Smogon Frontier VII [Won by reyscarface]

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is an absolute ape
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Fuck off guys. Thunderblunder is an ou / uu expert with a high intimidation factor and a whopping 1 year of experience under his belt. I think that the people on this forum are just way too arrogant and some of you chimpanzees could only hope to have an 8.5 gameplan score with an overall score of 8.2 while being an expert in scarf chomp teams. I credit Dr. Thunderblunder because I found his thesis on sun stall to be fascinating and I'm really looking forward to next semester when I can take intro to Heavy Offense with him.

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change of plans, soulwind already left for the day so i guess we will play tomorrow

mdragon / eo / whoever if you can please tell him to not just leave so early because I have uni and my schedule varies from day to day so idk if I can get on at 12 my time


The only thing I look up to is the sky
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at least it wasn't papai

anyways congrats rey, while some brains may still be salty over individual matches no one can deny that you are an amazing player and definitely deserve a trophy.
Congrats Rey, well deserved bro.

Edit: Nothing against you, but personal conflict do not have any business here.
congrats to reyscarface, you finally got that trophy

thanks a lot to eo for letting me brain, plus all the brains for being awesome guys and always willing to help
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