Smogon Grand Slam - Season 1 Finals [Won by Ciele]

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Lost NU
Lost UU
Lost LC

Ok, now I'm going to explain how this series fucking sucks.

The NU one I missed 2/2 Will-o-Wisp and he killed me with his 80% move. Then, he hit me twice with a 85% move and CH me twice and kill my wall who can't be killed, only by 2 stupid crits.

The UU one I was thinking about the NU thing and I played like a dumb and he won, my fault.

The LC one, I missed a 80% move on a pokemon that killed me 2 pokemon and then, he burned me ( with that pokemon ) with his 10% chance and missed another 80% move and die.

GL in future rounds blarajan, but this series was the worst I have seen in years.

I saved the NU one and the UU one, but que LC no because I raged after all this shit and forgot it, sorry.
I read that with his voice.

Anyways, predicting Bloo and Blarajan for the finals.
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