Smogon Premier League IX - Finals [Won by the Wi-fi Wolfpack]

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Oh boy where do I even begin. First of all, ggs to the raiders, was an incredibly intense series, could barely even watch at times. Being on the wolfpack this season was such a great experience. Everyone was always a positive chat presence and made the whole season fun n_n. Now into the shoutouts.

TonyFlygon - First off, I’d like to say how much I always loved getting your motivational pregame messages, always warmed my heart to read them <3. The main point you always had as to play with no regrets, and I feel I did that. Thank you for all the help and team advice you gave me throughout the season, and trusting me to pull in some UU wins. Hope I made you proud. You are the best manager a player could ask for. Extremely nice, easy to talk to, helpful and a hard worker. Our team wouldn’t have got here if not for all the work you put in pre-draft and post-draft. It’s awesome to see your hard work finally pay off, enjoy the red :winners:

KratosMana - It sucks how the end of this season turned out for you, as you helped this team as much as anyone. I have had the pleasure of teaming with you for both of my team tournament experiences, and always enjoyed interacting with you. I appreciate everything you have done for me and you deserve this trophy as much as any wolfpack member.

ABR - Having the chance to team with adam for the first time was truly a pleasure. I have never seen someone work so hard for his team and I’m glad it paid off. Not only did you build your own teams, you helped out in pretty much every tier you could. Building teams for ORAS, testing in pretty much every tier, and even building an NU team one of the weeks when we were stuck for an idea. There is no player I would have rather had playing in the deciding game, and you pulled it through big time. Hope to team with you again in the future.

Trosko - First off, along with multiple other teammates, your gassing was top tier :]. That aside, you were amazing help to both our SM OU and ORAS preps, always giving tons of response after you woke up and read the chat. You got unlucky at points but you still had a really solid season, and are very solid player.

Cynde - Going into the season, I hadn’t talked to you much before, other than scheduling for UU Majors n_n. I’m definitely glad I got to know you better, and this season prepping UU with you was a blast. I know the season didn’t go like you wanted as far as record, but you didn’t let that get you down and you were still a great chat presence. Not only that, you continued to put loads of time into helping void and then me prep and make teams. You also tested with me whenever you could, which greatly helped, even though our time zones didn’t always sync up. Lets go destroy UUPL together! :blobcheer:

soulgazer - Definitely one of the most wild members of the wolfpack right here. Even so, you are definitely one of the best lower tier players I’ve watched and your SPL record in previous seasons as well as this one show that. I hope that all the test games I did contributed :3. I know you were very nervous for this tiebreaker, so I hope you are now at ease!

Rodriblutar - Rodri! Even though you only joined midseason(could have been the whole season), you were a great chat presence and team member when you were here. You stepped in when our NU was struggling and helped out alot. Your english is also top notch, always put me in a good mood :). Glad to see you have now evolved.

shiloh - Even though you weren’t officially on the team, you were as much of a wolf as any of us. The time you put in building countless nu teams until you found the right one didn't go unappreciated. You also helped test in so many tiers(including uu) which i definitely appreciated. You even made scouting reports for whoever needed them every week, which was a huge help to everyone. Your a great guy and I always enjoy talking with you. Hope you like the name change!

Earth - I know this wasn’t your ideal first team tournament, but you are still a great player and were a good chat presence as well. It’s rough but you and I both know you have a lot of potential. I’m glad you still enjoyed the rest of your season and it was a pleasure teaming with you!

Updated Kanto - Kantoat! What a 3k buy you were. Even though your tiebreaker game didn’t go your way, you were fantastic throughout this season. As a 3k buy, you went above and beyond what was expected, especially proving the power rankings completely wrong. Some of the plays you made this season had me like “was this guy really 3k”? Props to an awesome season and I hope to see you continuing to do well :].

SoulWind - We didn’t get to talk much but it was very enjoyable watching you play bw, and I even learning a bit myself. The fact that you clutched out two tiebreaker games for us is insane and just shows the caliber of player you are. Even through the hax you always kept it calm and had a stellar season. Keep on goating, and go win OST!

Void - Voidman, first a thinking man, then played some UU, then back to thinking, and now is trying his hand at VGC. What can’t this man do! For real, after an ok first half of the season, you came out blazing after making the switch from UU back to DPP. You played exceptional well down the stretch, including going 2-0 in playoffs. Hope to see you continue this success in world cup!

Astamatitos - I don’t know a lot about ADV, but I always enjoyed watching your games and similar to BW I learned a bit. The hax gods were not kind to you this season, but I hope you don’t let your final record get to you, because you were amazing all season. When it mattered most, you played in our semis tiebreaker and pulled out the win. I don’t think anyone could ask anymore from you this season, was great teaming with you! :blobcheer:

Fear - OML fear, I can’t tell you how nerve racking your game was vs the ruiners. Even so, I had complete faith you’d pull it out, and you sure did. Your GSC all season was on point, and your small speeches before our important games were very motivating. Also the amount of prep you put in every week was insane, worked very hard for the record you got. It was great watching you every week and thank you for the teams you gave me for GSC UU, they carried me through the tournament :].

The Idiot Ninja - When I first saw you on the team, I didn’t know what to expect. However, you quickly proved to me and everyone else that you are a fantastic player with your very good start. I know the second half of the season wasn’t everything you wanted, but overall you were a terrific rby player for us. Your prep was always outstanding, and it was fun to see some of the creativity you brought. Your help with some of the other old gens and doubles was also great, and I hope to keep seeing you succeed in the future! #NoRbySunday

Nails - The VGC master Nails. Was very enjoyable interacting with you on the team and spamming shaymin emojis with you :shaymin:. You were a great help to multiple of our older gens, especially during our semis tiebreak in ADV, doing a lot of test games and providing valuable advice. Not much else to say, expect your gassing was also top tier :3. And good luck in your future VGC tournaments!

Mana - One of the best chat presenses any server could have, you always made the chat fun and interactive. Not only that, you gave lots of valuable insight to our sm gens and oras, and well as doing a lot of games with kanto, myself and others. Thank you for the work you put in and I hope we can team again in the future. Also can’t wait to compete with you in grand slam :blobnom:

RU Helpers - All 4 of you(Nat, MrAldo, lighthouses, col49) deserve a huge thank you for carrying sg. Joke aside, you were all helpful to the success of our RU throughout the season. Thank you nat and aldo specifically for helping me with my team when I played n_n.

DOU Helpers - Paraplegic and sam-testings, both of you were great additions to out dou channel. I don’t know much about doubles but you guys were always very insightful and I thank you for the work you put in.

DPP Helpers - Once again, thank you crayon pop and PDC for the help you guys gave in picking and making teams. Couldn’t have done this without you guys.

I guess that’s it. Thank you guys again for making this such a great experience and I hope to team with you all again.

