only has 80 PP total. The entire replay was 99 turns. 72.73% of this battle was spent looking at this ball of iron and vines not have a single non status move. As Steelskitty would say, "nice prep"
But then again, what do I know? I didn't even get drafted so I'm clearly an inferior player.


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