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I have very irregular IRC access here so posting instead:

I can play Rivalry's end if it is hosted this Saturday as per topic; earliest I can come is 10:30 PM GMT+3 ie. exactly the timestamp of this post. Due to laptop I can stay up late but please don't have it start much later or I will be less useful due to tiredness.
To clarify my schedules:

During weekdays I have little time for IRC but if there is a scenario, I can stay up to play it about once a week - on weekdays. If you intend to host something on weekdays I'd appreciate if the info reached me on time so I don't go to sleep.

On weekends (Friday evening onwards) I can play scenarios as usual.

Not regretting that I didn't get to play Rivalry's end, it's fine but we should get back to the habit of announcing scenarios both in this thread and in #flamel topic.

Normally I'd have a smiley here or at the end of the last paragraph but my avatar does that better.
Sorry Agape; I regret that I didn't announce it beforehand. But what with my...ability to play nowadays, I only announced it as soon as I had the opportunity.

But I'm sure you'll love it when you DO play it. :D

Ok, so I've decided on Among the Gods (3-7) at Wednesday 5:00 P.M. GMT -4

Just a few things though; I'm going to try to work on getting scenarios ran more efficiently and getting them done within 4-5 hours, so I'm going to be trying a few things. Mainly:

-Turns will be timed. You'll have 90 seconds to take your turn or you lose it. Granted, if things become more complicated or if you have to afk or it's a life or death situation you'll not be subject to the time limit, but please try to keep things moving.

-The channel will be on +m and players will be voiced. If conversation begins to derail off topic I'll ask you to please take it to #flamel. If you keep filling chat with off-topic OoC chatter after repeated warnings, your voice will be taken away until your turn comes up.

So yeah.

-Agape (wednesday or thursday)
-GeneralSpoon (sometime)
-Objection (Sometime after 5 P.M. GMT-4)
These efficiency improvement ideas don't sound bad at all, worth a try.

I'm interested in playing but I cannot do Monday, starting between 2:30 and 3:30 GMT-4 would be best for me. Thursday would be the best day for me but Wednesday would work as well if it is announced beforehand so I can arrange that evening free. Thanks for posting this, a thread post is more informative than 100% IRC planning.

Releasing Nyx' bio soon, we should make a new PF RP thread where all RP logs, bios and journals would go to, or just start using this thread and adjust topic and OP accordingly.
I am interested in playing a scenario. As long as a level 4 character can play, I don't mind which scenario is chosen. I don't have any preference for a day but for a time the earliest I can be reasonably sure I'll be on time for is 5:00 PM GMT-4.
I will be hosting We Be Goblins Too this Saturday (July 20th) at 10:30 GMT+3 (7 hours back from this timestamp).

However there are only 4 goblin premades available (you could play a real goblin character if you had the con boon though) so I'm taking RSVPs for this. Links to premades are a few posts up by Ullar. The module gives 1 XP and 1 PP which can be applied to any level 2-4 PFS character. If you die in this scenario it affects your real character unlike in WBG, but in WBGT you can raise dead+restore your character for a discounted price of only 5PP.

RSVP list:
- LW
I will be hosting The Way of the Kiren (Tier 3-7) on Saturday, August 3rd at 2:30 GMT -5. We will be using a virtual table-top,, and GoogleHangouts for voice. Unfilled seats will be filled on the day of the scenario. Please RSVP with the class and levels of the character you plan on bringing (this will not lock you into a character; it is just helpful).

EDIT: You will need an account on, btw. It is free though, and takes not long to set up.

1. Fighter 3 (Agape)
2. Pregen 4 (LightWolf)
3. Sorcerer 1/Bard 3 (Temp)
4. Oracle 5 (StarmanXL)
5. Cavalier 5 (Maxim)
6. Inquisitor 4 (ginganinja)
Alt 1.
Alt 2.
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