Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 1

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Lost to AM 0-4.
Well i hadnt a chanced to win cause the match-up. Sorry Guys
E: I am good at using this team and i played great normally you shoulda 6-0 me lol
e².1 CRIT it was one crit which didnt mettered lol

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and that's why you should've used your own team, which you know how to use. GG

edit: i would have, if not for the crits on both mons who died


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List of people you should just uninstall whatever pokemon sim you guys are using if you lose to in spl or any other tournament:

Yee and I agreed to play now, and I have been on waiting for him and he did not show. I am most likely going to be inactive for the remainder of the week, and if things change then disregard this post.

Otherwise, he missed the time we agreed to play, I waited 40 minutes for his arrival and this was stupid. He wasted my time, and my teams time for they wanted to watch.
Hi. Could someone help me find what team I'm a part of. I said I was missing the first week in January on the sign ups and I'm back. I missed the auction. Can I still join the tournament?
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