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Going to try to keep this short. I just wanted to say thanks to the raiders for drafting and trusting me every week, and especially Pearl for helping me a lot with building. My season and our season as a whole obviously didn't end the way I had hoped but overall it was a fun tournament and it was good getting to know you guys. Also thanks to my bros who accepted by endless test games, you know who you are.
After 15 strenuous weeks this tournament has finally come to its conclusion. It's been a tournament of mixed emotions and many realizations for me during it's course. But suffice to say it's been fun nonetheless. We've had a nerve wracking journey through playoffs for sure, after cruising for most of regular season, but I feel that it made the prize all the more enjoyable to earn.

Before i get into personal shoutouts, i'd also like to commend the Team Raiders, and not in a patronizing way. They raised a fierce opposition and were able to step up their game to insane amounts, with respect to our previous exchange before playoffs.

TonyFlygon: You my friend, were a stellar manager this season. Knowing your character from Wolfpack 2017, I was thrilled when you extended your arm towards me and Fear in early November asking whether we'd be interested in joining you in the coming SPL.

As far as the season goes, you exhibited all the qualities that a manager should have in SPL. From the big things; finessing your way into getting strong retains, going through very thorough scouting for new talent, ensuring team atmosphere is just right to carry us on throughout the tournament, all the way to the little things; ensuring your player isn't beating himself over after a tough loss, ensuring our team imports are right and we are on the right mindset to play.

It's been an honor working with you and I'm looking forward to working with you in more tournaments to come.

KratosMana: Anti, 'robbery' wouldn't be a strong enough word to describe what happened. You are just as deserving as everyone else on this team to carry the red trophy and the team victory, but alas this Smogon scene is too cutthroat in this day and age. Always helpful and often critical of the teams we planned on bringing, you were an integral part of the Wolfpack. I don't blame you for the reservations you had of me going into the tiebreak game against Ruiners, but I'm glad I received your token of faith by the end of that discussion.

shiloh: The battling aspect of our administration. Tony told me you'd be joining the Wolfpack once again to my delight! We struck a strong friendship last year in the wolves and having you breathed an all too familiar air to last year's. Tryhard as always, you provided our starters with scouting info first thing Monday morning, and countless if not endless test games. And that was on top of building for our NU slot each week.
Despite being a rather controversial figure in the community, you doing all that with no personal benefit other than dedication to the Wolfpack should show to everyone the true nature of your altruistic personality. I hope we team up in many more tournaments to come friend!

Fear: Since our initial return in 2016 and to many people's surprise, you've been taking the pilot seat of GSC because of me, despite your ubiquitous success in ADV (considered one of the top 10 players in the NetBattle era). Thankfully, this didn't hinder you at all, and to my great delight I've watched you from the sidelines establish yourself into the most dominant GSC player of this season, proving that your battle instincts are second to none.

This trophy's been overdue my friend. It's been a long journey since our initial ploys in early November when we were trying to find ways to get on the same team in SPL. I'm glad all our hard work both pre-season and during the season paid off. I feel that you left the entirety of Wolfpack in awe, both with your analysis during the week as well as your plays during the actual games. I wish more of our friends in NetBattle/Atq were here to watch your SPL journey. You truly were way above the competition this year.

Next time I am back home we are raising a glass for many more tournament victories to come!

ABR: You put the term 'overachiever' to shame. You've spent an insane amount building and helping for 10 other tiers concurrently, which is an insane feat. Often i'd find the way you questioned on our builds to be your way of probing for answers, allowing you to better understand our tiers. Suffice to say, we are all indebted to you for this trophy victory. I am glad your hard work gave the result you deserved. You have the champion mentality, and at the rate in which you've been progressing, I wouldn't be surprised to see you starting in an old gen sometime next year provided the roster needs you to.

Cynde: You are one of the most cheerful team presences in the pack. I didn't pay much attention to our lower tier games, but what I can tell you as far as tournaments go is that there are gonna be outliers in terms of results and we just need to keep pressing on. I sympathize with you in that. I hope everything is alright with you IRL after what happened to you during one of the weeks, you are a strong person that will make it through this. I enjoyed the few test games we did in ADV, but more so i enjoyed the memes you regularly post in the pack.

Earth: Trap connoisseur Earth. Again, I haven't been really paying attention to our lower tier games, mainly because they leave me way over my head. But as far as teammates go you were great. I'm also glad we quarantined you to the To-Trap-Or-Not-To-Trap channel as I begun getting weird looks at work shortly after SPL started.

marilli: Master Snorlax wielder. My most memorable game of you was the week one game where we needed to clutch a tie against the Ruiners, and boy did you come through. You got some bad breaks, particularly the finals week game against Sam, where we ran into one of the WOAT matchup, but c'est la vie. I still considered you a solid slot for the majority of the tournament and enjoyed your team presence in the chat.

Nails: Having you on the team helped recreate the friendly team-atmosphere we had last year in the pack. Not only that, but being the incredibly talented player that you are, you were able to help us a metric ton in RBY and ADV. You made sure to make a punching bag out of me when i was testing inherently flawed teams, which helped me make my mind when it was decision time. Possessing the cold logic that you do, you helped support me and made sure i didn't fall into a gambler's fallacy mindset when RNG wasn't going in my favor.

PokeTCG gamer1288: A pretty chill and laid back personality, you were the sub every team wishes to have. You stepped up for us when the Fakes ban came about and you did not disappoint. Incredibly solid in your play, you went 2-0 in playoffs against two very strong opponents. I'm glad to have been on your team man.

Rodriblutar: Rodri you adjusted into our team almost immediately, we were all looking forward to playing with you since the beginning. However, waiting until midseason was the right thing to do, and it saved the wolfpack .5k to top it off. Your play is incredibly solid and it's always good seeing new players having a passion for methodical play like you do.

soulgazer: I've got to admit, before we teamed up we had a bit of static between us in the stours discord. However once we did I realized that you were merely being territorial towards anyone outside your team/circle. You went mother grizzly mode everytime a teammate played, and you made sure to let everyone know whenever our guy was doing well. You have incredibly high standards and that transmited to the team, making us willing to meet them. 10/10 would team up with you again.

SoulWind: I feel that Fear's summary of you, 'a quiet storm' was probably the best description overall. I was ecstatic when i found out you were to BW for us back in the early draft stage, especially given the mutual respect we had for eachother before this event. Laconic and straight to the point, you racked up wins for us week after week, winning us two tiebreak games to top it off, giving the team a pulse. I'm glad we were able to win this trophy together, you've had it long overdue!

