Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 4

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Earlier this week I was late for an appointment. I know it was because of that red traffic light, and don't even think I still wouldn't have made it if it were green.
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bs johns

i would have came on earlier but there was an accident on the highway i take on my way home so i was stuck in traffic for two hours


i hope blue star can be online past his bedtime tomorrow cause i work until 8 PM EST and am usually not home until like 8:30.

(we had agreed to play today)
hey hey hey it was not exactly like that >_>

first, i asked you to play saturday, but then you said friday was better because you could play at any time, and i accepted, saying that i would be online at 5 PM est.

i understand that the traffic is a bitch at that time and that i didnt tell you that i would have to sleep early (i had church at 6 AM today), but still...

anyways, i think i can convince mom to let me sleep late today so hopefully we can play

Sorry, i was trying to accommodate the extreme time difference by playing at a time where I only had about a 15-20 minute gap, and I thought we could have started right at the time we set. it's k though, well get this done soon.

Sweet Jesus

Neal and Jack and me, absent lovers...
my poke full para but then got a crit to equal things up. Final miss gave malektih the win though I might have needed a crit or flinch to win.

I dont think it was neccessary to post here, but won't hurt to clearify.

MOET said he could not play on PO before the battle, so we played on PS.
He was lagging vry much, and even he being my friend, I had to leave later, and the battle had 50 mins on turn 22... So, I was forced (not by anyone u idiots) to press the kick inactive player button.
I read the rules before doing it, warned him, but just pressed it 2 turns after saying I would, not 1 as it would be correct (lol, stupid rule, but w/e). He lost due to inactivity not more than 3 turns later. I didnt want to take the win, having the option to do so or not, so I asked if he could finish it on PO. He said the only day he could use PO was tmrw.

So, we scheduled a time tomorrow, diff teams, for some reasons we discussed.


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i beat razzles in a gg, love ya bud

also would like to throw props to pedrock and frogs for rematching, we really appreciate it
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