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There is enough interest, so we'll play. There won't be specific signups but I'd like feedback on what day would be the best: Fri, Sat or Sun, 10 PM GMT+2. I can host it on multiple days if needed. If no feedback is given, we'll play on Friday.
Upon reading The Confirmation, I suggest you think of your character's backstory and also why and how they joined the society. There will be RP and if you don't appreciate it the scenario will punish you in a very appropriate way.
This will be hosted on Sunday at 10:30 PM GMT+2 (3h 45min prior to this timestamp). Delay up to 1h possible. Gathering up on #flamel, will probably play over IRC/Google Docs unless everyone has a roll20 account.
Next PFS scenario will be hosted by me on either Monday the 30th December or between 2nd and 6th January at 10.30 PM GMT+2. Scenario will be some s5 thingy. Any tier except the high ones. Probably either You Have What You Hold or some other s5 mid-tier scenario.

Can also host a tier 1-5 one from any season. GM stars FTW!
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After lengthy talks with the players, this stands:

A season 5 PFS scenario for tier 1-5, The Stolen Heir, will be held by me online on Sunday 29th December at 10.30 PM GMT+2.
Do you want to play a level 1 module, Crypt of the Everflame on Thursday starting 10.30 GMT+2? Would probably cut game in half and continue in Friday night. This module would give 3 EXP. If I get three players this will be hosted unless it won't.
I'm sorry but it seems there is a possibility I'm not home at the scheduled time after all so to be safe I'll postpone hosting the module by a week...

New, tentative time for the scenario would be Saturday the 11th January at 10.30 PM GMT+2. This module will take even longer than an usual PFS scenario so I think it should be carefully scheduled.

This module will be a dungeon crawl that is about as difficult but less peaky than Thornkeep Floor 1. However resting is much more limited here. Plan accordingly.
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I am planning to host You Have What You Hold, a tier 3-7 PFS scenario on 8th February starting between 10.30 PM and 11 PM GMT-2. It is a pompous scenario with unique elements. Also PIRATES.
I have next week off. This means that I can and will host stuff. I will host Destiny of the Sands—Part 1: A Bitter Bargain. Content in “A Bitter Bargain” also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Osirion, Qadira, and Sczarni factions.

We will use Roll20. This is tier 1-5.
Sunday the 2nd March or Tuesday the 4th are the earliest dates I could host. Post time preference here if interested (anything from Tuesday onwards works as well). Time is 9:30 PM GMT+2 (an hour earlier than usual but if that's difficult for you it can be postponed to 10:30).
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At the moment it seems we would be playing on Thursday the 6th, same time. Any objections?

Edit: Thursday 6th March 11 PM GMT+2 is the current timeslot we're aiming for.
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