The Idiot Ninja: I gauged you early during RoAPL last year and saw that you had true passion for RBY. You were tryharding week after week, even if it was a tournament no one really cared for. And you showed extreme knowledge of the tier. When Tony asked me for under the radar 3k RBYers i suggested Roudolf13 and you to him as possible candidates, which they then proceeded to tryout. You met and exceeded our expectations and you were part of the initial momentum wave that helped the Wolfpack avalanche into a tournament winning team. You should take your long overdue break and then return into RBY, as it's a gen that really fits your playstyle and have yet to reach a ceiling in.

Trosko: You believed in the team from day one and you showed incredible dedication to the cause throughout the tournament. It's been great watching you play, except that one time where the google chrome bug caused you to almost drop a game in regular season, that one was nerve wracking. I loved your passion for the game and the high standards you expected of us as your teammates.

Updated Kanto: You were one of the early candidates that fitted the criteria of 'incredibly talented but inconsistent owed to controversial team choices'. We expected you to thrive with the help of ABR and Trosko. And not only you did, you also exceeded all of our expectations above and beyond, ending up in contestion for best player in the tournament. You were pivotal in this tournament win, destroying an incredibly stacked field of opponents. I also appreciate you accepting my challenges during the second half of the season as our tests proved to be incredibly useful when i wanted to test versus more offense-oriented players.

Most memorable for me was your win against CBB for me, but of course you had many incredibly tight games which you can look back to with zero regret.

Void: Imperial boys team up again. I'm glad you had Osgoode as your main support in DPP this year instead of me as I am genuinely clueless in this new age 'thinkingmans' gen DPP has turned out to be! You've achieved a record you can look back and be proud of, especially after being dominant in DPP for the better part of almost a year now. Arguably third best user of :messi: after me and UD.

I feel like having you, Fear, Rozes, Nails and Tony back on the same team gave the wolfpack a sort of franchise character which is good to have for team morale purposes as well as the inside jokes. :pencil2:

Mana: A great teammate and chat presence. You made our channel all the more joyful with our constant emoji spam. I appreciate your support in the gens I mostly have no understanding of as well as occasionally bouncing ideas with you in DPP. Even though I feel we two weren't the greatest help there! Would look forward to teaming up with you again Manaphy!

col49, MrAldo, Nat, lighthouses: I really appreciate your support for our lower tiers. Helping out our guys, with no personal benefit other than comraderie and love for the game speaks volumes about your character. I am indebted to you, you all occupy a warm spot in my heart.

crayon pop & PDC: I really enjoyed both of your company in the DPP and ZU-later-alligator channels. Osgoode you were invaluable support to our DPP slot, and for that I am indebted to you. PDC joined us during playoffs and since then the three of us have been talking more or less non-stop all the while doing casual ADV ladder tests and theorying bad team concepts.

sam-testings & Paraplegic: I'm glad you guys got to join our chat during the season. Seeing your public support week after week really helped boost our team morale and be sure you had a part in the success you see now.

BKC & UD: Always there to proofread my teams, do a few tests and help me with any pointers that I might need. You two are my closest friends on this site along with Fear and I am lucky to have met you.

I am glad i got to visit you in Prague before our teams were to actually clash Kev, otherwise it'd end up being too passive aggressive of a trip. :messi: You are a force to be reckoned with, a one man army, and you single-handedly made the playoff Raiders to be 10x the team they were in regular season. It was also kinda funny discussing prep in real life for my game against Undis, as my wife would most likely attest to as well.

Chris I really appreciate all our talks and games we did throughout this season. We've come up with so many new innovations during the past year you might as well call it defining a new era of ADV. I want a rematch however as we didn't get to do our SPL decider game in finals!

thelinearcurve: You had a rocky start in SPL but I always knew it was just a fluke. I tried to support you when you hit that slump and I was glad to see you make it through. Not so much when you outplayed the fuck out of a bad spot against me in SPL however! You were always there when I needed games for the day or to discuss team picks. I often found my level of play increasing by tenfold for the remainder of the day after we did our daily bo5s. Look forward to going back to our casual friendlies again after the tournament season dies out.

Mr.378: You expressed your support in me throughout the season. It's a true shame you ended up not getting drafted despite your performance last year. You found yourself in a weird limbo of being a player expected to be expensive in a pool of 15 starter caliber players and as such fell off a lot of initial draft plans aiming to get a 3ker. A testament to managerial stupidity. Regardless, I appreciated your support in me throughout the weeks and sympathizing when rng wasn't looking too great. I also look forward to your games in the coming SPL.

kael: I really appreciate the support you showed me during the tiebreak game. Even though i didn't end up using your team, I hope i didn't dissapoint you with my performance. You are a friend since the NetBattle days and I look forward to playing you in WCoP since as memory serves you are a fierce opponent in battle.
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Just like many of the others before me, I have peer pressured into posting shout-outs, and I guess since I've finally obtained one these much vaunted pixel trophies I might as well write some out.

Before that though, I'll start off by talking about my own experience this SPL. To be frank, I really did not enjoy the actual playing part of this tournament. I feel that at this point, if out of three games I win two and lose one, the disappointment of losing that one completely outweighs any sort of joy from winning the two. After week 5 when my record stood at 2-3, I was quite certain that I was one loss away from being benched, and honestly part of me felt that maybe that would be for the best. This coupled with my love/hate relationship with the "thinking man's tier" meant that preparing and playing for my games just felt like a chore.

Despite all of this though, I can still say with certainty that this SPL was a positive experience for me. Due to the incredible roster we had, unlike team tournaments I've played in the past, at no point did I feel like I absolutely had to win in order for my team to perform, and the lack of this pressure meant that I was able to stay in the right frame of mind to pull off a 5 game winning streak in the latter stages of the tournament. Equally important was the amazing team atmosphere we had: everyone was willing to contribute towards actually being part of a team, rather than just being there to play some mons and hopefully win a trophy. That, to me, is what the team tournament experience is all about. A team that discusses nothing other than pokemon is doomed to fail in my eyes; a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can talk about anything and everything is key to keeping people motivated over such a long tournament. For this, I have everyone who was a part of our team chat to thank.

With all that out of the way, let's get to the actual shout-outs:

Yeah, our billionth tournament together and all that. When I saw the retains that you had somehow managed to finesse, I was immediately up in your PMs trying to become the 3rd retain, because I knew all you needed was some smart drafting to supplement those retains and you'd have a winning team. In the end retaining Fear and getting me in the draft was likely the better decision, you showed that you were willing to pay a decent fee for me anyway and that dispelled any doubts I had over how you valued me as a player. As a manager, I think it's quite impressive how quickly you pick up on improvements you can make with your strategy. Between versions 1 and 2 of the ABRs, I think this time you hit the perfect balance between experienced tournament goons and newer talent. And of course, the biggest improvement of all, you actually drafted me this time. Omegalul. As a chat presence, I couldn't ask for anything more. Your cheesy ass antics somehow never get old, and in fact they just make people want to win even more. You always take the time to check on how everyone is doing, to the point that no team member, regardless of how they have performed, can say they feel neglected. All these little things are part of what makes you so good as a manager, and while I do take every opportunity to remind you of how important my wins have been when it comes to your achievements in WCoP and SPL, another way to look at it is that my two best tournament showings by far have come with you as my manager. Perhaps the truth is that when it comes to these tours, we need each other more than either of us would like to admit. As you said though, it's only right we won our first trophy together, and who knows, it may not be our last.

