Smogon Frontier VII [Won by reyscarface]

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Congrats, rey. I was initially salty that you challenged after we were already at the end, but I can't really fault you. I wanted the best players to brain, and you did. If we had to be beaten, I would have preferred this way over any other. A trophy after six years, finally.

And...a few thanks are in order. First, I want to thank Joim/Layell for helping to implement the symbols and Bloo/Aldaron for helping with the TD stuff. Second, I want to thank everyone who came out and challenged the Frontier. Frontier could not exist without two major parties, the challengers and the brains, and hosting it entails striking a good balance between the enjoyment of both parties. Given the state of last year's Frontier, I tended to err more to the side of the brains this year. I still feel like it was the right decision, but I apologize if our "johning" resulted in excessive inconvenience to any challenger and thank everyone for their understanding. Third, I want to give due credit to Ojama for volunteering and then playing and winning a shitton of matches. I'm sorry we couldn't resolve our differences. And finally, I would like to thank all of M Dragon, BKC, SoulWind, reyscarface, Philip7086, ifm, gr8astard, undisputed, dragonuser, bro fist, ShakeItUp, Vinc2612, and august for committing their time and effort to braining. It was truly a pleasure working with all of you; despite ultimately losing, we took it closer than any recent Frontier, and I think that definitely reflects how solid we were. I'm sorry we couldn't close it out and keep our symbols, but I hope the recognition you get for being some of BW2's best is reward enough.

Hosting this year has been an enlightening experience; hopefully, we can resolve some of the wrinkles that showed up this year for next season. Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed in any way, shape, or form to this season of Frontier.

One last thing:

[14:11] <&McMeghan> i plan to not even john too much this year Eo
you suk
Congrats Rey and like i already said: Thanks for hosting Eo!

C'mon Heist, just win Grand Slam. You're long overdue for an individual trophy.

Have a nice day
Saw that post with badabing tearing CTC apart.. CTC's balls got shot
badabing's LA teammate gave this frontier the same treatment CTC got

''My frontier will be undefeated'' that's what Eo Ut Mortus said
This mother fucker must have slip, fell, and bumped his mother fucking head
Cause in one week, i see two asian niggas dead. (CTC and Eo are both asian for you slow ass mother fuckers)

Eo hosted the frontier and it failed, that doesn't even come as a shock
Nigga tried hard, had high hopes, and did not walk the walk
I agree with heist his decisions sucked cock
You put yourself in the frontier panel? nigga did your head get hit by a rock?
speaking of rocks, you're so bad right now you'd even get ouplayed by a rock.
you're even worse than CTC trying hard to be funny with his nigga-talk
Pretending he a black gangster, when he never even seen a glock
well maybe when he's watching RoboCop
Posting that basedgod, gif shit.. nigga just stop
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You aint no tough shit, i bet lonelyness can beat you in a fight
MAN.. you are so white.. you are even whiter than white
you're the whitest nigga on this website
You're not black, to everyone reading this.. he's asian guys
he probably can't see it through that mirror with them slanted eyes
hell this nigga never seen a fried chicken, he's all about that fried rice
Badabing broke the truth out, cause he fed up of your lies

anyway congrats to rey, you deserve this trophy bro.
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