Smogon Premier League VI - Player Sign-Ups

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Player Name: A Terrakion
Tiers Played: ORAS OU (gdi why can't PU be here :[), BW OU
Timezone: GMT -5
Significant Time Missed: 6 AM - 3:30ish, School during this time. Otherwise later like 4:30 if I do something else.


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Player Name : gorex
Tiers Played : ORAS OU, ORAS RU (I can learn ORAS UU and ORAS NU if need be)
Timezone : GMT +8
Significant Time Missed? School from 7:50 to about 4, unless I have after school activities, which end at 6. Second week of January is occupied.
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Player Name: yoman5
Tiers Played: ORAS OU/XY OU/XY Ubers/ORAS Ubers
Timezone: GMT-5
Significant Time Missed: week of easter
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Player Name: TPO3
Tiers Played: ADV OU / DPP OU / BW OU
Timezone : GMT -5 (CDT)
Significant Time Missed?: nah


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rby, gsc
gmt -6
I'm eager to play my matches but VM/PM is the way to contact. I'm not spending any time on IRC, let alone entire days the way you're expected to.

Speaking from experience, if managers know that you do not use IRC, you will have an extremely small chance of being picked.
oh wait shit

Also I'm wanting to use some off-beat stuff (not ridiculous stuff like all-NFE teams, stuff with legit shots to win) so buyer beware x2 I guess.


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Player Name: Stanford Univ.
Tiers Played: ORAS OU / ORAS Uber / ORAS UU / ORAS RU / ORAS NU
Timezone : GMT -4 (EST)
Significant Time Missed?: Yes. Most of the time until Dec. 18th - 19th because of finals. I'm free for the rest of the time.

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