Ever since I first talked to you, I've recognized you as one of the few genuinely nice people on this site. Genuinely being the key word - there's a whole lot of fake "nice" people here. A fellow lover of the amazing emote that is feelsentei, your track record as a player speaks for itself, and as an assistant manager you were the perfect partner for Tony as someone who has been there and done it all. You just had a way of boosting everyone's morale no matter what the situation was, to the point where in finals when we were forced into the tiebreak in the manner we were, and everyone was feeling pretty shitty about it, I sorely felt your absence from the chat. It really would have been great if you could have stayed on anyway, but I understand why you felt you had to distance yourself from everything. While I can't justify your actions in snake, it would be nice if you could have the trophy since you won this fair and square. However, that's just my biased feelings as a friend, I don't think we can have too many complaints no matter what is decided. Whatever decision is taken though, a straightforward set of rules should probably be made for situations like these, as it's rather dubious that logs coming out a couple of weeks later could make the difference between keeping a trophy or not, but I digress. I would love to see you come back and hang out at least, but taking some time off to focus on more important stuff is good too. Also, use some of your new found free time to finally watch HxH.

Pretty much a shadow manager for the team. To be honest, in the end I'm quite sure you put in even more work than either of the actual managers, with no pixels on the line for yourself. Between having more lines in chat than everyone except ABR, making visuals for every tier, and somehow becoming one of my main testing partners for DPP, we really could not have done this without you. I remember back in late 2016 when you PM'd me saying that you were going to get me as your DPP starter for SPL 8, and it made me happy to see that someone had acknowledged my ability despite my relative lack of participation on this site at the time. I truly apologize for only starting to show up in these tournaments after you managed me, though I probably needed to have that experience to really get going. Hopefully we can actually win a trophy together some time in the future.

Something something fuck the ABRs. The big arenaman... easily the most consistent player in recent years, there's no doubt that you were the main man on a team full of main men. Your contributions towards building not just in SM and ORAS, but in nearly every tier (not really DPP though, but I was a-ok with that as I had brought in my own more than competent help) was insanely valuable for the team. Your attempts to "dissect" established tiers that you may not be super knowledgeable about can be a bit overbearing at times, but you catch on incredibly fast and usually do end up making some great suggestions. More than 85k lines in the chat says it all about your commitment really, between yourself and rozes you really picked up the slack whenever tony and anti were around less. Congrats on nabbing that 3rd active trophy, I definitely wouldn't put it past you to become the first to 4.

My Imperial senpai. It's been great teaming with you again, and this time with me actually carrying my weight as part of the oldgen core. I know you're disappointed with a couple of your performances, but you really should not let it get to you. With all the commitments you have, being a married man and doing a PhD and all, it's really tough to keep up the same level, and regardless with neutral luck you would most definitely have at least a positive record. In the end though, when it came down to it in the semis tiebreaker, you got the all important win for us, and that's what really matters in these tournaments: winning when it counts. To me, you will always be that monster who came back from the dead to annihilate everyone in WCoP 2016. Your achievements and reputation over the years will never change, so stop stressing about how you do in each and every tournament and just enjoy the ride. It's a real shame that we didn't meet up in the few months where we easily could have, but I suppose we were both busy and thought that we could do it at any time, and then suddenly I end up working abroad lol. Hopefully you'll still be around the area if/when I come back for my postgrad, I'd be super down to hang out whenever.

The hot wheatman. I know how it feels to fail to perform in your first SPL, and worse yet my big flop was after years of competitive pokemon experience and some tournament experience in WCoP as well. Don't let it get you down, your insight in the tier is great and your suggestions were super useful during my short stint in UU. Your playing ability was also far better than I thought it would be when I played tests against you, so have more confidence in yourself. At the end of the day though, having a shiny trophy from your first tournament is an excellent result, and I'm sure that you will start to put up some great individual results as well in the near future.

SKINNY. My lover and one of the most hilarious users I've met so far, it's been great teaming up with you again (and also winning again) after NUPL. Always fun trying to guess those traps, and some of the screenshots you drop have me CRYING omg. And that callout of marcop LMFAO yasss slay queen you told that kid what's up. A couple of wins and a trophy is a great achievement for your first team tour, hopefully you'll stick around for more.

The man who was supposed to save me from thinking. Somehow I started winning every game after your ban, so maybe it was blessing in disguise. Probably made me realize that I needed to step up for the sake of the team when that happened, and the break from DPP was much appreciated, so thanks for that at least. It was really nice of you to still offer your help despite not officially being on the team anymore as well, hope to still see you around.

The best performing player in the entire tournament. To be quite honest, before this season I thought you were an ADV player who unfortunately got stuck in GSC due to always playing together with Asta, but man you have proven yourself to be a GSC god. We have basically started every week 1-0 up thanks to you and the importance of that cannot be understated. It's been an honour to team with a legend of the game like yourself again, and glad that we could win the trophy this time. Thanks for the kind words in your shoutout, the tests you provided in DPP were extremely helpful, and I will indeed try to obsess less about how my record looks in future tours (big hypocrite here since I told asta to do the same pretty much lol).

I feel like we didn't get to talk as much as I'd have liked, probably due to timezones and the fact that I never look at the doubles channel. Doubles is a really tough tier to get any sort of consistency in, and though you lost in playoffs your overall performance wasn't even all that bad. I think for the price we got you at, you were still great value and your snake performance shows that you do have the capability to stand at the very top of your tier. Have more confidence in yourself and keep on playing, I expect to see more good showings from you.

Been in the chat since day 1, you are most definitely part of the team. I've been a big fan since we teamed in WCoP, and while it's a shame you didn't sign up as a player, I absolutely understand why you did it. I may very well do the same thing next SPL, jerking it up and suggesting some heat every now without the pressure of playing sounds amazing tbh. Your DPP suggestions sometimes go a bit (a lot) too far but there was some real fire there as well, and I most certainly will try out some of those in the future. Sucks that you don't get a trophy after making 2 finals, hopefully this WCoP will be the third time lucky.

Big bad shaymans. Our second SPL together, and this time I feel that I've really got to know you a lot better, especially when I suddenly decided to start playing VGC out of nowhere lmao. You helped us all stay calm when shit was about to hit the fan, not to mention always willing to sub in when needed. I appreciate the effort you made in DPP and am glad that you at least managed to secure a win in RBY, hope to see you get the chance to play it more come next SPL. And of course, thanks for all the help in VGC. I would have had no idea where to start without your guidance. Hopefully I'll be able to see this out now, secure that worlds invite and find the time to attend, I know it will be a blast no matter how I perform over there.

PokeTCG gamer1288
All I knew about you before SPL was that Ricardo took every opportunity he could to gas you up, and man he was fucking right. Subbing in to finish 4-1 in UU, with a 2-0 playoffs record in your first tournament is an amazing feat. You pretty much turned one of our weaker spots into a one of our main strengths with your ability, we most definitely would not have won this tournament without you. You're probably gonna be on your way to a second trophy with East come WCoP too, but no matter how much more success comes your way, please do not get a name change. This one is big heat.

After all that nonsense early on in the season, we finally manage to get our hands on you during mids, and what a steal for just 2.5k. Along with Rob, you turned the lower tiers that many felt was our weak point into our greatest asset, with us winning all 3 of UU, RU and NU in the finals. You were a great presence in the chat as well, never failing to lighten the mood. It was great teaming with you, I'll be seeing you in Grand Slam playoffs. The trophy will be mine, though.

The lower tier GOAT. I somehow always find myself relating to everything you say, plus we're both big weebmen who probably just don't have as much time to keep up with stuff rn as we'd like. You've put up yet another solid record here, and you're not even playing NU like you usually do. Most importantly, though, you actually managed to win in finals LOL hope that's the end of that curse. Thanks for dropping that ungodly father and son team, that truly was something else. You've been relatively tame so far by your standards, but I know you've been cooking up some spicy shoutouts, can't wait to see those lmfao

In my eyes, you were the most impressive player overall this SPL. It really seemed like you would only ever lose to cheese or obscene hax. Every week, outplaying your opps almost every turn, it truly was amazing to watch. Then coming in for DPP in the finals tiebreak and playing that to perfection, letting you play that was a decision I'd make 10 times out of 10. We teamed in snake before but honestly that was no tournament, a complete shitshow really. Just like with Fear, I'm honoured to have been able to team with you, and happy that we won the real team tournament on this site together. I know you'll get that individual trophy soon too, you're just too good to held back for so long.

The Idiot Ninja
Our lone pizzaman. I know you're disappointed with how the end of the season went, but your early run of wins was so important for us to gather momentum at the start of the season when people like me were struggling a little, and after that the rest of us were able to bring it home. Covering for each other is what being part of a team is all about, after all. Overall, 5-5 in your first season is nothing to scoff at, and you certainly proved many doubters wrong with this solid showing in a stronger than usual RBY pool. Hope to see more from you in the future, maybe even in doubles!

I heard a lot of good things about you before the season, everyone seems to say that you're a lot better than your records suggest, and I absolutely have to agree. Despite all the bs you endured, with timeout losses when you were gonna win, hax and all that you STILL managed to put up a solid positive record, and that is really impressive imo. Together with ABR and Kanto you completed our incredibly solid new gens OU core, and we could always count on you guys for wins throughout the season. Those calls in finals were really fun too (even if I was half asleep in most of them) with all the twists and turns this SPL has had, and you were perhaps the most passionate one of us all. Definitely one of the best talents on the site rn, I can't wait to see just how good you become in the future after developing even more as a player.

Updated Kanto
mother fuckin kantlose. The 3rd person on the team to chalk up 9 wins this tournament alongside Fear and SW, and for just 3k too. By far the biggest steal of these tournament, you really shut the haters up for good. At the start of the season I was hoping for maybe a just about positive record from you, but the way you dominated such a stacked ORAS pool completely exceeded mine and probably everyone else's expectations. Never again will anyone dismiss you as just another kekker, you are now undoubtedly one of the most prominent players on the site. Keep at it with DPP too, I think you most definitely have the ability to be a monster in that tier as well.

crayon pop
You will be happy to know that I have cleared your name in regards to the gligar pass lmao, after Tony incorrectly attributed it to you when it was really sg's doing. On the real though, I knew that if I was gonna play DPP yet again, I wanted you to help, and while your attention was somewhat stolen by ZU it was still by far the most useful support I have ever had in a tournament. It's honestly to the point where I feel that I could have, and maybe should have gone 8-0 in this tier with your help, which could have been a possibility had I been more switched on at the start of the tournament, but that's not really worth thinking about I guess. I somehow only actually ended up using 2 teams that you built (1 of yours and 1 of lacus' rather) but you always dropped some useful shit every week, your suggestions were always spot on and your tweaks always ended up working perfectly. Aside from that, your frequent talks about ZU, e-girls that you are totally not obsessed with, and your ungodly food expenses because you just refuse to cook just made the experience all the more enjoyable. Was fun having you along for the ride, good luck winning the ZU Open lmao

You joined once playoffs started and immediately made a huge contribution when it came to the semi-finals team I used. It was nice having an old friend from way back in the shoddy battle days to bounce ideas with when rui wasn't around, thanks a bunch for offering to help out.

My fellow dollar gang member. You've tagged along for WCoP and half of SPL with Tony and I, and all in all it was great having you for both. Shame that the team you were actually on couldn't make it, but I was glad to have you back for finals as well.

Thanks for helping out sg from day 1, you very clearly know your stuff when it comes to this tier and I hope that someone will give you a chance to participate as a player in the next one.

Nat lighthouses Thanks for joining to help sg in playoffs, cause god knows he needed all the help he could get to actually win in finals.

Doubles was unfortunately not really a thing I looked at much, but thanks for supporting marilli as well as joining our finals calls and cheering the rest of us on. Much appreciated.

When tony and anti brought up the idea of adding you to the chat, I was all for it. Our #1 cheerleader since SPL 8, I felt it would harm no one and just add more positivity to the chat. I ended up being surprised that you actually helped out marilli though, thanks for that and I await the day where you can join the wolfpack as a player too.

That's gonna be it from me for shoutouts. Due to some of the reasons I mentioned at the start of this post, I will likely be looking to take a break from DPPing in team tours for a bit (sorry Europe), cause losing in other tiers doesn't get me that upset, for now at least lol. It's been one hell of a ride, and I'm glad that at the end we can finally bask in the glory of victory.
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Hey there. Well, first I’d like to congratulate the Raiders for their amazing run and I think I can say they were the #1 threat for us in playoffs. It's nice to see a final contested by the two best sides this season and the series were certainly thrilling. Well played to all involved, this was super intense and hype at the same time.

I already know this is gonna be pretty hard, so just let me load up some good music and start from the beginning. First off, I want to make sure you all understand how proud I feel for being part of the Wolfpack, how happy I was since day 1 when I saw auction and how satisfying is to work hard and see results. It’s been a great season where I had the chance to team up with amazing players and they all deserve individual shoutouts.

TonyFlygon – Tony fucking Flygon man. Before SPL started, I only heard good things about you and oh, dude, they were so damn right. There’s no other person that could’ve done this job better than you, Tony. You’re everything a player wants as a manager: hard worker, chill and you know how to get the best out of each one of your players. I learnt a lot from you this season and I want you to know that every word you said to me before my games is still stucked in my head “play a game you can look back on- without regrets, chico guapísimo”. Ok, you actually never called me chico guapísimo but I still love you. Thank you for drafting me and for being fantastic. I really hope we can team up again in the future, cause it’s been a pleasure.

KratosMana – The entire Pack knows how hard you worked to win this Trophy and it really sucks how the season ended for you. You’re one of those players that I’ve always enjoyed watching, your creativity and experience were key in most of the squads we made for SM and ORAS and I’m really grateful for that. Remember when you talked to me before SPL started asking me if I wanted to join Wolfpack? I felt so fucking honored and couldn’t stop thinking about any other team to be in since that day. Thank you for everything you did Anti, I’d gladly play for you again in the future and I hope you can finally enjoy this pixel that you deserve as much as anyone of us does.

shiloh – You were fantastic, one of the most important presences in our team this entire SPL and the prove is how happy I am for getting you in HPL (we’re gonna win that one too btw). This season would’ve been way harder without you, as you were literally EVERYWHERE making visuals, helping in teambuilding and tryharding in NU more than anyone could ever imagine. You may not have been allowed the red one, but the whole Wolfpack knows how much time and effort you put on this team and you deserve this Trophy as much as we do. It’s been a pleasure to team up together, thanks for everything you did for us mate. We owe you some pixels on this site.

ABR – You THE player. I still remember how hyped I was to team up with you when I saw auction results and I expected you to be a hard worker but, dude, this was some next level shit. For real, It’s hard to find the right words for such a great player and teammate. All I can say is that I feel extremely honored for working alongside you like we did and I really think we formed a pretty hot duo. As you might noticed, great minds think alike and I’m glad we shaped the metagame with our teams and ideas, this is one of the most satisfying things of playing competitive Pokémon on the big stage if I’m being honest. You were undoubtedly the most important part of the Wolfpack, helping out in literally every tier and playing an important role in our final win. I couldn’t imagine someone better than you to decide our SPL season. Keep playing and tryharding like you do and I really hope I can face you at some point this next World Cup. Finally, I want you to know that I learnt a lot from you these past months and it’s been a pleasure to work together. Thank you for that, Adam.

Astamatitos – I still remember the first time I heard your name, and that was during pre-World Cup tie breaker between LA and Greece, when everybody told me how good you were. “A very solid player that shaped the ADV meta just came back from retire” and since then I kept watching your tournament games. Indeed, I feel like ADV is a pretty interesting and balanced metagame and definitely one of the tiers that I enjoy watching the most. I know things didn’t go your way this SPL despite your crazy preparation, skill and passion for the game. You’re undoubtedly one of the most talented players on this site and I don’t care about records after watching you play and clutching a super hard tiebreaker game for us. You very well deserve this Trophy, big Astamaheatos. Also, come back to Barcelona asap so we can meet!

Cynde – Cynde, me cago en la puta madre!!!! I know you wanted a better record, but who cares when you have that red Trophy under your belt lol. One of the most important values of this year’s Wolfpack definitely was our team atmosphere and you contributed SO MUCH there. Your presence was so necessary when things weren’t going our way, always positive and helpful, specially when it came to UU prep and I’m very grateful for that. As you might noticed, I’m not the calmest player on this site and I always need someone to make me feel comfortable and calm when things are too intense. And you Cynde, you were that dude. Thanks for everything you did for the Wolfpack!

Earth – Bitch, you’re who they tryna be. You’re one of the funniest users I’ve met on Smogon and I really enjoyed having you on my team as we share the same passion: posting pretty girls in the chat! Like I said to Cynde, thanks for being that positive and supportive during the entire season, even if your SPL record wasn’t what you wanted it to be. You didn’t get down after a rough start and that is very much appreciated. I’m glad we won the red one for you, baby!

Fear – The second half of the Greek Titan Duo (should I call it GTD from now on? lol). It was a pleasure to see you play and team up with you, as your record wasn’t the only impressive thing this SPL: what impressed me the most was in fact your preparation. I spent some minutes every day on the GSC channel just to see your thought process and try to learn a bit more about the tier. You killed it this SPL and carried the fuck out of us to victory, specially during your semifinals game vs Tiba which was in my opinion one of the most important games that you managed to clutch once again. You’re very talented and I feel super grateful for having you on my team and even if you tried to look a bit cold at the beginning, we all know now how passionate you are in reality. Finally, don’t think I forget all the kind words you said to me when I got mad at my Hoopa missing his move and therefore losing. “You played well, Trosko. Don’t regret. I’m proud to have you on my team.” I want you to know I feel the exact same way with you!

marilli – “Don’t be sorry Marilli, we love you” That’s what I dropped on Smogtours the moment we knew the tiebreaker vs Raiders was coming. You were great this entire season, even if the results didn’t come out every week, you clutched some important wins for us and I know how challenging is to play DOU in SPL, where you don’t get any type of help while other players are preparing together. I want you to know you didn’t let us down at any moment, keep playing and becoming better as we all do and keep your head up because you’re way better than you think. This Trophy is absolutely yours as well.

Mana – :fax: himself. You know we all consider you part of the Wolfpack, as you’ve been there since day one and we owe you a lot. Thanks for being such a hard worker when it came to building and brainstorming, most of your ideas are too heat for being used by such boring players like ABR and I, but we always keep at least 1/10 to make the perfect squad. I’ll gladly team up with such a great mind in the future, as you like teambuilding and thinking as much as I do. Btw, I can’t stop using those frog emojis since you added me to that server lmao. In any case, it’s been a pleasure Sir.

Nails – Fuck you and fuck Shaymin. Seriously, I like you a lot and you’ve been a very important piece of the team this year, your experience showed up in the most critical situations and it’s because of you that we overcame most of these. You were an amazing presence in general, chill and funny, always loyal to the old Wolfpack logo, but you better stick to the untier that is VGC cause you’re not winning World Cup this year.

PokeTCG gamer1288 – Why does this dude have a Smogon Trophy if he plays TCG????? Like who the fuck allowed this to happen. Seriously, you were amazing the entire season and I don’t think we could’ve done this without your work and effort. You were super useful in every new gen tier since day one, waiting for a chance to be in the line up to destroy every player you face. This is just the beginning in the big tournament scene for you, now we all know you huge value and I’m sure you’re gonna kill it in World Cup like you did in your first SPL. Keep it up, Robman.

Rodriblutar – Estás jodidamente loco, pero sabes que te adoro. Desde que vi la pequeñísima posibilidad de hacer que jugaras en nuestro equipo, no paré de presionar a todo el mundo para que formaras parte de Wolfpack. Nos conocemos desde hace ya un tiempo y sabes lo mucho que te valoro como jugador, que cuando quieres algo y te comprometes eres literalmente imparable. Hablando en early SPL vi en ti ese compromiso por el torneo, que querías ganarlo conmigo, y es justamente eso lo que me hizo mover cielo y tierra para conseguirlo. Gracias por el esfuerzo, el trabajo y las wins en NU. Eres un grande entre los grandes y ojalá podamos compartir muchos más equipos y trofeos juntos. Ahora apriétale al Grand Slam y quién sabe si la World Cup, que East es un muro duro pero no inquebrantable.

soulgazer – You’re an absolute mad man and I enjoyed quite a lot teaming up with you this SPL. You’re undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) lower tier players on this site, always consistent and with such a unique personality. That’s exactly why we all love you even if you decide to share sharks hentai at times. You needed 3048292 people building 10 teams a day for you until you liked one, but it was all justified with every win you clutched for us this season. Thank you for all the work and effort you put, even if you have to improve your cheerleading skills (“DON’T LOSE TROSKO, PLS DON’T LOSE”) I really like you and hope we can team up again in the future.

SoulWind – El torpedo del Morrazo, el cañón de la Ría de Vigo, el astro de noroeste, el misil de la tierra de Breogán… Borja SO GOOD. Igual que con Rodri, ya nos conocemos desde hace un tiempo y ambos sabemos cuáles son nuestras respectivas formas de funcionar y de entender un equipo. Tú eres más :iceman:, yo soy más :heatman:, pero los dos nos respetamos mucho y sabemos de lo que somos capaces. Gracias por todo el trabajo en BW, por tu showoff impresionante en playoffs y por hacerle ver a la ORAS squad quién es el experto en Gliscor spreads, tus palabras tienen mucho peso y se acabó notando. Has estado impresionante esta SPL y no me cabe la menor duda que mantendrás este nivel en World Cup, donde me encantaría que fueras nuestro capitán para alzarnos con el blue one de una puta vez.

The Idiot Ninja – Tinman you the goat. I know the second half of the season didn’t go your way, but you proved every hater wrong with 5 solid wins in your first SPL. Your passion for such a garbage unique tier like RBY is impressing, and by loving this tier you made something that I thought was impossible: I watched a full RBY bo3!!!! Like HOW. Thanks for your effort and wins, you were such a nice presence to have in the chat and I’d definitely want this World Cup to have RBY so you can play another big tournament! You definitely deserve it as much as the red pixels that show below your Smogon profile.

Updated Kanto – 3K????? :cwl: Dude, you’ve been great this entire season. Can’t lie, I was kinda hesitating about your performance before week 1 started, but you kept winning and outplaying the entire ORAS pool. Tony, Anti and ABR did an amazing job drafting you, as your only downside were your team choices. You were already an amazing player when SPL started, but you kept becoming better and better to a point where you were the ORASer to beat this tournament. It’s been a pleasure to team up with you again, you’re such a chill dude and I’m glad you overcame your nerves on the big stage, you very much deserve this Trophy. Managers, now you all know the formula: get a cheap HO player, teach him how to play with a balance squad, draft someone to build good teams for him and there you go. You’ve created one of the best players in the tournament. Good shit Kanto, hope you keep performing that well in future tours.

Void – Thinkingman so handsome and good omg… You pulled out another impressive record, thank God you decided to take a break from Gen4 and give a chance to other DPPers so they can actually win some games in World Cup :blobsweat: For real, you are a very talented person capable of getting good results in every tier you decide to learn and I think very few players can do that on this site. I’m glad you had some good teambuilding support cause that’s the only thing you needed to shine as we all saw.

Soulgazer’s crew – I teamed up with SG and I know how hard is to prepare a game with him lmao. Thanks for being patient with my man and helping us getting the red one with a nice W in soulgazer’s final game col49 Nat lighthouses. I wanna give a special shoutout to MrAldo, who helped us in RU this entire season. You have an amazing knowledge of the tier, and we all know how important you were in soulgazer’s success this SPL. Thank you all for hard working like you did.

DPP overlords – I’m quite aware you, crayon pop and PDC, were two of the most important in our DPP success (specially in playoffs!) this season. It’s pretty hard to find players with your knowledge and experience in the tier these days and I personally loved having such great players on my team. Thank you for the time you spent preparing DPP with Void and the rest of the Pack, I appreciate it a lot.

DOU team – Thank you Paraplegic and sam-testings for being such a good support to marilli, for helping him testing and brainstorming. I truly appreciate it this Trophy is in some way, also because of your effort and work. Also Sam is the best cheerleader a team could ask, somebody give him a Smogon Trophy or something btw.

Sé que os hace ilusión y a mí también me la haría, así que os mando un gran shoutout a todos vosotros. A Poek por decirme de forma casi brainless “Usa a Heatran” para que al final Paco Sanz fuera el MVP de mi game de semifinales, a Lednah por la ayuda que siempre me ha ofrecido cuando se acercan games importantes, a Axel por no tomarme por loco cuando le dije que pensaba usar Rocky Helmet Tornadus, a Miguelmart por ayudarme a decidir los nicknames de mis Pokémon, a London Beats por hatear los mismos sets de mierda que yo hateo, a juanen por comprender el poder de ORAS Gliscor antes que nadie en este foro, a reiku por confiar en mí como nadie, a Garay oak por ser uno de mis discípulos más fieles y a Posho por las largas pokecharlas paseando por Barcelona. I love you all.

Thank you guys for making this such a great experience.

Shoutouts to Steve for challenging me b_b

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I'm happy to say that I won SPL with the best team I have ever been part of. Very rarely do you see non WCOP EAST with this few holes for the duration of a tournament. Our weak spots weren't even bad ; just slight underperformance from some of my teammates due to general heavy luck and nerves... As I have said it so much in private, it was hilarious for me to go from one of the team's best player in past iterations to that random ru dude getting carried by literal goats all over the lineup. Everyone's prep was solid every weeks, which was also a nice change of pace from my previous experiences as well. The fact that I made so many of you nervous with my prep shows how much all of you actually cared. I really do hope that I was of some help outside of RU, by the way. Playoff didn't go as smoothly as I expected it would go, but thankfully Adam's plot armor was superior to BKC's.

No point telling all kind of gay shit in public about each gentlemen and lady on the team. The losers only need to know we are the best and that I love you all.
Well there are my shoutotus for this amazing team n.n. Personatly this tour was very important to me since was the first tour I played with my laptop and I really happy that It finished in a trophy. When I sign up for this tour I remember that I said to a friend "well at least this time my prize cant be less than the last spl" JA I have been a 2.5K midseason player lmao. But Im p happy about this experience and rlly happy to share it with these people:

TonyFlygon: First at all, thanks. Only we know how much effort you put since the beggining to have me in the team, I really like you ass everything: person, manager, friend… After Having hogg as manager in my previous teamtour I though I would never will have another manager than good as him but omg, Your skill in that tier is of other planet. I really hope you get me in other teamtour. I want to thanks the confidence you put in me to play the tier I wanted and allow me play it in play offs too. You are for me a

Kratosmana: Well I dont know honestly what happened with you, I think you got banned or something like this and It put me sad. I loved see you in our chat because always that you talked about me you were cheering or saying something cool about me and that made me happy, I really would have wanted you finish the tour with us.

Shiloh: Well what Can I say about you lol, the person with I have talked more and worked. One of the thing I didnt like the teamtours before were because I had to prepare the matchs, scout and etc but with you that “work” have been so cool and funny, I enjoyed v much and I couldnt had my 3-1 in nu without ur help, your spreads and every of your support. Hope we get in other tour dude, always you are my mate we finish winning the tour (HPL, SPL whats next??)


ABR: n.n What do you want to say about you? You are the best presence in a team chat? Everyone know it, you are helping, tessting and building in everytier? Everyone know it, you are bringing and bringing wins to any team you are? Everyone know it. Dude Im really afortunate been in the same spl team with you twice, I dont think there are any other person who apport to a team all you apport. But appart of all this You gave me a lot of fun, I realize with you that I used a lot of “face” because you always repit them xD. You are fantastic dude.

Astamatitos: I have never talked with you before this tour but I knew your skill in adv. Having you in that tier give me a big confidence and although was a time that you was losing I still really feel very secure with your there and in the tie break you show everyone that no matter If you are in a good or bad moment, when you want to win someone you just do your magic. You are a really good teammate and a funny person.

Cynde: Lo siento tio me he cansado de estar traduciendo en mi mente y quiero publicar esto antes de que empieze el snake asi que tendras que traducirlo en google ;s. Primero que me hubiera gustado que hubieras tenido un mejor record, cuando te ficharon me alegre mucho ya que aunque no nos conociéramos te he estado siguiendo la pista en algunos torneos de uu y me parecias un jugador talentoso aun por explotar. Soy muy fan de tus ideas para los teams y junto con Rob habeis hecho un pedazo core en este torneo. I hope you get another oportunity to play because I have a big trust in you as player.

Earth: Bueno uno mas y vuelvo al ingles. Te he visto y te veo haciendolo bien en todas partes en nu y justo en este torneo flaqueas :( igualmente me alegro que cuando me querian dar un oportunidad en tu tier te lo tomaras bien y animaras tanto, eres una presencia muy positiva en los chats trayendo siempre buen rollo.

Fear: Well back to english, I fucking love this guy, having you in the lu were like, “Oh well we are starting 1-0”. It was a point that I wanted you missplaying sometime or not making the optimus play but with you that was impossible. And not only happy with your record you have helped a lot of in every old gen and cheered eveyone.

marilli: Our Doblees player! Although It wastn your best tour I really happy teaming with you, I had a lot of fun seeing you playing in the first snake and I enjoyed a lot seeing you worked in the chat, no matter your record you always have given the 100% in everymatch.

Nails: Oh man Im really enamorated of your personality. A chat cant be bored with you there, always you have been talking and although I didnt say nothing I laught a lot with many things you said. You have not played so many games but I know that your support was too good and your actitud conquered me.

PokeTCG gamer1288: I didnt know v well before this tour. Not as person and either as player and omg what a talent player I was missing. The best sub of the tour by far, Rob mode play off is unstopeabble. You transformated one of our weakest tier in 2 clean wins when we needed them. Im really impressed and scary in the evolutoon you are having, you were a subtitute in spl and now in 2months you are a Round 2 pick in snake!!! You are improving and improving a lot of, not surprise If I see you in so many play offs in the coming tours.

soulgazer: AAAHHH SOULGAZERRR!!!! You are one of the best present that this tour have given me, I really fucking love you on everything. I always have like you as player but oh god I didnt know I would love you so much. You are the type of players that managed to win any match up and you finished this tour giving everyone a lesson of skill in your final game. Really happy to have teaming with you dude <3

SoulWind: Oh por fin otro descanso del ingles >.<. No me suele gustar admitir que pienso que alguien es mejor player que yo o mas habilidoso, pero no me queda mas remedio que hacerlo contigo, desde hace un tiempo me paraces el mejor jugador español, muy versatil, siempre haciendo las jugadas optimas y chokeando una vez cada lustro. Impresiona lo consistente que eres jugando y haciendo genial en cada torneo que juegas. Cuando vi que te pusieron en el tie break vs Roscoe me causo el efecto Fear, “Id poniendo el 1-0” y efectivamente, si no hay cosas externas como en tu game de la final, eres una win muy solida.

The Idiot Ninja: I told you so many times in the chat but IM YOUR N1 FAN! I dont like your tier but seeing you playing I could enjoyed in many ocassions. Your knowledge of this tier and your play are really hot. You demostrated the power of 3K players!!

Trosko: Sere breve que contigo me puedo tirar la vida. Llevas siendo de mis mejores amigos aqui ya un tiempo (y para que yo llame amigo a alguien que conozco en este juego tela). Para empezar sin ti ni hubiera estado en este equipo, cuando se te pone algo entre ceja y ceja das el 100% para conseguirlo y mas. Disfruto mucho jugando, hablando, riendo y hasta peleando contigo, no hace falta que te diga lo que pienso de ti como jugador ni builder creo, en este torneo has podido demostrar todo el talento que tienes. Te deseo lo mejor en todo.

Updated Kanto Hands up, this is an atraco! Tony really had a third eye with you. I dont know if it is true but maybe you are the first 3k player to play a tie break of the final and being the choice tier, thats really amazing. After Spl we have been in roapl and this tour that we are with finchinator as manager together and Im happy cause you are a cool guy and a very talented player.

Void: The GS Rodri Killer D:. Well Joking hehe when I join to the team ur slot were like 1-3 or something like that and dude, you have finished 7-3!!! IDK what happened in your firts battles but Always I was seeing you playing were fantastic, I learned a lot of dpp seeing you how to managed to win to everyone. On top of that I liked your personality and loved how you received me in the team when I joined n.n

I want to do special mentions to my first team the cryonicles, although I have only been there until midseason Im happy to share the team with many people that were there such as: sabella, bouff, pohjis, Z+V, Blackoblivion, Sacri, Luck>skill and etc…


Lycans : You didnt tell me gg the last time we played

Gondra : You robbed my nickname and I had to use a horrible avatar for ur fault D:

Garay oak :

Thueris : No podias faltar aqui uwu

juanen : oie guapo vuelve a jugar
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